Passing A Work Personality Test: Top 3 Tests & Pro Tips


Ace the personality assessments and maximize your chance for the jobThe growing number of companies use personality tests to evaluate candidates during the interviewing process. They evaluate the person’s match for the role, as well as understand their culture fit and values. Why do companies use them? Firstly, because the interviewing, hiring and onboarding are very resource-heavy, and the cost of wrong hires is high. And secondly, they want to make sure in advance that the potential ...Continue reading

Good Skills for CV That Will Get You Hired in 2020


So, you have written a detailed employment history, crafted a quite catchy summary and recollected a few accomplishments that sound pretty impressive. Thinking that the hardest part of your resume writing is done? Not exactly: now, you have to list the job-related skills that employers are looking for.Basically, when hiring managers evaluate your experience and achievements, they try to identify the skills and competencies that you’ve put into use to achieve those results. They look ...Continue reading

Writing A Career Change Resume: 7 Professional Tips


Write a career change resume for your dream jobCareer change is nothing new for today’s world of work. The statistics suggest that working professionals will have up to 7 careers in their lifetime. Some professionals are unfulfilled with their current careers or have chosen the wrong profession when going to college. Others have faced the industry downturn or found their genuine professional passion elsewhere. Whatever your reason for career transition is, note that it’s an ...Continue reading

“Why Should We Hire You?” Sample Answers & Tips


Some job interview questions are tough.Imagine that you are sitting in front of the interviewer in a cozy office. You’ve already told them what sort of projects you worked on as well as thrown light on your accomplishments. The conversation is going smooth, until all of the sudden:“Why are you qualified for the position?” Sounds a bit overwhelming, right?The thing is, this is one of the interview questions which are hard to brilliantly respond to without preparation. ...Continue reading

10 Career Mistakes to Avoid in 2020


Avoid these 10 mistakes to push your career forward in 2020A new year is the best time to reconsider your career direction and make smart decisions that will help you succeed. Along with making ambitious plans, it’s equally important to stay away from the common career pitfalls. These mistakes can be costly for your earning potential, your professional well-being and the course of your career in general.Most wrong career decisions stem from the wrong career attitude, undervaluing ...Continue reading

3 Types of Cover Letters & When to Use Each


You’ve probably heard that a cover letter should be creative, reveal a bit of your personality and be concise so as not to bore a busy recipient. But did you know that there’s more than one type of cover letter? And, depending on the purpose of the letter, the content, the writing style and the facts you’ll decide to include will be different.Today, our best resume writers will present the three most commonly used types of cover letters for you. We will explain the ...Continue reading

9 Tips to Improve Your Business Writing Skills


Strong writing skills are absolutely essential for your career success in any industry. As a part of your work, you’ll have to write memos for coworkers, email pitches to potential clients, quarterly reports and even a resume for a job. Based on how well you write, your professional capabilities and competence will be judged.Do you feel that writing is not your cup of tea? Luckily, this can be easily improved. Everyone can improve their writing skills following our recommendations on how ...Continue reading

Got Promoted to Manager? Follow These Leadership Tips


Getting your first promotion to a managerial role is exciting. You realize that your hard work and dedication were recognized. You make the huge step up on the corporate ladder. At the same time, as you dive into the working processes in a new capacity, you begin to realize that leading people is not as simple as you expected.Managing a team requires a whole different set of skills. Even if you excelled as an employee and outperformed, chances are that you’ll find it challenging to ...Continue reading

Professional Tips for Writing a Resume After a Sabbatical


Learn how to make your sabbatical leave an asset to your resumeSabbatical leaves from work are becoming more and more common across the US and beyond. Employees from the wide range of industries take a few months’ (or even more than a year’s) break from work to recharge, travel, or focus on out-of-work commitments. All in all, when workplace stress management strategies don’t work, you feel dissatisfied with the course of your career or simply want to explore what’s ...Continue reading

How to Make the Right Career Choice?


When it comes to determining which career is a good fit for you, there are two common mistakes you should avoid. The first one is giving this all-important matter less consideration than it deserves, relying on the expectations of others, popular options among friends or superficial interest in something. And the second mistake is overthinking the career direction rather than taking action.Meanwhile, the choice of career shapes all other areas of your life. It determines whether you’ll ...Continue reading

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