Secrets to Writing White Papers from Cover Letter Writers


White papers are powerful marketing tools for promoting companies online. What is a white paper? It’s a document created to advocate a certain solution of a particular problem for existing or potential consumers. Basically, they are written with an educational purpose in mind, but the author usually promotes the services or software issued by the company. White paper writing is one of the highest-paying jobs for writers (for more lucrative writing jobs, check here: ...Continue reading

Academic CV Writing: Insights from Professional CV Services


The terms ‘CV’ and ‘resume’ are often used interchangeably. Nevertheless, they refer to two different types of documents, and sending the wrong one may eliminate you from the competition for the role. Today we are going to explain what stands behind the CV abbreviation and how to create a successful CV.The difference between the CV and resume explained by a professional CV service In the US and Canada, employers in non-profit, for-profit and government organization ...Continue reading

Check My CV: Must-Haves of a Successful Resume


Have you ever been confused by the ever-changing rules for resume writing?  With the variety of web resources, it’s easy to get lost in all these resume writing tips, how-to’s and resume checker guides. Moreover, the resume writing guides on the internet often contradict – for example, some resources state that a resume should be one page in length while the others claim that one page is too little. So, how do you figure out which resume advice really works? Our ...Continue reading

Reentering the Workforce: Tips From Online CV Writers


Have you ever tried to go back to work after a long period of unemployment? If you have, then you know how challenging it is. Regardless of what your reason for time off work was – raising a baby, handling family issues or obtaining an advanced degree – you’ll find it harder to land a new employment than someone who is currently on the job. However, landing a new job and regaining your qualification after a long break is possible. Today, the best professional resume writing Continue reading

Cover Letter Help for Finance Professionals


Are you a finance/accounting specialist looking for a new employment? Then, keep in mind that the financial services companies expect to receive a well-written covering letter along with the resume in response to their job posting. And although submitting a cover letter is obligatory, don’t treat it like a pure formality: a poor cover letter will scupper your chances of getting an interview.What if writing isn’t your cup of tea or you lack time to write and rewrite your covering ...Continue reading

Cover Letter Writer Service: Help for Graduates


For the university graduates, the first employment matters. Getting hired by a reputable company is a must for those looking to build a successful career afterwards. However, the competition for those attractive corporate openings is huge, too, and you need to have your resume and cover letter written up to scratch to get a chance for the personal interview. Land your first job successfully with a cover letter service Quite often, recent graduates underestimate the importance of a Continue reading

What You Can Really Get From A Resume Critique Service


Today, many resume companies offer a free resume critique feature. Typically, you are asked to upload your resume and get a detailed feedback from a professional writer. Resume critique is often free of charge; however, some companies will apply a small fee.However, what’s in a resume critique for you as an applicant? Is this critique helpful in terms of improving your own resume and can it be trusted? Our writers of creative professional resume explain why you will benefit from a ...Continue reading

Cover Letter Editing Tips: Make Your Cover Letter Shine


Accompanying a well-written, ATS-optimized resume should be a short yet concise covering letter that highlights your personality fit for the role. Although some employers tend to see cover letters as a thing from the past, the vast majority still expect to receive one along with your resume. So, when making a professional resume, be sure to pay enough attention to your cover letter as well to increase your chances for an interview. One-size-fits-all covering letters don’t work any Continue reading

I Need A Resume Now! Urgent Resume Help


Great job opportunities can appear unexpectedly, so it’s a good idea to always have your resume up-to-date. However, if often happens that a good opportunity comes up and your resume hasn’t been updated for years (or you don’t have any resume at all). For instance, a friend has recommended you for the newly opened position and they need your resume as soon as possible. Or, the deadline of application for scholarship is expiring in a day or two, and you still have any idea ...Continue reading

Executive Resume Writer: How to Become a Better Leader


Job-hunting process for senior executives is far more complex than for an average professional or a mid-level manager. The limited number of leadership roles in the market, high hiring costs and lengthy process can keep you unemployed for months. Moreover, the companies are less willing to hire you if you’ve been unemployed for a year or so. So, how to avoid all the pitfalls of job-hunt at an executive level? Why partner with professional executive resume writers In case if you Continue reading

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