Tips & Tricks to Write A Retirement Letter


10 tips & tricks to draft a retirement letterLeaving your job can become the beginning of the golden age if you do everything right and leave on a good note. According to the statistic, men on average retire at the age of 64.6 while women leave the workforce at 62.3 years. But before you leave, you need to take care of the finances and, of course, write a strong retirement letter to say farewell to the company and clarify some important points. In today's guide, we will show exactly how to ...Continue reading

What to Include in a Sorority Resume (Tips + Examples)


Sorority Resume: What to Include (+ Examples)Sororities and fraternities are important components of student life. Over 70% of students who are sorority members graduate, compared to 50% of students who don't belong to a sorority or fraternity. Joining one of them as a student gives you a breadth of experience, and also lets you build skills that are assets for future employers. In today's article, our skilled resume consultant will explain how to compose a resume for sorority recruitment and ...Continue reading

How to Decline an Interview Professionally


Turning down job interviews is confusing. On the one hand, as a job-seeker, you are interested in attending more job interviews and choose the best suitable job offer. On the other hand, at some point you might realize that the job is not the right fit and showing up for an interview makes no sense. Simply not showing up for an in-person or online interview is a bad idea. It's unethical, let alone unprofessional, and may jeopardize your chance for employment with the company in the ...Continue reading

7 Things To Know Before You Hire A Resume Specialist


As the resume plays a key role in a job search, many job-seekers don't want to risk their career and seek resume writing services. The statistic shows that 40% of hiring managers spend less than a minute on each resume. With this figure in mind, people prefer hiring a specialist who can draft effective career documents for them.However, it's necessary to find the right professional resume writing services among dozens of companies you may come across online. In today's article, our experts ...Continue reading

15 Things to Do On Your First Day at Work


According to the statistic, an average American changes jobs 10 to 15 times in their lifetime. This means that in the course of your career you’ll often find yourself in a new company, a bit nervous and thrilled at the same time. The first day often sets the tone for your tenure with this employer, so you want to make a truly memorable impression and build the right image for colleagues and the supervisor.If you’re in the process of job search right now or already got an offer at ...Continue reading

12 Best Jobs for Introverts


Explore the best career options for introvertsAre you tired of job postings that call for outgoing, extraverted candidates? Do you dream of some quiet time alone when surrounded by the hustle and bustle of cubicles? Being a center of attention is definitely not the introvert’s thing. Yet, introverts have their professional strengths and advantages, and it’s important to pick a job that is well-suited for capitalizing on their strengths and helping them grow.According to the ...Continue reading

Hiring Trends for Job-Seekers to Watch in 2020


formal email if you expect to land a new job in 2020, you probably go to great lengths. You write a persuasive resume, tap your network for referrals and keep your skills current. However, recruitment is a two-way street. Recruiters are just as concerned with attracting the top talent for their clients as you are with landing a lucrative and rewarding job.Effective candidate sourcing and hiring goes far beyond reviewing resumes. In today’s entry, we will throw light on the hottest ...Continue reading

7 Things to Do in The First Week of a New Job


After you’ve signed the desired job offer, it’s no time to rest on the laurels. Your first week on the job shapes the impression about you and sets the tone for your further work at this company. This period of time is also stressful, so you can forget the new coworker’s name, start overcommitting or fail to prepare for an important meeting with a new boss.Luckily for you, has your back. Our creative professional resume authors have collected the top things ...Continue reading

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