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Everybody knows that mistakes are deal-breakers. Order professional resume proofreading and start getting more responses from potential employers. With 200+ editors with college degrees on our team, we can return your improved and polished resume in 24 hours!

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The advantages of our resume editing services

  • Qualified resume writers

    Our resume editors are more than English language checkers. Each editor is well-trained in the principles and best practices of resume writing. They look at the resume from the employer's perspective, leveraging their knowledge to correct every aspect of your application and make it truly stellar.

  • Timely delivery

    Timeliness is everything when you want to apply for a hot job. We respect deadlines and deliver each project on time specified by you. For those in a rush, 24-hour delivery is available, and our standards of quality will be maintained.

  • Editable resume format

    We deliver all written documents in an editable Microsoft Word (DOCX) format. You'll have the ability to update, correct and add any information you like or tailor the resume for specific jobs.

  • Customized design

    Our proofreading service includes not only the correction of mistakes in writing. An editor will also updat the layout, design, and formatting in line with modern resume standards. We customize the formatting so that it draws attention to your key strengths and skills.

  • Available 24/7

    Don't wait for business hours to place an order! Our team works 24/7, so you can request resume proofreading late in the evening and we will attend to it immediately. Support is always online on chat, so you can ask questions or check order status anytime.

  • Free, unlimited updates

    We offer 2 weeks of unlimited revisions for resume writing orders. If you're not quite happy with the written resume, we will update and adjust it in line with your comments. The writer keeps working until you are satisfied, as this is our main priority!

Why hiring a professional resume proofreader is always worth the investment?

  • Get shortlisted by the best employers. Hiring managers receive hundreds of resume for each job advertised. In the first place, they toss resumes with mistakes in writing and other obvious shortcomings. Submitting an error-free resume boosts your chance for an interview.
  • Save time and effort. Writing a resume is complex enough. Don't stress yourself out and entrust editing and proofreading to an expert. You will save a lot of time and nerves, and will receive a proofread resume with all grammar punctuation fixed.
  • Benefit from an English expert. Are you worried that you are not an expert in English grammar, spelling and punctuation? Or maybe, English is your second language? A proofreader who is fluent in English will ensure the accuracy in a proofread resume, fixing the mistakes you didn't know existed.
  • Get a professional view on your resume. Apart from eliminating minor grammatical errors, a proofreader will look at the big picture. They will correct the style and structure of the document and eliminate what's redundant to ensure an overall impeccable impression.

Whether you're looking to save time or simply strive for perfection in your job search, our resume proofreaders are here to assist. Contact us to view resume examples of our work and choose the most appropriate service type for your needs.

Maximize your interview chances with our proofreading assistance

To fully understand the importance of quality proofreading, let's look at the figures. Statistic shows that 59% of recruiters will reject a resume because of poor grammar and spelling. 50% of them are ready to say "no" because of cliches and buzzwords. And 40% of hiring managers review each resume for less than a minute.

Companies now have the opportunity to choose between hundreds of qualified candidates. So, it became more tough to differentiate yourself. A resume is now a marketing document which is meant to draw the attention to your personal brand, experience and projects, and related competencies. Yet, all your efforts can come to nothing because of weak writing or grammar mistakes.

Don't let the tiny writing issues draw the attention from your education, experience and accomplishments! Have a resume expert edit your copy for grammar, punctuation, style and consistency. With spotless application materials you'll have more chances to hear back from the company.

We proofread all types of career documents

Our team helps job-seekers to correct and polish any job-search documents they may need, including:

  • American resumes
  • CVs
  • Cover letters
  • LinkedIn profiles
  • Thank-you notes
  • Letters of recommendations
  • Selection criteria and many others.

What qualifications should a proofreader have?

A good resume editor should combine excellent command of written English and understanding of resume requirements and trends. Your resume will be checked by someone who is:

  • A native or near-native English speaker. We work with editors from the US, UK and other countries who have proven their excellent English competency.
  • Has a college degree. All editors have at least a BA degree, preferrably in English, Journalism or related fields.
  • Understands the hiring process. Our experts realize how employers select resumes and adjust your application accordingly. We have in-house experienced or certified resume professionals, no overseas freelancers.
  • Respects deadlines. Choose your deadline, and we will submit the proofread project right on time. If we don't, you can request a refund.
  • Is open to collaboration. Feel free to discuss your resume with the proofreader in detail and communicate your expectations. We typically respond in under 30 minutes.

What does a resume editing service include?

Unlike our competitors, we go beyond simple language editing when improving resumes. Your proofreader will correct and improve as follows:

  • Spelling, grammar and typos
  • Consistency of punctuation, capitalization and typography
  • Word choice and tone of voice
  • Structural order of sections and layout
  • Adding/removing some information if necessary
  • Design and formatting

An editor makes the above changes depending on your industry. Whether you work in marketing, communications, software development, or in a management position, we'll edit in line with industry standards.

