Some College On Resume: Listing Resume Education


Make the most out of your incomplete degree While education isn’t the key decisive factor to invite you for an interview, the hiring managers definitely take notice. A university degree shows that you are persistent and driven enough to succeed in the chosen field, and the prestigious school name can add you points. In certain fields, it also indicates that you have the necessary theoretical foundation to do the job well. If you have a complete BA, MA or even PhD under your belt, you Continue reading

7 Best Resume Objectives for Teachers: Tips & Examples


Craft a teacher’s resume objective that captures the eye Careers in teaching are considered to be the ones of the most rewarding out there. The statistic says that 90% of the US teachers are satisfied with their jobs. Teaching jobs are valued for the opportunity to change lives, unleash your creative potential and continuous professional growth and learning. Given these reasons, it’s pretty self-explanatory that there’s always a competition for the best teaching jobs. As Continue reading

10 Signs It’s Time to Look for A New Job


What are the main signs that it’s time to update your resume? On average, Americans change jobs every 4.2 years. And, since we spend over 8 hours a day at the office, the working environment should be comfortable and stimulating, and the job itself should give you an opportunity to advance in your career. Unfortunately, not all jobs are like this, and you may find yourself wondering “Should I look for a new job?”. Changing jobs is a serious decision, and it should be Continue reading

Going Back to Work After Baby: Tips for Parents


Returning back to work after maternity leave is definitely a challenge. It’s challenging emotionally – you may feel sad and uneasy about leaving your baby for long hours every business day. On the contrary, you might also feel pangs of relief as you’ll get busy with other tasks than breastfeeding and talking to other moms. And, in addition, it’s physically and mentally tough to concentrate again on time-pressing tasks, difficult clients and annoying boss after the relaxed Continue reading

100+ Descriptive Words for Resume & How to Use Them


The right words can inspire action, create a powerful impression and differentiate you from others. These principles work with your resume as well. The facts from your career history are the central point of the resume, but the words you choose to use to present these facts make subtle yet powerful effect on the hiring managers as well. Hence, you want to be very selective of the language you choose for the resume. If you are looking to strengthen the impression your resume makes, try Continue reading

Communication Skills Resume: 10 Skills & How to List Them


Emphasize these communication skills to get your resume noticed Communication in the workplace means the exchange of ideas and information between two persons or a person and a group of people. It includes all types of transmission of the information: verbal, written, and non-verbal. When screening candidates, the employers pay close attention to their communication skills, as they mean that the person will work well in a team, find the common ground with the client faster and avoid Continue reading

7 Signs You’re Selling Yourself Short On a Resume


Sell yourself for that dream job in 7 steps Have you ever heard that a resume is a marketing document? For you as a job-seeker, it means that accurately and honestly listing your work history and skills is not sufficient to spark the recruiter’s interest. Corporate job openings attract around 250 resumes, and only 4 to 6 candidates will be invited for an interview. With such a competition, your resume doesn’t need to be good – it has to be a lot better than those of others. Continue reading

How to Start a Career in Tech? 10 Expert Tips


Careers in technology attract more and more professionals because of competitive pay, tremendous growth opportunities and the possibility to work remotely. 86% of companies report having trouble filling tech positions, which means that demand for tech professionals is high. Moreover, since the tech industry is booming, it offers the fastest career path comparing to older, traditional industries. Starting a career in tech after completing a degree in computer science or engineering seems quite Continue reading

Writing A Resume and Cover Letter for Remote Work


The number of teleworkers has increased by 140% since 2005, and these figures will continue to grow. Companies use telecommuting as a benefit to retain and attract the highly-qualified top talent. Remote employees are happy in their jobs 29% more than onsite workers, and maintain a healthier balance between work and life. Here are just a few statistics that describe the benefits of remote work and its popularity across many industries. Remote work itself assumes that you have a number of Continue reading

Create A Personal Website for Resume: 7 Expert Tips


Your resume and a cover letter aren’t the only mediums for conveying your professional value to prospective employers. The proactive job-seekers set up professional resume websites and use them to attract the recruiters and get found online with ease. An attractive personal website allows you to share more information from your professional history and add social proof, giving the employers a breadth of reason to invite you for an interview. To get noticed in the competitive world of Continue reading

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