Write Your CV Online: 8 Undisputable Benefits


Benefits of writing CV online

The number of applications hiring managers receive these days is just inconceivable. Corporate job openings attract up to 400 resumes in response to a job posting. Given this, a question arises: how to make your resume genuinely stand out from your competitor’s applications? Today, more and more professionals find the solution in hiring a professional CV writer. Through the combination of strong writing, design and marketing skills, a CV writer can create effective applications that market the candidates for their target jobs. But what exactly are you paying for when hiring a resume writer? Do professional resume services help with landing interviews?

Write your CV online with professional help and beat the competition

Resumeperk com has been offering resume assistance for 10+ years. During this time, we’ve created thousands of resumes that helped our clients realize their career aspirations. If you struggle creating a CV that satisfies you or your old resume proves to be inefficient, we’re here to assist. Your writer will take care of both writing and visual appearance of your resume, add action words for resume and subtly highlight your major accomplishments. Whether you’re great with figures, can lead and get the best out of other people or can hit sales targets with ease – your new resume will show it in the most favorable light.

Benefits of hiring a professional to write my CV online

Still concerned about whether it’s worth it to hire a professional resume writer? Then, check out the main reasons why collaborating with a pro writer will be beneficial for you:

Better quality of writing

Technically, everyone can put together a resume. But let’s face it – not everyone is a good writer. The major task of your resume’s content is to market your strengths and communicate them to the reader in a way that’s easy to perceive. In other words, “Assisted customers” and “Provided customer care to enhance the in-store visitor experience” basically mean the same job responsibility. But which of them will interest the recruiter?
Vague, generic phrases negate your efforts to make the right impression on recruiter. A writer by trade can present your qualifications and skills in the result-oriented form that the employer love and show them what exactly you excel at. Want to craft your CV like a professional writer? Take a look at our content writing tips which work for CV writing as well:

They help me write a CV using resume writing expertise

Quality writing in good English matters a lot. However, a good resume takes more than just great writing skills. One needs to understand the modern resume writing trends and tendencies, be on a good note with keyword optimization and have marketing skills to design a resume that sells. Moreover, professional writers typically have an eye for resumes – they’ve created hundreds of them, and know what works in the world of resumes and what doesn’t. They will also discard all possible resume mistakes for a perfect first impression. Of course, you can always browse resume writing tips and tricks, but it won’t make your resume nearly as good as a resume created by a professional. If there’s a dream job at stake, it’s better not to risk it and find a professional who will put together your application. Meanwhile, you’ll get some spare time to refresh the interview tips and read about the taboo habits during job interview.

Save your time and effort

If you’re getting lethargic at the necessity to compose a CV on your own, you’re not alone. Many people find the task of resume writing stressful and time-consuming. You need to browse dozens of resume writing tips and pieces of advice, get familiarized with the writing rules and then spend hours creating that resume. Moreover, this isn’t going to be the final copy as you’ll need to customize the application for a particular job posting. You’ll literally have to put blood, sweat and tears into composing a competitive resume – a lot of time and effort you could’ve spent more productively. For instance, you could invest this time into networking, browsing more job opportunities or attending industry events.
Think about this: a professional resume writer of can prepare you a resume in 24 hours only. By entrusting that annoying resume writing to a professional, you’ll relieve the pressure and can focus on other important tasks associated with job-hunting. 

Understanding employers’ demands

Many of resume writers are former hiring managers. Therefore, they have a deep understanding of what the companies look for in target candidates and how the recruitment process works in general. As you collaborate with a professional writer, this knowledge works for you – the writer puts the stress on the qualifications employers seek in the first place.
Another important point is keyword optimization. If you know very little about enriching your resume with keywords, your application is unlikely to make it through the special applicant software. Professional writers, in their turn, know how the resume robots work and include the right amount of keywords to help you pass the software screening and enable the actual hiring manager to get their eye on your CV.

