Where to Put GPA On Resume?


Where to put GPA on resume and should you list it? Major GPA vs cumulative GPA resume. Listing overall GPA is one of the most debated questions for job-seekers. Major GPA, or grade point average, measures your overall success in college. It also proves that you have a solid theoretical background in the chosen field. But is overall GPA that critical for employers? And how to write gpa in cv? In today’s post, we are going to explain what types of job-seekers will benefit from ...Continue reading

Should Resume Be in Past Tense? + Writing Tips


Should resume be in past tense? Read the resume writer’s answer Accurate, grammatically correct writing is essential for a resume. According to a survey, 59% of hiring managers will reject a resume that has typos or grammar mistakes. Hiring professionals believe that spotless writing translates to attention to detail and good communication skills in the workplace. However, job-seekers often get confused ty the resume tense. If you are puzzled by choosing between the past or present ...Continue reading

Should Resume Be One Page?


Should resumes be one page? A resume expert explains Job-seekers often get confused about the optimal resume length. You've probably heard the famous 'six second rule', according to which a resume has to be concise and sell the candidate in mere seconds. However, in certain cases a single page resume is simply not enough - and can jeopardize your interview chances. In today's article, our resume consultant is going to reveal when to use a traditional one-page resume. We will ...Continue reading

How to Put Double Major On Resume + Tips


To feel more confident in today's job market, many students obtain a double major. A dual major means that you are getting a Bachelor's or a Master's degree, but have two specializations, for example, in Computer Science and Business. Employers appreciate candidates with a double major since it provides you with more versatile and advanced knowledge in two similar areas. Moreover, acquiring such a major takes more time and effort, therefore it means you are hard-working and ...Continue reading

How to Put Expected Graduation Date On a Resume? + Samples


How to put your expected graduation date on a resume? (+3 Samples) In addition to college name and major, employers also would like to know when you expect to graduate. They want to know whether you’ll be comfortable working full-time, or will need a flexible schedule to attend classes or write a dissertation. And if you work part-time, the expected graduation date means it will inform them when you’ll be able to be more engaged at work. Resume experts say that outlining the ...Continue reading

Best Ways to Show You’re a Team Player On a Resume (With Examples)


Ways to show you’re a team player on your resume (+ 9 Samples) Teamwork is one of the most sought after skills in the job market. Since many careers and projects require group work, the hiring manager expects to hire a person who can effectively collaborate with others and contribute to the team's success. Therefore, you need to emphasize a teamwork ability on a resume to show the employer you are the person they’re looking for. However, simply putting ‘team ...Continue reading

How to optimize resume for ATS? + Samples & Tips


Applicant tracking systems help companies oversee the recruitment process and streamline the selection of candidates. According to the statistics, 98% of Fortune 500 companies rely on ATS to filter the most qualified candidates and save the hiring manager’s time. Writing a resume that opens correctly with ATS systems is the major stumbling point for job-seekers. If your resume has the wrong file type, formatting, or typos, it can be tossed before the hiring manager actually reads it. To ...Continue reading

Should You Add a Photo for CV? The Pros & Cons Explained


Including a photo on a CV is a debated issue. Some recruiters state that it can give you a competitive edge and draw attention, while the others insist that adding a picture is a big no-no and will get your resume rejected. At resumeperk.com, we have analyzed the conflicting opinions and prepared a detailed guide for pictures in CVs. Continue reading for explanation who and when can use a picture, and who shouldn’t to avoid negative consequences. Why you shouldn’t include a ...Continue reading

Sales Assistant CV: How to Write & Examples


Sales assistant job is a perfect starting position if you wish to build a career in retail. This job involves consulting customers, managing merchandise and inventory, resolving complaints and informing about special offers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 594,400 openings in retail sales are expected each year. The pathway to a career in sales starts with a persuasive resume that articulates your strengths as an employee and a customer service focus. In this post, we will ...Continue reading

How to become a successful BookTuber: Monetize your hobby


BookTube is the segment of YouTube that is devoted to books and book reviews. If you are passionate about reading and enjoy spending your evenings with a newly published novel or discussing the books you’ve just read, you can turn this hobby into a source of income. To start your journey as a BookTuber, you need to set up a YouTube channel first. This is free. Next, choose a catchy name for your channel. The name can reflect the topics you will cover on your channel, or you can simply ...Continue reading

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