How to List Self Employment On Resume? 6 Tips


Create a compelling, eye-grabbing experience section Composing a resume is quite manageable task if you have steady employment history in the same field. Yet, it may turn into a challenge when you have to describe other types of employment. Say, you ran a small jewelry store or were an accountant on freelance basis. What is the best way to describe this sort of experience on a resume for a full-time job? According to the statistic, about 16 million of Americans are self-employed. In Continue reading

8 Reasons to Find Part Time Jobs


If you still don’t see part-time employment as a full-fledged career, think twice. Taking a part-time job carries a number of benefits for professionals across all industries, especially if you’re currently unemployed. It serves perfectly well as a temporary replacement while you land a long-awaited full-time gig and a source of cash flow. Not only that, part-time or short-term opportunities. The statistics say, 27.9 million people were employed on a part-time basis in March 2020. Continue reading

12 Best Jobs for Introverts


Explore the best career options for introverts Are you tired of job postings that call for outgoing, extraverted candidates? Do you dream of some quiet time alone when surrounded by the hustle and bustle of cubicles? Being a center of attention is definitely not the introvert’s thing. Yet, introverts have their professional strengths and advantages, and it’s important to pick a job that is well-suited for capitalizing on their strengths and helping them grow. According to the Continue reading

Best Answers for “Why You Left Your Job”


Passing job interviews is always a challenge. Some interview questions are simple, predictable and do not require much preparation. Some are tricky, they test creativity and stress resistance. Yet, recruiters always want to know what made you  leave the previous company. The answer to this question speaks of the candidate’s professionalism and personality. That’s why it’s important to prepare it in advance. Today’s short guide from the best expert resume website Continue reading

How to Be Productive After Work? 12 Tips


12 tips to spend your time after work productively and get everything done Working hard in the office day by day takes a great deal of energy, organization, and motivation. So, it’s not surprising if the only thing you want to do once you get home is to watch an entire season of the new show or grab your smartphone and spend hours on Instagram and YouTube. While this may let you unwind a bit, later on you’ll feel regret for not doing anything important during the evenings after Continue reading

How to Write a Resume for Accounting Assistant: Expert Tips


Make a shiny accounting assistant resume in 7 steps Accounting assistant is an entry-level accounting position, so requirements for applicants are less strict. Still, to get hired for an accounting assistant role, one needs to have a certain level of training in financial records and office administration. And your resume must  represent the specific accounting knowledge and soft skills to persuade a target employer that you are the best candidate. Whether you apply to a large business Continue reading

How to Find a Job During Coronavirus Pandemic?


Land your next job during coronavirus Coronavirus pandemic has interfered with all aspects of our daily lives. And the labor market is not an exception. Companies announce massive shortages and it is predicted that the coronavirus outbreak will eliminate 3 million jobs by summer. If you are unemployed, were laid off during the pandemic or are a college student in search of the first full-time job, things have gotten tougher for you. Yet, the situation with jobs isn’t as depressive as Continue reading

Professional Resume Tips for Older Workers


12 expert resume tips for older job-seekers When updating their resumes, older job-seekers encounter two major challenges. First, they need to draw attention away from their age to avoid discrimination during their job search. And second, they should demonstrate they are as tech-savvy, energetic and open to new ways of doing things as younger employees. Hence, all 50+ professionals who want to receive a job fast should reflect both points in their resumes. In this case, you need to downplay Continue reading

Productivity Tips for Work That Every Remote Employee Should Know


17 pro tips to work from home effectively Productivity at work determines how fast we get the things done, how we progress in our careers as well as how fulfilled we are at work. Getting more things done in less time not only helps you maintain a healthy work-life balance, but also helps us feel a better version of ourselves in the office. Keeping highly organized and productive in the office is quite challenging as it requires us to develop a specific approach to managing time and tasks. Continue reading

Changing Jobs Checklist: 15 Things to Do


An ultimate checklist for efficient job switch As stated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Americans change jobs every 4.2 years. We always look for career options that are better-paying, provide great work-life balance and career growth opportunities. Rather than changing an employer, an increasing number of professionals decide to pursue a new career. In either case, quitting and pursuing a new job is an important decision that requires thorough planning. Changing a job is always a Continue reading

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