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Work with a professional resume writer who is located in the same time zone as you and understands local job market. Streamline your job search with a pro resume and enjoy more responses from employers in your industry!

Why choose over other resume writing services?

  • Large network of writers - we have 100+ writers located near you in the biggest US cities including New York, Chicago, Phoenix, as well as in other countries. We will match you with the writer who understands local job market and resume standards.
  • Customized writing - we build each resume from scratch, using documents provided by you and your career goals. Therefore, your resume will look unique and differentiate you from other applicants.
  • Qualified writers - resume services are provided by writers who have 2+ years of experience as a resume writer or an HR. All writers are well-trained in the modern standards and best practices in resume writing.
  • Free revisions - our resume writers keep working on your order until you're satisfied. If you'd like to change something in a written resume, you have 2 weeks to ask the writer for a revision free of charge.
  • Timely delivery - deadlines vary from 24 hours to 5 days, and we always deliver on time. In case our professional resume writers fail to do so, you can claim a refund and get the money refunded to your account.
  • 24/7 client support - for your convenience, we work non-stop. You can place an order, receive a free consultation or resolve a technical issue at any time. You can also message your writer directly.

What types of professional resume services do we offer?

Hiring professional resume writing services has multiple benefits for every job-seeker. Firstly, you save time and energy in stressful conditions of job search. As you outsource resume writing to an expert, you can sit back and be confident that you'll receive a strong, competitive document. And second, statistic shows that candidates who hired a resume service have a higher chance of getting the job. A professional writer knows the ways to present you in the best light!

However, for the best result it's necessary to choose the right type of service. At, we offer three options:

  • Custom resume writing - the writer builds your resume from scratch, using your work history, credentials and career goals. Each resume is created exclusively for you - we don't rely on templates or pre-written text.
  • Resume editing - if you are happy with the resume but would like to improve it, choose Editing service. Our English editor will correct mistakes, improve presentation, word choice and layout, making your resume professional and polished.
  • Resume review - this is the fastest and the cheapest resume service. Email the resume to us, and receive a detailed critique from our writer. You will receive simple, actionable tips that you can incorporate to significantly improve the document.

If you want other documents in addition to a resume, we offer complete resume packages. They include a cover letter, LinkedIn profile, and thank-you note written with your target job in mind.

Why hire a resume writing service in your area?

Why do many candidates seek resume experts in their state? The writer should be fluent in English, understand the American job market and resume standards to create a truly competitive document. Moreover, building a resume requires interaction between the client and the writer. Thus, it's much easier to message or call the writer located near you.

Our company offers 24/7 communication via live chat, so our experts are always near you. Contact us anytime to check the order's status, calculate the cost of your order or send the additional info to the writer. Moreover, at, we carefully handpick writers who want to work with us. Every writer has a university degree and 1+ year of experience with resumes in a certain industry. Flawless English is also a must for every member of our team. By posing such strict criteria on our writers, we make sure that our clients receive outstanding resumes, every time.

How to select high-quality local resume services?

Hiring a resume service should be an informed solution. On the internet, you are at risk of dealing with the low-end company or simply receiving a poorly written document. Before you hire a writer, be sure to do the following:

Evaluate the terms of service and the process.

Carefully consider deadlines, terms of use, and the cost before you place an order. Make sure you've understood terms of service before you paid for it. Otherwise, the unpleasant surprises may occur: you'll receive a resume later than you need it or the price turns out more than you thought.

Pay attention to the company's website.

A well-designed, modern website is the sign that the company stays abreast of modern trends. Therefore, your resume is likely to look modern and stylish as well. Moreover, good web design shows that the company has money to invest in website development, therefore, it has many satisfied clients.

Ask about writers' credentials.

Look for a writer with years of resume writing experience or a relevant certification (such as CPRW, NRWA, etc.). If the writer has prior experience as a recruiter or an HR, this is also great. Seek the writer who has composed resumes for your industry before. If the company is secretive about where their writers are located or their experience, this is a warning sign.

Check the consumer reviews.

Most reputable companies have positive comments and reviews on the internet. So, check their website for testimionials as well as independent reviews to learn what other customers had to say. Keep in mind that you are likely to receive similar results to what other people describe.

Pay attention to their client communication.

Does the company providing professional resume writing services have convenient ways to connect with them? Ideally, the company should have a 24/7 chat or phone number so you could have any issues resolved promptly. Slow and inefficient communication damages the writing process. Similarly, you should have the possibility to reach the writer directly.

Have the right expectations.

Remember that the best you can get from resume writers is a well-written, keyword-rich application that presents you in the favorable light for the job. No resume services will help you land interviews if you are underqualified for the position. Also, no resume service can promise you a job, since the hiring decision is made based on many other factors: your behavior during the interview, how well other candidates performed, etc. Even with these details in mind, professional resumes are very helpful: according to the statistic, they give candidates a 32% higher chance to get hired!

What is the ideal cost of resume writing services?

On the internet, you may find that resume writers charge from $100 to $800+. The price depends on turnaround, writer's credentials and experience, and additional services. Some writers offer interview or career coaching in addition to resume writing. Yet, this doesn't mean that you should look for the highest price tag to receive a strong resume. If you don't need advanced services such as executive branding, you can order a professional resume at under $200.

For example, our website offers custom resumes from $87. This price involves resume composition, addition of keywords, design and formatting. You will also get 2 weeks of free revisions since the delivery date to further improve the document. For executive-level job-seekers we offer premium resume services. These includes working with our Top 10 writers with the highest customer rating and getting the documents proofread by a PhD editor.

What are the signs of a professional resume?

When composing a resume, make sure it meets the requirements below:

  • Written with a specific job in mind. Resume content should correspond with your target career direction. Say, if you're looking for a job in sales, you shouldn't be focusing on office manager jobs. The resume must exactly match the requirements for the position you are applying for. If you can work both as a network administrator and as a software developer, and you do not care which position you'll get hired for, write two different resumes.
  • Free from cliches. Such filler words as ambitous, team player, result-driven or go-getter are not taken seriously by employers since they are too stereotyped. Instead, use specific accomplishments and details.
  • Indicates foreign language proficiency. In a global market, foreign languages are always the advantage, so tell about your knowledge on a resume. If you are bilingual, mention that as well since this skill is valued highly.
  • Contains keywords. To pass the ATS selection, your resume needs to have specific keywords from the job posting. They should exactly match the requirements from the position.
  • Uses figures, percentages, and context. What percentage have you increased your sales by? How many projects have you completed? How many new hires have you supervised? This information allows your resume to stand out.
  • Has a clear, readable structure. When looking through a large number of resumes, the HR manager is likely to pay closer attention to a properly structured resume. The resume should be divided into logical sections, use bulleted lists and colors so that it is informative yet concise and easy for the HR manager to look through.
  • Uses a standard file format. Most companies expect a MS Word or PDF resume. Don't use other file format unless the job posting specifically asks you to. A traditional DOCX format opens correctly on most devices so it's a rule of thumb to use this format.

Get assisted by the best resume experts in your industry

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Our experienced writers can create a powerful resume suitable for each position. However, you may also request a specific resume depending on the job you are applying for, thus it will be tailored individually for your profession:

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