Working For A Friend: Pros And Cons


Have you ever dreamt of working for someone you know well and share similar values with? In this regard, working for a close friend may look like a dream come true. You might even want to quit your current job to obtain a position with your friend’s company as soon as possible.Nevertheless, working for a friend isn’t going to be all fun and games. Before accepting an offer, you need to consider all peculiarities of transforming your casual friendship into a manager-employee ...Continue reading

Problems Of Gender Wage Gap: 10 Facts


Although the equality between men and women is promoted in all spheres of life, such problem as gender wage gap still exists.  Many have heard that women typically earn less than men on the similar role, however, not everyone understands the scope of the problem. According to, women make only 80 cents for every dollar men make. In other words, to make the amount a man made in 2016, a typical woman will have to work until the 12th of April, which is known as Equal Pay Day.Such ...Continue reading

Main Differences Between Workaholic And Hard Worker


Probably, everyone has heard about workaholics – people who are so obsessed with their job routine that they can’t relax for a second. They work for 12 hours (or more!) per day, constantly check the mail and answer phone calls, and bring their work home. And, although workaholic approach is considered an addiction, looks like this addiction is approved countrywide. Unlike the other addicts, workaholics are often seen as hard-working personalities and even have a good reputation at ...Continue reading

How To Quit Your Job In The Right Way


Quitting your job is a hard decision. It is often preceded by the month of job dissatisfaction, professional stagnation or the overall feeling of unhappiness. There are a number of signs that it’s time to leave your job; and if you’ve found yourself within that description, now is the best time to move on.Making a decision to quit is only a halfway, though. The hardest task is to quit in the right way. Quitting your job isn’t the best time to be impulsive and reveal your ...Continue reading

Useful Tips How To Behave At Office Company Party


A corporate party is the perfect event to socialize with coworkers, make new acquaintances within the organization you work for and, if you’re lucky and sociable enough, even advance your career. However, all of the above is only possible if you know how to behave at parties of this kind.Although corporate parties are organized to let the staff relax and have fun, they are still business events and require an appropriate conduct. So, lots of things you’re used to doing when ...Continue reading

How To Know If Your Job Is Right For You


Everyone wants a rewarding career. Everyone wants to know that what he does everyday matters, and feel appreciated. But how to find out if your career fits your personality and your goals? If you feel confused and cannot figure it out at once, you can try answering the questions below.In fact, there barely is a job that would 100% fit into your needs. However, there are a number of key signs indicating whether you are on the right place or it’s time to find another job (or even make a ...Continue reading

15 common reasons why people quit jobs


Is the work you do on a daily basis challenging enough and does it give you the feeling of fulfillment? Are you happy with the wages and do the relationships with co-workers help you resolve daily issues? If the answer to some of these questions is ‘no’, probably, you’re one of those who are currently considering changing their job. Although each case is unique, there are a plenty of reasons which cause most of the resignations. In today’s entry, we’ll consider Continue reading

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