10 Things You Should Never Bring To Interview


An interview is the chance to make that important first impression on a company’s representative, so you should be well-prepared. You’ve probably did a research on the company, chose the perfect interview outfit, and grabbed the handbag with a hard copy of your resume… By the way, what else do you bring with you to an interview? For instance, can you bring notes to an interview?

However superficial this question may sound, it’s more important than it seems. Moreover, there is uncustomary little information out there on what one should never bring for an interview.  I’m absolutely sure you know of the necessity to arrive early, to control your body language and to bring your professionally written resume on paper. However, bringing on the wrong things can destroy your professional image faster than you think. You can always ask the HR manager: "can i bring notes to an interview?", it is OK, however, there are undesirable things.

So, let’s have a look at what shouldn’t be with you as you enter the organization for an interview:

Things not to bring for an interview:

  1. Your mom (your best friend, your boyfriend, etc.)
    It’s great that you and the other person are so close and they are willing to support you before such an important even. However, the employer doesn’t share this view. If you come for an interview with a family member, they will doubt if you are an adult person who is ready to work and take on the responsibility. So, everyone will win if your dear ones wish you good luck on the phone or via text.
  2. Your cat or accessory dog
    Any interview guide or career coach won’t tell you that it’s fine to show up for an interview with an animal – and no matter how cute or small it is. Both your appearance and your conduct in a professional setting should remain professional. Let alone the fact that it looks unprofessional, the recruiter might not be an animal lover, and will at once dismiss your candidacy even before the interview actually started. If you can’t leave the pet at home alone, ask your friend or neighbor to look after it.
  3. Any electronic devices which aren’t in silent mode
    Of course, you’ll have some gadgets with you – at least, your smartphone. However, make sure to switch them off in advance. An interview is important enough for you to pay all your attention to a recruiter. Even if you don’t attend to the phone, the sound of notification or an incoming text can make an impression that you can’t prioritize and can evoke the question if you will be focused enough when they actually hire you.
  4. A cup of coffee or snacks
    Maybe, you get hungry when you’re nervous. Or maybe, you’re just a coffee addict and feel comfortable when carrying a big cup of Starbucks everywhere you go. However, that doesn’t work with interviews. If you are starving, it’s better to have a snack at the café nearby. And, ditch the idea of bringing a beverage with you – not only an interviewer might think it’s rude, but also you won’t feel comfortable where to put it and what to do with an empty cup.  You can have a beverage if the recruiter offers you, though.
  5. An issue of Glamour or Twilight
    Demonstrating any other printed materials except for your resume and references list isn’t necessary. And, when it comes to gossip magazines and teenage books, it’s totally not acceptable as it doesn’t help you build your professional image in the eyes of the interviewer. Even if you read stuff of this kind, keep it at home, recommends
  6. The shopping bags
    The problem here aren’t the bags themselves but the message they’re conveying. When you come for an interview after the shopping, it makes you look like you’ve got lots of other activities to complete and attending an interview is just one of them – thus, you don’t care much of it. It is assumed, on the other hand, that the interview is your key focus of the day, so you should be dressed and mentally prepared for it. Speaking about the interview preparation, have you thought of the questions you’d like to ask your interviewer?
  7. A product of the rival company
    If you’re going for an interview to Apple, you should not have any Android device with you. The same goes for the companies of any industry. One of your interview tasks is to show that you fit well into both company’s corporate culture and the team you’ll be working with. So, look and act if you were already working with this company, not their competitors.
  8. A chewing gum
    Taking care of your teeth is great. Chewing a gum during the interview is not acceptable. You’re going to keep the conversation for an hour or even longer, so make sure you’ll feel comfortable and won’t look like a teenager in the eyes of the person who is considering hiring you.
  9. Your private information
    Although the recruiter may ask you some private questions, you are not required to answer them. Moreover, there are certain questions (i.e. about your religious and political affiliation, ethnicity, marital status and age) you should never answer to avoid discrimination. Employers are not allowed to ask this as it is prohibited by a Civil Rights Act. So, keep the private facts to yourself if you do not wish to be discriminated against them.
  10. Anything that doesn’t contribute to your professional image
    A number of items which is possible to take with you for an interview is so big that it’s just impossible to mention everything. Remember the main rule: before you grab something with you, ask yourself: does this help me look like a goal-oriented professional? And if the answer is “no”, leave it at home. At the interview you’ve got only one chance to make that good impression, so don’t waste it.

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