How to write a persuasive resume advisor?


Advisor is an umbrella term that stands for professionals who share their expertise in a certain area and help people (or businesses) make decisions. An academic advisor helps student choose their major, financial advisors execute trades in the market on behalf of their clients, and management advisors propose ways to increase organization's efficiency.

Advisor jobs have a positive outlook. For example, employment of academic advisors is projected to grow 8% by 2028, and that of financial advisors is expected to grow 4% by 2029. If you were considering a career of advisor or consulting, it's the right time to enter this field.

Both advisors making their first steps in the profession and seasoned experts with a large pool of clients need a strong resume that would outline and promote their skills to potential employers. At our website, you can hire a resume advisor. A professional resume writer will draft your application documents highlighting the traits which matter most for a financial or academic advisor, helping you get more feedback and interviews from employers or clients.

How to create an academic advisor resume?

Resume writing strategy depends heavily on the nature of work and the type of employer. Speaking of consulting and advisor positions, it's necessary to highlight the credentials (such as licenses or certifications) that allow you to provide services. It's equally important to highlight soft skills, as you'll have to work with students in school or college and will need to find common ground with them to influence their education or career decisions. Here are a few pointers for you to get started.

Go chronological

All resumes have a fixed structure, and advisor resume is no exception. Hiring managers are used to it, and expect things to be listed in a certain order. The resume content should go as follows:

• Name and contact details

• Career summary

• Experience

• Education and certifications

• Skills

This structure of an advisor resume, however, may vary in different situations. Candidates who have just graduated from the university may want to put education after career summary. A highly skilled advisor might want to add a separate section for their professional accomplishments in counseling, or to list skills closer to the top. Note that all jobs and degrees should go in chronological order.

List skills specific to academic advisor position

Professional advisor needs to emphasize certain skills that prove their competency for the role. For example, hard skills include proficiency with operating systems, software, and learning management systems specifically. In the pandemic era, it's also essential to list spreadsheets and tools for remote work/learning.

Soft skills for a resume advisor include active listenting, relationship building, problem solving, student accessment and guidance, mentorship, and curriculum design. Resume writing experts recommend that you include 8 to 16 skills and put them on the first page of the resume so that the hiring manager could review them almost instantly and make sure you qualify.

Tailor it to each job description

Resume can only be effective if it's adjusted for a specific job posting. Generic resumes in most cases go to trash. So, review every job posting carefully and list skills, credentials and experiences they specifically ask for. If the job ad requies experience in academic program development and management, mention the specific programs you worked with. Such an approach with also help you pass the ATS used by nearly every company these days.

Advisor resume tailoring also assumes the deletion of irrelevant experience and skills so that the final document looks focused and concise. If you have many years of experience, here's the solution: list every job you had on LinkedIn page and attach a link in a resume. If you don't have a LinkedIn profile or it's out of date, our site offers LinkedIn writing service at the price of $63 only.

Pay special attention to accomplishments

A perfect resume not only lists daily job duties, but rather focuses on the results and accomplishments of the candidate. Job duties may sound similarly to those of other candidates, but the achievements and awards you mention are unique to you. Moreover, written accomplishments prove your ability to deliver success, and facilitate your job search since the company can see your value as a professional. Here are some examples of how accomplishments can look like:

• Contributed to the increase of average GPA score by 15%

• Assisted 200+ student in the development of individual study plans to enhance their academic success

• Increased student retention by 25% through development of plans in line with student goals.

Think about the visual impression

The content of resume advisor has to be accomplishment-driven and adapted for your dream job posting. However, the design and looks are equally important. Inconsistent fonts, unprofessional color use and overall clutter impression can turn off the hiring manager even before they start reading. Make sure that visual part complements the content and is eye-catching. Use the same font type and formatting style in the document, leave plenty of white space, and use colors thoughtfully.

Submit your academic advisor resume in PDF or DOCX, as specified in the job listing. Try to avoid complex formatting, picture and charts, as they might not open correctly with ATS.

How to draft a financial advisor resume?

• Focus on hard skills. List financial software and risk analysis programs you've worked with (for example, Riskalyze, HiddenLevers, or Smart RIA).

• List relevant licenses. In most cases, licences are required to sell investment products. The most common licenses are Series 6, Series 7, and Series 63. Certifications will give you better job prospects.

• Mention your education in finance and successes you delivered to previous clients or employers. Past results prove your ability to provide reliable advice to business or individual.

Is it necessary to send a cover letter?

Most job ads specify that they expect resume and cover letter from the candidate. But even if they don't, we recommend that you send a letter anyway. 45% of recruiters reject resumes for not including a letter. Moreover, a letter written correctly gives you a chance to spark interest with your motivation, personal story, or by describing past experience in detail. Just like the resume, cover letter needs to be concise. 3-4 short paragraphs are enough to introduce yourself and explain your fit.

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