Professional Aviation Resume Writers Know How To Make Your Resume Perfect


Aviation and aerospace industry is an excellent career choice for individuals who are fascinated by travelling, enjoy the sense of adventure and like learning new skills. In addition to letting you explore the world, every aviation job offers lucrative salary and high job security. However, to be considered for the dream position, you need to provide a well-structured resume that speaks to your professional strengths and achievements.

The competition in aviation is high, so your resume needs to grasp the attention of hiring managers in seconds. In today's article, professional resume writers will give you some actionable tips for improving the resume and making it a magnet for recruiters.

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7 aviation resume writing tips

Read the job posting carefully

This may sound simple and obvious. However, even top aviation companies often receive pilot resumes from people who do not meet the requirements of the job listed. Read the job ad carefully before submitting your application. Make sure you have all technical skills, have a minimum education level and meet other qualification requirements posed by a company. In this way, you'll save your time and effort of hiring managers looking to fill jobs.

Tailor the resume for a specific aviation company

Highlight specific skills mentioned in the job description. Our aviation resume service recommends that you do research about the company to understand its values, challenges and requirements from employees. It is also helpful to insert keywords that will match your experience with the company's needs. Use the same words for describing your skills as the job listing uses. In this way, you'll have a higher chance for passing the ATS.

Tell the truth

You may think there's nothing wrong in stretching the truth, but this idea may jeopardize your ability to get hired. It won't take the employers long to find out that you've lied on a resume, especially considering that many employers conduct background checks. Moreover, you may accidentally blurt out the truth during the interview. This will negatively affect your future employability. One way or another, honesty is the best policy.

List skills specific to aerospace industry

Depending on what your target job entails, you will need to list certain technical skills and emphasize the ability to work with others. For example, pilots can list such skills as understanding of techical information and maths, understanding of your aircraft and avionics, excellent coordination and physical fitness, ability to think and make decisions fast. Speaking of soft skills, be sure to mention adaptability to new situations, leadership, crew resource management and communication.

Keep the resume under 2 pages

Our resume writer recommends that you lead with a career summary, then list skills and employment history. The rule of thumb is that the resume shouldn't exceed 2 pages. If your resume is longer, consider reducing job description or removing old, less important roles. On the flip side, remember the document should be readable. Avoid long paragraphs and complex sentences. Make it easy to read using spaces and bulleted lists. Don't try to put too much text on one page, and don't use a font size 8.

Highlight your passion for aviation

Your resume should scream "aviation". Remember that not only professional history but also hobbies and interests need to have something to do with your profession. Say, if you play football on weekends, be sure to mention it. The employer will definitely pay attention to the fact that you are a team player. And this is very important in aviation. You can also highlight your passion in a cover letter by telling what brought you into this field or what you enjoy most about your job.

Proofread the resume before sending

It is very important not to leave any spelling mistakes. 59% of hiring managers reject written resumes with typos or spelling issues. If you aren't a strong resume writer, ask someone to proofread the personalized resume for you. Check it several times. If you claim to have good attention for detail but leave a bunch of errors here and there, this will turn the recruiters off. You may use an online spell checker, but don't rely on it completely - it's best to find a second set of eyes to check it for you!

Always attach a cover letter

Even if the job ad doesn't require it, always attach a customized cover letter! You never know what will catch the attention of a busy recruiter.

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