What Do Employers Look for in A Resume?


Find out what exactly matters for employers in a resumeHave you heard that 40% of employers spend less than a minute to determine if your resume is interview-worthy? With this limited time frame, it’s naïve to expect that they will read it top to bottom. Instead of reading the document through, hiring managers rather scan them to spot the details they deem the most important. And only if the initial screening was satisfactory, they give a resume a deeper consideration.So, what the ...Continue reading

15 Resume Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs


Fix these popular resume errors and enjoy a spotless resumeOur blog is constantly sharing helpful tips on what sections to include on your resume, where to put your accomplishments and even what language to use. But when it comes to resumes, it’s equally important to know what NOT to do. Oftentimes, a tiny mistake done of carelessness or lack of information can spoil a great impression you were trying so hard to construct.There are 15 common things that serve as ‘red flags’ ...Continue reading

9 tips for managing remote employees


Lead your new remote team like a proHave you been ready for a new reality of work as dictated by coronavirus pandemic? Both new and experienced managers have suddenly found themselves adapting to managing their teams remotely. And, if you’ve never supervised remote employees or freelancers before, this can feel overwhelming. You may feel completely out of control over what your employees do and puzzled over making the processes run smoothly.Leading a remote team may feel unusual and ...Continue reading

How to Put LinkedIn On Resume: Expert Tips


Learn the only correct way to show off your online profileResume is your #1 career document, but it has its limitations. In particular, because of length limits – all recruiters insist that you keep the resume under 2 pages – it’s hardly possible to present the entire career history and full list of skills. And here’s when your LinkedIn profile is of huge help. It will provide the recruiters with the extra information that didn’t fit into your resume.According ...Continue reading

11 Best Jobs Without Resume (And Where to Find Them)


Top jobs that don’t require a resumeResume writing stresses out many job seekers so much that they’d like to avoid this process whatsoever. Inconsistent employment or no experience at all make things even more difficult. But you absolutely need a resume to apply for any job out there, right?Not exactly. Everything depends on the industry and career level. For example, you’ll struggle to find a corporate IT or finance position without a well-crafted resume. Yet, there is a ...Continue reading

Writing an HR Manager Resume: Tips & Examples


Prepare an HR resume that shows off your unique strengthsAs an HR professional, you probably have an eye for resumes and a clear understanding of what makes a good one. Yet, it makes it even more challenging to create a strong resume for yourself. You might find it difficult to look back on your own career history objectively or fall into the trap of perfectionism and keep rewriting that resume over and over again.While you should be concerned about the way your resume looks – your ...Continue reading

How to Write a Formal Email for Job Application?


There is a variety of ways to apply for jobs online – through the job board, company’s website, or the hiring manager’s email. If the job posting insists that you follow the latter scenario, having a resume at hand is not sufficient. You’ll also need to create a professional email that will introduce you to the hiring person.Writing such an email is not a rocket science, but it definitely takes some effort and research. Sending a two-line email that sounds like ...Continue reading

How to Deal with Anxiety at Work?


Americans massively experience anxiety because of coronavirus pandemic, and it can’t help but affect their mental state at work. But this isn’t the only factor causing severe workplace stress. Professionals report that pressing deadlines and difficult coworkers are the main reasons of anxiety. In its turn, anxiety and cumulated stress at work affects other areas of life negatively and deteriorates an overall quality of life.The survey revealed that 56% of workers admit that their ...Continue reading

Top 15 Video Interview Tips


Perform excellently during the next video interviewThe coronavirus pandemic is causing radical changes in the way we live, relax, and work. And the job interviews aren’t the exception. Even if you haven’t been invited for a video interview before, chances are that your next interview will be moved online. Video interviews aren’t better or worse than traditional ones that take place in the employer’s premises. Yet, they do require slightly different approach to ...Continue reading

9 Little-Known Tips for Writing a Cover Letter


The secrets of a winning cover letter revealedWriting a strong cover letter takes time, research and advanced writing skills. Moreover, most job-seekers find creating a cover letter tedious. Resume writing is an elaborate process with clear directions on length, sections, and writing style. Cover letter writing allows for more creativity, which confuses even the experienced job seekers.Applying with a resume alone is not a solution. 45% of recruiters don’t consider resumes without ...Continue reading

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