Top 200 Most Powerful Resume Words (With Examples)

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Powerful resume words

When you write a resume to sell your talents, every word counts. Overuse of clichés, meaningless phrases or unnecessary words can lead your resume to being trashed, even if you’re a great candidate for the job!

The worst and the best words to use

According to, top 3 words recruiters hate to see in your resume are: ‘best of breed’, ‘go-getter’ and ‘think outside the box’. But these are not only resume killers. Think about the action words you start the bullet points with. Most people overuse ‘responsible for’, ‘managed’ and ‘developed’ so much that the recruiter finds it impossible to get their point and reach their talents, achievements and potential.

As you see, when it comes to your resume, quality writing is everything. Poor writing along with excessive use of cookie-cutter phrases won’t gain you an interview.

Don’t know how to quality rewrite your resume and which words to use? Check our list of powerful resume words. These are the motivating, inspiring words making the reader interested and involved into what you’re writing – and hiring managers will be happy to see them on a resume. And, accordingly, they will maximize the punch your resume gives quite fast.

200 Powerful resume words

  1. Absorbed
  2. Accelerated
  3. Accomplished
  4. Achieved
  5. Addressed
  6. Administered
  7. Advanced
  8. Advertised
  9. Analyzed
  10. Announced
  11. Appointed
  12. Appraised
  13. Approved
  14. Arbitrated
  15. Arranged
  16. Articulated
  17. Assembled
  18. Assessed
  19. Assigned
  20. Attained
  21. Attracted
  22. Authored
  23. Balanced
  24. Bargained
  25. Beneficial
  26. Benefited
  27. Bolstered
  28. Boosted
  29. Budgeted
  30. Calculated
  31. Chaired
  32. Clarified
  33. Closed
  34. Collaborated
  35. Committed
  36. Communicated
  37. Comply
  38. Composed
  39. Condensed
  40. Conducted
  41. Conferred
  42. Considered
  43. Consolidated
  44. Consulted
  45. Contacted
  46. Contributed
  47. Controlled
  48. Converted
  49. Conveyed
  50. Convinced
  51. Coordinated
  52. Corresponded
  53. Created
  54. Critiqued
  55. Decided
  56. Defined
  57. Delegated 
  58. Demonstrated
  59. Designed
  60. Detected
  61. Devoted
  62. Distinguished
  63. Diversified
  64. Earned
  65. Efficient
  66. Emphasized
  67. Encourage
  1. Enforced
  2. Enhanced
  3. Enriched
  4. Established
  5. Evaluate
  6. Examined
  7. Exceeded
  8. Excelled
  9. Executed
  10. Explored
  11. Facilitated
  12. Financed
  13. Forecasted
  14. Formulated
  15. Fulfilled
  16. Gained
  17. Gathered
  18. Generated
  19. Granted
  20. Guided
  21. Handled
  22. Headed
  23. Helped
  24. Hired
  25. Hosted
  26. Ideas
  27. Identified 
  28. Implemented
  29. Improved
  30. Incorporated
  31. Increased/Decreased
  32. Influenced
  33. Initiated
  34. Innovated
  35. Inspected
  36. Instituted
  37. Integrated
  38. Interpreted
  39. Investigated
  40. Justified
  41. Launched
  42. Lectured
  43. Led
  44. Listed
  45. Located
  46. Lobbied
  47. Logged
  48. Maintained
  49. Marketed
  50. Maximized
  51. Measured
  52. Mentored
  53. Merged
  54. Modernized
  55. Motivated
  56. Multiplied
  57. Negotiated
  58. Observed
  59. Obtained
  60. Operated
  61. Organized
  62. Originated
  63. Overhauled
  64. Planned
  65. Presented
  66. Prioritized
  1. Produced
  2. Programmed
  3. Projected
  4. Promoted
  5. Provided
  6. Qualified
  7. Quantified
  8. Quoted
  9. Reacted
  10. Recommended
  11. Recovered
  12. Rectified
  13. Refined
  14. Reinstated
  15. Rejected
  16. Represented
  17. Resolved
  18. Restructured
  19. Retained
  20. Revamp
  21. Revenue/Profits
  22. Revised
  23. Safeguarded
  24. Saved
  25. Scheduled
  26. Screened
  27. Secured
  28. Segmented
  29. Selected
  30. Simplified
  31. Skilled
  32. Spearheaded
  33. Specified
  34. Standardized
  35. Streamlined
  36. Strengthened
  37. Structured
  38. Suggested
  39. Superseded
  40. Supervised 
  41. Supported
  42. Sustained
  43. Targeted
  44. Taught
  45. Tested
  46. Trained
  47. Trained
  48. Trained/Mentored
  49. Transcended
  50. Translated
  51. Triumphed
  52. Troubleshot
  53. Tutored
  54. Uncovered
  55. Under Budget
  56. Unified
  57. United
  58. Updated
  59. Upgraded
  60. Utilized
  61. Validated
  62. Valued
  63. Viewed
  64. Volunteered
  65. Won
  66. Worldwide
  67. Wrote

How to rewrite your resume using powerful resume words

Now, when you’ve got a list of working, high-impact resume words, it’s time to incorporate them in your resume. Here are a few example of how to turn weak statements into strong using words from the list.

Instead of:

Led sales team and increased sales

Try the following:

Supervised a sales team of 5 and boost sales by 25% annually

Instead of:

Trained staff and hired new team members

Write as goes below:

Authored and implemented a new training program and

Streamlined the hiring process which resulted in 14% revenue growth

Another poor example:

Responsible for negotiations with vendors

And good one:

Negotiated 3% discount for the next shipment with vendors

If your resume says:

Developed marketing strategy for the new company product

Make it sound like this:

Marketed new product through Facebook and increased sales by 22%

Why words matter?

As you see, simply putting the wrong action verb (or phrasal verb) at the beginning of your bullet points, you can dramatically reduce your chance for an interview call. So, if you caught yourself using weak verbs or overusing something like “managed”, it’s high time you reworked your resume. Now, as you have the list of strong resume words, let me show you how exactly these words will make your resume better.

  • They show your real impact on business
    it’s much easier to say that you were ‘responsible for’ something. Still, these words demonstrate where you succeeded – and this is exactly what the HR manager wants to know.
  • They let you stand out from the crowd
    not many candidates use variety of action verbs. No doubt that those who do are one step ahead and deserve far more attention
  • They demonstrate your intelligence

While the HR hasn’t seen you in person, the resume sheet is your face. When your resume demonstrates a perfect writing style, the HR manager thinks about you as a worthy candidate.

It’s time to get started!

The word list above will help you take your resume to the next level. You can also consult All resume tips in one to fix other issues your resume might have.

Hesitant about how to make your resume better? Contact our resume writing specialist to ask for a free critique of your old resume to find out which aspects of your resume should be improved. It’s quick – usually takes less than 24 hours – and totally free of charge!

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