How to Negotiate Salary During the Interview: 7 Tips


Did you know that people who never negotiate their salary are underpaid over $500,000 by age 60? However, even despite this fact, many people are still wary of asking for a higher income during the interview. Maybe, you are getting chills at the single thought of asking for more money or simply don’t know how to start this captious conversation. Or maybe, deep down you don’t believe that your skills and qualifications are worth this raise.  Probably, you are also afraid that ...Continue reading

Get Professional Resume Writing Assistance Near You


Get Help from Expert Resume Writer Online and Find a Job FasterAn experienced resume writer can make a huge difference to your job search. By eliminating all sorts of mistakes, making the content more focused and tailoring your experience towards what the employer is looking for, they help you make a positive impression and get more interview calls. However, once you’ve decided that you want to invest into pro job search document, the problem of finding a good resume creator arises.If ...Continue reading

Become A Guru of Networking: 9 Tips


Networking isn’t about collecting business cards on conferences or other industry events. It’s mostly about building long-term trusting, mutually beneficial business relationships. Some people are outgoing and naturally good networkers, while others feel confused and don’t know how to build and maintain these connections.The greatest thing about being a good networker is that you won’t have to worry about finding a new job or project. When you know many people in your ...Continue reading

Writing A Nursing Resume: 10 Tips from Professional Writing Services


Tips from the best nursing resume writersNurses have one of the highest job growth prospects and low unemployment rates. In particular, the employment of nurses is expected to grow by 12% by 2028. This career path is also extremely rewarding, as nurses make a difference in other people’s lives. However, despite the positive career outlook, you still need a well-written, persuasive resume to land an interview.Your resume should follow the general principles of effective resume writing. ...Continue reading

12 Workplace Motivation Tips That Actually Work


Even those of us who love our jobs sometimes experience a drop in motivation. You probably have the days when you hardly crawl out of bed, come to the office and sit in front of the blank screen, struggling to start writing an email or calculate the expenses. Motivation is the fuel that helps you get the job done, and you feel completely exhausted and distract all the time to have a coffee or check how many likes your recent Instagram post has.Sounds familiar? The good news is, although ...Continue reading

Develop Your Leadership Skills: Advice from Resume Writers


At a certain point in your career, your growth will start depending more on soft skills than the hard ones. And the leadership ability is one of the game-changing soft skills that determine your career success. The willingness to accept responsibility, set goals and encourage your subordinates are crucial to make it to the top of the corporate ladder in any industry.Luckily, you can develop these abilities even if you don’t consider yourself a naturally good leader. It only takes ...Continue reading

12 Trending LinkedIn Hashtags (And How to Use Them)


LinkedIn is the ultimate resource for all ambitious professionals. It allows you to network, stay in touch with everyone you crossed paths professionally, and to browse new opportunities. However, not everyone is using this social media site to its fullest. And hashtags are one of the commonly overlooked tools.Hashtags on LinkedIn serve multiple goals. First, they allow expanding the reach of your publications by allowing people interested in relevant content to find you. Second, they work ...Continue reading

Is Your Job Search Routine Effective?


How to stay organized and find a job faster?When you’re unemployed, it’s easy to lose a sense of time. With no daily job and little time-pressing commitments, you might find yourself lagging behind your schedule and procrastinating on your plan. Unfortunately, this reflects negatively on your most important commitment for now – finding a new job. And you might be surprised to see that the job-hunting takes more time and brings fewer results than you expected.As they say, ...Continue reading

Hiring Trends for Job-Seekers to Watch in 2020


If you expect to land a new job in 2020, you probably go to great lengths. You write a persuasive resume, tap your network for referrals and keep your skills current. However, recruitment is a two-way street. Recruiters are just as concerned with attracting the top talent for their clients as you are with landing a lucrative and rewarding job.Effective candidate sourcing and hiring goes far beyond reviewing resumes. In today’s entry, we will throw light on the hottest trends that will ...Continue reading

Boost Your Medical Career with Professional Medical Resume Writers


Looking for the best healthcare resume services?As an experienced physician, you know the ins and outs of the healthcare industry and can treat a variety of conditions. Now, it’s time to create a resume that reflects your superpowers well. Everyone knows that a good resume can put your best foot forward and skyrocket the number of interview calls you receive. But how do you write an impressive resume like this?A good healthcare resume should be flawless in all regards. Firstly, it has ...Continue reading

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