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Figures speak for themselves. According to a survey, 83% of recruiters stated that cover letters are important for making hiring decisions. Another survey revealed that 45% of recruiters will reject a resume for not including a cover letter. Like it or not, in 2021 a cover letter is still a valuable component of job application, so you should use it to your advantage.

Our resume writing service offers customized, highly tailored cover letters for 65+ industries. Using our passion for writing and knowledge of the hiring process, we will create the best cover letter that will make your strengths shine!

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Why choose cover letter service?

  • Original writing

    We don't have a database of cover letter templates. Our cover letter writers compose each piece from the ground up, based on the information from your resume, career goals and your expectations.

  • Skilful writers

    Each cover letter writer on our team has 2+ years of experience or prior expertise as an HR. Therefore, we know effective ways to highlight your work experience, accomplishments and personal qualities for a role.

  • Keyword-rich

    ATS systems scan cover letters as well. Send us a job description, and our resume writers will pick the appropriate keywords to help you pass the software screening and get your application seen by a hiring manager.

  • Focused on your motivation

    Hiring managers want to see personality in your cover letter. So, we will focus not only on your past jobs but also on soft skills and personality traits that describe you as a perfect cultural match.

  • Free updates

    Think that your cover letter could be improved? Our cover letter writing service includes 2 weeks of free revisions. Send your suggestions to the writer, and they will edit the text until you are happy.

  • Simple process

    We offer an extremely easy ordering process. Place your order in 10 minutes and talk to your assigned writer anytime. The completed document will be sent to you in an editable DOCX format that you can update in the future.

When is a cover letter necessary?

If we return to the statistical data at the top, it shows that cover letters are always helpful. Yet, in certain cases you can't absolutely do without them:

  • The job listing requests a cover letter. This means that for a company cover letter is just as important as a resume, so not sending one will lead to rejecting your application. Moreover, recruiters may ask you to write a certain phrase or answer the question in the letter. Sometimes they do so to check how carefully you've read the job posting.
  • You are applying for a job abroad. The hiring process varies from country to country, and in some states, submitting one is a must. If you apply for an overseas job opening, be sure to study local rules carefully and write your letter according to them.
  • You are changing career. If you are switching careers, the recruiter will wonder if your skills from the past jobs will be of any use in your target career. In this case, a cover letter will "connect the dots" in the employer's mind, showing your motivation behind the switch and explaining how your transferable skills apply to a new career path.

Our cover letter writing services can help with any of the above tasks. We use individual approach to each client and compose letters with your goals in mind. Ready to get an effective letter and boost your job search? Contact us on 24/7 chat - we are always online!

How to create effective cover letters?

Here are the essential writing principles that our cover letter writing service uses and that we recommend every job-seekers to follow:

Keep it to 3-5 short paragraphs

A cover letter is not your life story, so conciseness is much appreciated by recruiters. Cover letter writing expert insistst that the letter should not take more than one page. Yet, make sure that it looks complete and gives an idea about you as a professional. The only exception is if you're a C-level manager or a researcher and cannot tell about your projects in a couple of sentences.

Write in formal English

Use business style in your letter, avoid slang, abbreviations, or casual expressions. Avoid relying too much on template phrases like "I hereby would like to express my interest in the said position", as this sounds outdated. Write as you speak. "I am excited about joining your company as a sales associate" sounds much better. A bit of humor or a creative approach can work if you are in a creative field. Otherwise, it's better to opt for a formal letter structure.

Focus on what you can bring to the table

An ideal cover letter should not only emphasize your strengths, but also focus on what results you can bring if hired for the position. Say, an advertising manager might write: "I can arrange the operations in the entire department. I can offer a plan to increase sales and brand awareness, and I have rich experience in boosting loyalty of both existing and potential clients". It will make even better impression if you suggest ideas to improve something in the company - in this case, your interview chances will skyrocket!

Start on the right note

At the begnning of cover letter, greet the potential employer and introduce yourself. Address the hiring person by the name (a quick LinkedIn search might help). Write the job title you are applying for and where you learned about it. If you have a reference in the company who has recommended you to apply, mention their name at the beginning. In this case, your letter will get more consideration.

Show your fit by presenting strengths in the letter body

Explain what piqued your interest about the vacancy. This is the place to mention your responsibilities and successes in your past jobs. Make sure they are relevant to your target job, and add figures where possible. Include other information that may be of interest to the employer and convince him to choose you. Justify why your experience and competencies will allow you to work successfully.

Career coaches recommend that if you do not meet all the requirements of the vacancy, it is better to write about it directly and add what you plan to do with it. Say, if the job ad requires experience launching social media campaigns, you may write that you don't have professional experience but you helped a friend with social media of their business and helped grow subscribers and client base.

Use a formal closing

Thank the hiring manager for their time and express interest in speaking to them in person. Leave your contact details - email address, phone number and a link to your portfolio if this is necessary. You may also add a call to action. In a cover letter, call to action might look like this: "I will call you the next week to inquire about the progress of my applicaion".

Is a professional cover letter expensive?

On the internet, you will find lots of cover letter writing services with different price tags. Some of these services will charge the candidate with $50, and some - with $200 and above. The final price depends on the package, years of writer's experience and the deadline.

Our website offers customized cover letters for every profession starting at $45. At this price, you get original writing, custom formatting, and direct contact with the writer. We also offer a rush 24-hour cover letter service if you need to apply ASAP. Every resume writer is responsive to your comments and suggestion.

Whether you want your letter in American or British English, we can help with both. We serve clients from anywhere in the world, and will adjust the writing style if necessary. Also, discount deals for new customers are available - contact us on chat to get your 20% off!

The best cover letter writers in team

We don't outsource your projects to freelance resume writers and have a large team of in-house cover letter writers. So, as a candidate, you can rest assured you're in safe hands! Each writer has at least a BA degree and experience with resumes. Moreover, in an order form you can request the writer from a specific country.

Add other job search documents to your package

At, you can order a customized package that includes only the documents you need, and nothing more. In addition to cover letter writing, consider the following services we offer:

LinkedIn profile

87% of recruiters use LinkedIn to look up for candidates. A professionally complete LinkedIn profile will improve your online presense and help the right opportunity find you.

Thank-you note

Sending a follow-up after the interview is the best way to stay top of mind for employer. A letter composed by resume experts will play up your most important skills.


Some positions (such as academic or research) require a CV rather than a resume. One of our resume writers will develop a long, comprehensive story of your attainments and successes.

Let us take your job search to the next level

  • The best cover letter service for 65+ industries - we exceed expectations of job-seekers and will help you beat the competition for a dream job;
  • 100+ resumes and cover letter writers on the team, so we will match you with an expert who knows your industry;
  • We don't have a formal interview guarantee, but most of our clients report getting more interviews with our documents;
  • Our cover letter service has 96.5% satisfaction rate, as reflected in testimonials; We compose cover letters for every profession,

Questions? Currently, we don't provide a phone consultation, but we are always available on chat and ready to help anytime! Also, read our blog for a cover letter sample and free career advice.

Our experienced writers can create a powerful resume suitable for each position. However, you may also request a specific resume depending on the job you are applying for, thus it will be tailored individually for your profession:

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