What to Include in a Sorority Resume (Tips + Examples)


Sorority Resume: What to Include (+ Examples)

Sororities and fraternities are important components of student life. Over 70% of students who are sorority members graduate, compared to 50% of students who don't belong to a sorority or fraternity. Joining one of them as a student gives you a breadth of experience, and also lets you build skills that are assets for future employers. In today's article, our skilled resume consultant will explain how to compose a resume for sorority recruitment and how to present your Greek life to employers if you've already graduated.

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Resume for sorority recruitment: How to create one?

In the US, there are 123 sororities and fraternities that include 9M+ members. If you are ready to find new friends, enrich your student experiences and give yourself a sense of purpose, it's time to join one. Here's how to compose a resume that is an initial element of a new member application:

Include accurate contact info

A sorority resume should start with name, phone number and other contact details. Double-check your contact info for accuracy. If you make an error in personal information, the sorority might not be able to contact you. Unlike the professional resume, you have to add date of birth in your sorority recruitment application.

Add details about your education

Educational details matter a lot for considering your resume. Make sure to include detailed and full college information. Write about your intended major, university name and location, and academic accomplishments. These include Dean's list, student conferences, contests and more. Again, unlike in the job search resume, a social resume should list your high school details. Add your class rank and GPA. All of the above illustrates your educational level and future ambitions.

Extracurricular activities & community involvement

Activities and engagements outside the high school or college have their weigh in a sorority resume. Good examples of extracurriculars are leadership in projects, athletic participation, internships or creative activities. Volunteer activities, involvement in religious organizations or participating in events in your community also count. This shows your potential for group work, leadership and soft skills.

Share your hobbies and interests

Interests show more of your personality and may also be a consideration when the sorority reviews your application. Don't be generic when listing hobbies. Don't just write something like cooking, traveling, or dancing. Be more specific, for example: Mountain hiking in XYZ club, Vogue dance, hatha yoga. Based on your hobbies, you'll be able to make friendships with likeminded individuals.

Family information & their Greek affiliations

Another non-traditional point that matter for your social resume is family info. Add their names, colleges, and current jobs. It's important that you mention the family's Greek affiliations - most sororities value family legacy. Also, consider adding a tailored cover letter along with a resume. This is a good chance to expand more on your personality and address important points.

Proofread your social resume before sending

A sorority resume should be written in perfect English, with no typos or mistakes. Well-written resumes undoubtedly make a strong impression. Be sure to run the written resume through a spell checker so you could quickly fix most writing issues. After that, proofread it manually, going line by line, and make sure each sentence is complete and makes sense.

How to reflect your sorority experience on a resume?

A social resume that you write for sorority recrutiment and a professional resume template are two different documents. If you are composing a resume for an internship or job and are wondering whether to add your sorority information, the answer is "yes".

Being a sorority member you have probably developed skills that are of much value for employers. This is especially true if you were in a leadership position. This is how to list your Greek life on a resume appropriately:

Remember that your sorority experience is valuable

Members of sororities or fraternities enjoy multiple advantages they wouldn't get otherwise. For example, 85% of Fortune 500 C-level managers are fraternity members. Your sorority is a perfect place not only to enrich your student life with the new impressions, but also to build marketable skills, establish lifelong frienships and professional connections.

Always list your sorority resume information. It is important for most employers, so you should never keep it out. It is especially important if you haven't had a paid job yet. Sorority typically provide a breadth of activities that you could list on a resume so that the employer could evaluate your hard and soft skills.

Describe your experience as a real job

Many college students only list their sorority house names, for example, Phi Mu. However, resume consultants recommend that you are more detailed about this kind of experience. Again, this is especially important if you don't have a full-time job to put on that resume.

Listing your experience as if you were describing a real job is a winning strategy. Include academic and social activities you were involved in. Were you a member of the committee? What community projects did you take part in? Did you have a leadership position or receive awards? All these detailes are valuable for a prospective employer.

Emphasize the specific skills you've built

Sorority membership prepares you for real world challenges in many ways. By being active, you develop applicable soft skills that are valued in many industries. Here are some examples of skills you may include in a social resume after university:


As a sorority member, you work on various social or campus projects with a team of girls. The ability to interact effectively with others, mind person's cultural background and work towards a common goal is important for modern employers.

Leadership and supervising others

If you were a Chair, participated in a local Chapter or took charge of projects where you managed other students, be detailed about it. Being a leader in college teaches such skills as a sense of balance, responsibility, empowering others and develops entrepreneural thinking. All of these will undoubtedly matter when you enter the workforce.

Academic excellence

Many sororities have GPA requirements. You have to maintain a certain grade to continue being a member. On the filp side, sororities also offer academic assistance in the form of study groups, leadership development opportunities or tutoring help that you can mention.

Organizational skills

To handle tasks and projects you have in a sorority, you probably have developed strong planning and time management skills. The ability to manage your own workload, organize the work of others and prioritize tasks is valued high in all entry-level professional positions.

Add a specific example

Employers love specific facts and figures. Once they see details on your sorority resume, they can assume what kind of employee you will be. So, when describing your sorority membership, be specific, for example:

• Balanced budget of $45,000 and tracked expenses in Google Spreadsheets so that the chapter stays within budget.

• Coordinated the alumni event for 150+ guests and managed social media campaign to spread awareness.

Polishing your social resume: The bottom line

Once you've completed writing a resume, use the following checklist to make sure it meets the employers' expectations:

Keep the resume to one page

Students and graduates should submit a one-page resume. Since you don't have much experience, you simply don't need the second page.

Use a sans serif font, 10-12 pts

Opt for a popular font, such as Helvetica, Calibri or Arial. Make sure it's big enough so that the hiring management or sorority recruitment person will easily look through the text.

Apply formatting and design carefully

You might want to be creative in an attempt to get noticed. Yet, remember to put professionalism above all and use colors and formatting wisely.

Make it skimmable

Employers skim through resume rather than read it top to bottom. Use short sentences, bulleted lists and other tricks to make the document easy on the eye.

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