Avoid popular resume mistakes that most job-seekers make

Having checked thousands of resumes, from entry-level to C-level, our proofreaders have identified the most common resume mistakes. Make sure you're not making one of them:

  • Incorrect verb tenses - as you create a resume, use the present tense for a current job and the past tense for old jobs.
  • Starting bullet points with Responsible for - each bullet should start with an action word, and responsible for statement makes little sense.
  • Using much buzzwords - statements like hardworking, go-getter, team player and proactive irritate recruiters and don't say anything specific about your skills.
  • Incorrect use of contractions - a spell checker won't find a mistake in misusing words like their and there. Yet, this mistake can confuse the reader.
  • Long sentences - not actually a mistake, yet lengthy sentences are difficult to read. Try and keep sentence length under 20 words.
  • Using professional slang or abbreviations - note that your resume might be reviewed by a recruiter who knows little about your industry. Spell out abbreviations and make sure the text is understandable to everyone.
  • Copying and pasting the job description from the internet - recruiters can easily spot that you've copied resume content, and such resumes usually get tossed.
  • Using conversational language - when proofreading, remember that resume is a business document, so remove any slang or conversational language.

How to proofread a resume effectively?

If you want to attempt proofreading a resume and a cover letter on your own, pay attention to the checklist below:

  • Study resume examples online - it is important to have a clear idea of how the successful resume looks. Browse resume examples online to get the idea of the structure, writing style and design of a successful resume.
  • Include all necessary sections - forgetting to include contact info, skills, education or work experience sections might lead to getting a resume tossed.
  • Check punctuation for consistency - if you use periods at the end of bullet statements, do this throughout the document. Similarly, formatting of section headers, job titles, and capitalization should be consistent.
  • Keep the document to 2 pages - any professional proofreader will say that hiring managers prefer 1-page and 2-page resumes. This is enough to emphasize skills and your ability to excel in the job.
  • Put it aside for a while - for the ability to spot more mistakes, take a break between writing and proofreading. Give yourself some rest. Once you return to proofread the text, you'll spot more issues with the fresh eye.
  • Use a spell checker, but don't rely on it completely - spell checking software is very helpful in finding minor errors and saving time. Yet, no software can replace a human proofreader if you want to achieve quality and accuracy of writing.
  • Read the text aloud - reading every word will focus your attention on awkward phrases, incorrect word choice or vague statements. Thus, you'll spot more advanced issues.
  • Add links to social media - linking professional social media, such as LinkedIn or a professional website, is seen positively by employers.
  • Check relevance to the job posting - make sure the resume highlights knowledge, computer skills, training, and projects relevant to the job posting.
  • Look for inspiration - in the blog, you can find tips and advice for resume proofreading as well as resume examples from our writers.

By following these tips, you'll improve the contents and looks of your resume. Yet, nothing can be compared to the assistance of a qualified proofreader with rich knowledge of resume practices and standards.

Is it expensive to hire a proofreader?

Professional resume editing costs cheaper than a resume composition from scratch. For example, at, an editing service costs $45 per resume. The price is fixed and doesn't depend on number of words. This single fee includes editing and proofreading of the content, checking errors, writing style, structure and design of the document. Moreover, we give a 20% off to all new clients so you could benefit from our services at a discounted fee.

Let a resume proofreader supercharge your resume

A spotless, error-free resume communicates your attention to detail and high interest in the position. Our resume editors are ready to leverage their knowledge to improve your application in every aspect and help your qualifications get noticed by the top employers. Don't wait for miracles to happen - contact a resume editor today and enjoy a super persuasive resume that generates results!

Our experienced writers can create a powerful resume suitable for each position. However, you may also request a specific resume depending on the job you are applying for, thus it will be tailored individually for your profession:

Sales, Accounting, IT, Fashion, Marketing, Nursing, Pharmacist, Physician, Finance, Medical, Product Management, Military, Teacher, Healthcare, Executive, Technical, Engineer, Scientific, Military To Civilian, Pilot, Hospitality, Attorney, Banking, Project Manager, Lawyer, Career Management, Software Engineer, HR

We are available worldwide, however, if you are looking for a local resume writing expert in your hometown, we are offering you to check the following pages for more information and your convenience:

NYC, Houston, Chicago, San Diego, Austin, Dallas, Seattle, San Francisco, Washington, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, San Antonio, Indianapolis, Minneapolis, Kansas, Columbus, Phoenix, Detroit, Boston, Fort Worth, Orlando, Vancouver, Portland Oregon, Orange County, Atlanta, New Jersey, Sacramento, Richmond, Baton Rouge, Colorado Springs, Tampa, St Louis, Raleigh, Cleveland, Charlotte, Palo Alto, Pittsburg, Miami, New Orleans, Greenville, Fort Lauderdale, Sydney, Baltimore, Perth, Las Vegas, Jacksonville, France, Melbourne