50+ Computer Skills For Resume


50+ Computer Skills For Resume & How To List Them

Good computer skills are in demand in every industry. Even if you don't work in the IT sector, in the modern workplace, you are expected to have at least basic computer literacy, be it spreadsheets, fast typing, or knowledge of remote collaboration tools.

The specific resume computer skills to add depend on your target job and industry. For example, administrative assistants should be proficient with MS Office Suite, online spreadsheets, and project management software. On the flip side, designers are expected to list various graphic design software. Advanced technical skills often lead to better job prospects, and if you lack in certain software skills, you can be overlooked for an interview.

In today's article, you will find:

  • list of the best computer skills for resume
  • how to add computer skills effectively, and
  • essential software skills that will make you more employable.

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Understanding your proficiency level

Before we move to examples of skills worth being added, it's important to know your level of proficiency. Some jobs will require the basic computer skills. Say, if your job entails answering phone calls and sorting out emails, a basic proficiency with a word processor and emails will be enough. However, if you work as a copywriter or an editor, you will need to show advanced MS Word skills on a resume. Now, let's consider various level of computer literacy:

What do basic computer skills assume?

Basic users can undertake the essential operations on a computer. If you have limited experience using the internet, programs and applications and can perform simplest tasks only, you probably have this level of proficiency. At this level, users can write, edit, correct and print text in a word processor, manage basic spreadsheets and author presentations. You are also expected to know how to compose, forward and CC emails. Speaking of the internet, you need to understand social media and use search engines.

According to a survey, 35% of people have only basic skills. For some positions, you may need to be proficient with some specific computer software (say, Adobe Photoshop for designers), or be more tech-savvy in general.

The definition of intermediate computer skills

In addition to working basic programs, the applicant has to demonstrate a deeper knowledge of different software types as they list computer skills. One needs to be able to work with the Microsoft Office suite, create Word files and perform advanced operations, create Excel tables, format the data and do elementary calculations using software. Intermediate user needs to be able to create presentations in PowerPoint and databases in MS Access, conducting complex sorting and applying filters. Using TeamViewer and online conference software is also essential.

Note that at this level a user should perform the above tasks quickly and confidently, without thinking over which key to press. This level of computer skills resume is sufficient for most professionals.

What does "advanced computer skills" mean?

According to a research, only 5% of people have high computer-related abilities. Advanced users have much more computer skills to put on their CV. At this stage, people can use all features of the standard ms office software, email, operating systems, and social media. Being an advanced user also entails complete proficiency of one or several professional programs (for example, Canva, SketchBook and Photoshop for designers). This also entails knowledge of hardware and software, creation of complex graphs and charts, and using advanced email settings. If you put advanced computer skills to your resume, employers also expect that you have at least basic programming skills.

As a rule, having excellent software skills translates to higher salary and more job offers. However, to be noticed by employers, you need to put computer skills list in the right place of your resume and align it with the job description. Keep reading for hands-on tips on how to organize resume skills section.

50+ Top computer skills to add to your resume

Now that you know how to list computer skills to your resume, let's move on to specific examples. Below, you'll find the most essential computer skills that will add value to any resume.

1. Remote collaboration tools

According to statistical estimates, 36.2 million Americans will work fully remote by 2025. With this data in mind, it's necessary to show that your skills include online cooperation tools and software.

  • What to include? Microsoft Teams, Slack, Google Hangouts, Zoom.

2. Computer hardware and software

These skills are most important for programmers, web developers, systems administrators and other IT professionals. At the same time, they will add points to non-technical professionals.

  • What to include? Networks and servers, computer repair, hardware troubleshooting, enterprise systems, Agile development, coding languages (Python, Java, HTML/CSS), web development.

3. Content management and social media

Resume computer skills of this category are must-haves for social media managers, content strategists, and online marketers. Yet, they are also necessary for anyone promoting a business online.

  • What to include? Social media (Facebook, TikTok, Instagram), content management systems CMS (Wordpress, Joomla, Wix), SEO (read more about SEO marketing), digital marketing, Google Analytics.

4. Databases & spreadsheets

These skills are essential for many professions where data collection, calculations, and analysis are involved. If this applies to you, choose from the relevant skills below.

  • What to include? Data analytics, Google Docs, MS Excel, spreadsheets, MATLAB.

5. Graphic design tools

Designers and visual artists must operate one or several graphic design tools and programs, and being able to work in them is essential for getting you hired.

  • What to include? Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, CorelDRAW, Microsoft Publisher.

6. Word processing & presentations

Managing documents and creating presentations is a must-have skill for most office employees. Mention computer programs that you use.

  • What to include? MS Word, Microsoft Publisher, typing, document formatting, Google Docs.

7. Technical support

Providing tech support to users requires a set of specific skills employers will look for. Below are the most in-demand ones.

  • What to include? Systems administration, security, network support, server management.

8. Programming languages & web development

Programmers, website developers and other tech professionals should display specific programming languages, frameworks, and tools they work with.

Knowing specific languages and tools is imperative in getting you hired. Besides, the ability to code today is beneficial for many professions. Below are the computer skills examples for tech positions.

  • What to include? Programming languages (Python, Java, C++, PHP), web technologies (HTML/CSS, Angular, API), frameworks (Django, Ruby on Rails, Flask).

9. AI & machine learning

Machine learning and artificial intelligence skills are in demand across many technical jobs. You need to showcase analytical skills as well.