Fix my CV errors and flaws

Hiring managers don’t like resume mistakes. In fact, when screening resumes, they seek the reasons to reject your resume! So, a few grammar errors, typos, lack of relevant information or another mistake you never knew existed can easily become this reason. The hectic schedule of HR managers allows them to spend only around 6 seconds on each resume, so if yours is full of errors, you’re out of the competition. By the way, here is our compilation of the most common resume mistakes:
Professional resume writers don’t leave mistakes a single chance to destroy your career. They’ll fix all your issues in grammar, writing, style and structure to make sure your resume is impeccable and ready for submission. Needless to say that this thorough approach will put your resume apart of other resumes that didn’t get a professional makeover.
Getting too many job offers with your newly written resume? Here’s how to refuse job offer professionally to save a chance for the future collaboration with this employer.

Have all your career issues addressed

There are certain career situations which recruiters call ‘red flags’. If you have been unemployed for a few years, changed jobs every few months or decided to change your career track dramatically, it can prevent you from getting interviews. In this case, a resume writer can explain or downplay these negative issues in your resume, focusing on your relevant qualifications and professional strengths.
In the case of career transition, a professional writer will translate your skills for the new industry and focus on transferable skills. In either case, the professionals know how to write away the negative aspects and promote you as a suitable candidate regardless of your current career situation.

Get a confidence boost for job-hunting with CV order

Job-hunting is accompanied with a great deal of insecurity. You might find yourself hesitating if you are a fit for the role, whether your resume is up to the standard and how to approach answering the tough interview questions. The hesitations and concerns can totally devastate you, especially if that job-hunting takes a while.
Qualified help of a resume professional can not only relieve this pressure you’re experiencing but also boost your confidence. How? Quite often, great candidates undervalue their contributions and accomplishments at the previous jobs. Resume writer gathers your background and puts those accomplishments into the light, showing what you brought off.
Having a great resume at hand allows you to take a look at it and say “Yeah, I’m really good at that”. As you realize that it puts your strengths above the fold, you’ll feel more confident as you apply for jobs and during an interview.

Impress the reader at the first sight

The visual impression matters for getting your resume read and your qualifications noticed. Sadly, but your rich experience in driving sales, a sound working knowledge of programming language or solid organizational skills may remain unnoticed due to the poor or inefficient formatting. When working on resume design, candidates often go to extremes. They either ignore the importance of formatting and design at all and submit dull, black-and-white CVs or go overboard and use sophisticated, bright templates which are difficult to read.
Resume creator knows the balance between keeping your resume professional and making it eye-catching. Moreover, they will give your accomplishments the right exposure – so, if the vacancy arises, you’ll apply right away knowing you look great on paper.

Benefits of writing CV online infographic

Some might say that there’s no big deal in resume writing. There’s one problem with DIY resumes, though – they often contain multiple mistakes job-seekers made unknowingly or due to lack of attention. And, as the recent study shows, nearly 77% of hiring managers disqualify resumes because of typos and errors. If you keep applying for jobs having the right set of qualifications and experience and don’t hear back from anyone, your resume mistakes cost you too much. Getting a professional to take a look at it will take only a few days and can make a huge difference to your job-hunting process in general. A good writer will also attend to your questions, helping you to see your mistakes and write better resumes in the future.

Get help to write a CV: fast and affordable

Above are just a few benefits you’re getting from collaboration with an expert. In reality, it’s better to collaborate a reputable writer once – and you might be astounded at how many mistakes your old resume had. If you’ve made up your mind to get a CV professionally created, our team of writers can assist you anytime. Unlike other popular resume agencies, we will deliver your resume under 5 days. We’ll match you with the writer who understands your industry and they’ll work on your application until you’re totally satisfied – this is ensured by our satisfaction guarantee. Moreover, resume services won’t cost you a fortune – our charges for resume writing start under $100.

Our experienced writers can create a powerful resume suitable for each position. However, you may also request a specific resume depending on the job you are applying for, thus it will be tailored individually for your profession:

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