Free Resume Hosting Service Is Available On Our Website


In addition to writing a resume, every job seeker should think about safe and reliable ways of storage. Many people neglect web hosting and keep the resume on their personal computers and laptops. And in case the laptop is down you might lose access to this important document and will have to build it from scratch. So, how do you avoid this scenario? offers online resume web hosting for free. The document is safely stored on our servers and you can download it anytime. This ...Continue reading

Resume upgrade service: 5 signs it's time to hire a resume writer


Most professionals only think of their resumes when considering changing a job or starting a new career. And if it's been over a year since you last updated it, there's every chance that the resume needs a quality upgrade or a complete rewrite.Modern job market is equally competitive for people across all industries. You have 6 to 10 seconds to capture the attention of a hiring manager, and before that, you need to beat applicant tracking systems that process all incoming resumes. Today, our ...Continue reading

Secrets of job-winning resumes from HR resume writers


When it comes to resume writing, it's best to rely on advice of people who deal with resumes on a daily basis. If you work in the human resources industry, you can get invaluable recommendations from professional human resources resume writers. In today's article, we will give you pointers on what skills and credentials to include on your HR resume to make it a magnet for recruiters.Have no time to write a professionally written resume on your own? site offers custom, ...Continue reading

How to write a persuasive resume advisor?


Advisor is an umbrella term that stands for professionals who share their expertise in a certain area and help people (or businesses) make decisions. An academic advisor helps student choose their major, financial advisors execute trades in the market on behalf of their clients, and management advisors propose ways to increase organization's efficiency.Advisor jobs have a positive outlook. For example, employment of academic advisors is projected to grow 8% by 2028, and that of financial ...Continue reading

How to write a powerful LinkedIn headline: Examples & tips


LinkedIn headline is the first thing that recruiters, hiring managers or prospects see when they come across your profile in LinkedIn searches. It can spark their interest and inspire them to view your profile - or to skip it.Standard LinkedIn headlines consist of your job title and company name. However, career experts don't recommend sticking to the default option. There are plenty of ways to use a LinkedIn profile header as a strong marketing tool, so why not use this opportunity to promote ...Continue reading

Skills for resume: How to use them effectively (+10 Examples)


One of the essential components of every resume are professional skills. Soft skills, hard skills, technical skills - they all inform the employer that a candidate is qualified for a position. However, incorporating skills in a resume may be tricky. You have to identify all your skills, prioritize the ones you plan on including, and then place them in the appropriate place on your resume. Today, we will guide you through this process and help present your key skills on a resume most ...Continue reading

Cover Letter Assistance: Knowledge-Based Tips


This career document can become the most crucial obstacle on the path to your new position. It is all about an individual message you require to convey in it. The manner you build this dialogue with your future employer reflects your self even more than the facts described in the resume. So if you wish to do everything right, read these helpful recommendations on composing a superb cover letter.This post is written from the practical background and personal observations of our team.Creating ...Continue reading

Resume Writing Companies: Top Five Agencies


The job search in the modern fast world can be extremely challenging. Strong competition, rapidly changing requirements for candidates, new trends in composing career documents complicate everything. If you want to move with the times, delegate your resume and cover letter to online specialists from resume-building companies. And we are here to help you make the right choice. This post is devoted to the most decent representatives of this writing industry. We have tested numerous variants and ...Continue reading

Free Cover Letter Builder: Is It Worth Using?


We are lucky to live in a technological world. Automatization and artificial intelligence have already significantly simplified a bunch of tedious processes, and cover letter writing is among them. Is it just another senseless online toy or a really effective modern instrument? Our assistants have collected helpful information on the cover letter builder to answer this question.All you need to know about this tool is carefully analyzed and summarized by our experts:• What is actually a ...Continue reading

List of Good & Bad Work Habits for Your Career


Your education, skills and experience are important factors for having a successful career. Yet, your daily habits and actions are equally important. No matter how qualified and skillful you are, if you display poor work attitude, show up late, and aren’t willing to help others, you’re likely to be overlooked for a promotion.Cultivating good workplace habits will help you improve your professional reputation, get more productive and organized, and open new paths for career ...Continue reading

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