  • What to include? Data analysis tools (such as Tableau and SQL), ML libraries and frameworks (TensorFlow, Keras, or Caffe).

10. Project management

Project managers should showcase their hands-on experience with the PM software, task management and remote collaboration tools, customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning, and knowledge of Scrum/Kanban.

  • What to include? Microsoft Project, Jira, Asana, Basecamp, and Zoho Projects.

How to list computer skills on a resume?

Now that you know what resume computer skills are best to have, it's time to include them in your document properly. There are four strategies to do this.

Create a dedicated Skills section

Resume consultants recommend summarizing all skills required for your target job in a separate section. Thus, the hiring manager will instantly notice them while reviewing your application.

This approach also works great for ATS optimization: if you copy and paste the must-have skills from the job posting, they will help you pass the resume robot. For example, if the job requires proficiency in MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, copy these skills word for word.

Don't list every computer skill you've had in your life. Add 8-16 essential ones that prove you are competent to do the job if hired.

Example of listing resume computer skills



Add them in your job description

Another way to showcase advanced computer skills is to incorporate them in your job duties. Show how you used each specific skill to contribute to the company's bottom line. Say, if you were tasked with data analysis, specify what tools you leveraged and what results you achieved for the company.

To list relevant computer skills effectively, follow these rules. Firstly, do not list skills separated by a comma in your job description. Instead, specify how you used specific tools to solve a problem or achieve the result.

Secondly, add context to how you used each skill, be it the Adobe Creative Suite or accounting software. Add numbers and percentages to showcase your impact. Computer skills described in this way will draw the attention of hiring managers faster.


  • Implemented automation features within Zoho Books to streamline repetitive accounting tasks, resulting in reducing manual errors by 80%.

Feature a computer skill in your Summary

If the job ad specifically asks for for certain software skills, mention them at the very beginning of your resume. For example, if you apply for a job as a content manager and the job requires proficiency with content management systems, add proficiency with WordPress and Joomla in your Summary section.

By listing computer skills needed for a particular vacancy, you'll have a much higher chance to be considered.

Expand on your skills in a cover letter

In a cover letter, you can reiterate computer skills examples relevant to the target job. What is more important, you are not limited to one or two lines like in a resume.

Describe how you used certain skills to your employer's advantage. You might list a particular project where a specific computer skill helped save the employer time, money, or improve processes. As a front-end developer, you can mention how you improved website layout and usability using HTML and CSS and how it helped increase customer time spent on the site.

5 tips on how to put skills on a resume

  1. Focus on required skills. Just like the rest of the resume content, Skills section should be adapted to the needs of a particular company. If they specifically request advanced word processing, web development and computer hardware skills, list them in the first place.
  2. Divide skills by categories. If you have plenty of computer skills on your resume, consider making them structured for reader's convenience. You may organize skills by categories, for example, Operating systems, Programming languages, Online collaboration tools, etc.
  3. Show how you used those skills. Mentioning specific skills is important, but proving your proficiency through examples is even more effective. To show your proficiency with Microsoft Excel and pivot tables, you can write: "Created dynamic reports using PivotTables to achieve analytical goals".
  4. Indicate level of proficiency. A job posting may require that you know the program or operating system at a certain level. In this case, mark the level of knowledge next to skill name. For example: Database management - intermediate, data analysis - intermediate, G suite - advanced. Be honest as the employer can test your knowledge during the interview!
  5. Remove dated software and operating systems. Review your CV and delete the programs which are obsolete or are no longer used. Saying that you are proficient in Windows 2000 or Perl make no sense in 2024.

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How to describe basic computer skills on a resume?

There are some basic computer skills that are valued by employers. They include email, word processing software, fast typing, and overall computer literacy skills.

To list such computer skills on a resume, you can write "basic computer skills" in the Skills section, or specify the exact skills, for example, touch typing, email, Microsoft Office, spreadsheets, presentations, and online research.

What are the key computer skills for any job?

Essential computer skills that every job-seeker should have include:

  • Microsoft Office Suite: Experience with Word, Excel, and other applications is necessary to create documents, analyzing data, and creating presentations, which is essential in any workplace.
  • Touch typing: Fast typing is the essential skills that will help you work productively and communicate faster.
  • Email management: Effective email management will help you stay organized, handle large volumes of information and prioritize the important. These skills are especially valuable for administrative assistants and customer-facing positions.
  • Google Drive: Many businesses use Google Drive these days as it allows remote collaboration in real time. Thus, it is a good idea to have Google Docs, Google Sheets and other apps as skills for a resume.
  • Remote collaboration tools: Many companies offer remote positions these days. Adding Slack, Zoom, Trello, and video conferencing will show the employer that you can effectively collaborate remotely.

Should I put Microsoft Word on my resume?

Today, many employers expect you to know Microsoft Word, and this skill will not give you the edge over other candidates. However, everything depends on your target job.

If you are a mid-career professional or a manager, listing obvious skills such as MS Word is pointless. Yet, if you are an entry-level professional and Microsoft Word is specified as a must-have skill in a job posting, be sure to include it.

How do I boost my software skills?

There are many ways to learn new computer skills, and the fastest one is through online courses. With a variety of courses available on the platforms like Coursera or LinkedIn, you can find the relevant one. Many courses are available for free, so you can increase your employability without spending a penny.

Our experienced writers can create a powerful resume suitable for each position. However, you may also request a specific resume depending on the job you are applying for, thus it will be tailored individually for your profession:

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