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Finding a new job is not a piece of cake as it involves high level of uncertainty. And some aspects of it may be completely discouraging – for instance, sending in your resume, attending interviews and not hearing back from anyone. Moments like these keep you puzzling over what you’ve done wrong about the application or during your interview to turn away the recruiter. Sounds familiar?

A key reason to pay for CV writing

Let’s have a look when the problem occurs at the resume stage: you keep applying to different companies with dozens, if not hundreds, of resumes and get surprisingly little feedback. If you are qualified for the role, the problem might be in a resume itself. A poorly written document with errors, lack of relevant information and other common resume mistakes can significantly slow down your job hunting process. To get your resume issues fixed, consider contacting an online resume writer.

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At Resumeperk, you can address resume maker online and collaborate with the writer until you are happy with the way your resume and cover letter look like. A resume professional will fix all the major errors job-seekers typically make and give you a confidence boost.

Why you didn’t hear back from the recruiters

Sending in your resume or attending interviews with no clear result can be frustrating; nevertheless, there’s always the reason for it either from your side or from hiring manager’s. To find out the most common reasons why you had been rejected, read below.

  1. You don’t have the right qualification for the role
    Here’s the reason why massive job applications don’t work: when sending in your resume in response to every posting requiring your skills, you don’t have time to compare your experience against the job requirements carefully. Therefore, your resume goes to ‘No’ pile. When it comes to job hunting, it’s better to apply for fewer jobs but to make sure you have everything that it takes to succeed in the role. To be considered, you need to meet at least 80-90% of qualifications and requirements listed.
    There’s another aspect of this problem, though. All job requirements aren’t always listed in a job description. This happens when a person creating a job posting and the management have different views on the role.
  2. Your CV isn’t impressive
    Whether you like it or not, a resume is most likely the only way for you to enter the organization. It needs to be well-written and meet specific criteria to make sure you’ll be considered for the role. Including all mandatory resume sections (such as career summary, job history, education, and community activities), making the information relevant and adding a bunch of keywords can be a good start. However, there are much more elements of an effective CV.
    For instance, nearly half of recruiters will eliminate you from the competition if your resume has typos or grammar mistakes. You need to master the rules of resume writing and proofreading to make your application truly impressive. If you have a busy life, to pay someone to write my CV is definitely a thing worth consideration. Moreover, an affordable resume fee is nothing comparing to weeks of unemployment.
  3. Candidate search can take months
    If you are a unique specialist or a top manager, it can take months for the company to find and hire the right person. Therefore, if you’ve been interviewed and didn’t hear from anyone afterwards, chances are that the recruiter continues sourcing the candidates with needed set of qualifications to pick the best possible fit. In this case, you can send a reminder in 2-3 weeks and wonder about the status of your application.
    Note: this rule rarely applies to entry-level jobs, and the silence often means that you didn’t get the job.
  4. You have weak interview skills
    If you are often invited for interviews but they don’t call you back, it might be the time for you to reconsider your interview habits (here are the top interview habits to get rid of now: Remember that when it comes to interviews, a thorough preparation is the king. Do research the company in advance, prepare your list of questions, pick appropriate attire, and practice your body language and speech in front of the mirror.
    Some companies prefer online video interview – it also requires a thorough preparation to make a good impression.
  5. Your Facebook profile is a mess
    Recruiters will scan not your professional profiles – your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are of interest for them as well. And if they come to these platforms only to discover your party pictures, dirty jokes and overuse of slang, all your job hunting efforts will come to nothing. So, even before you start sending out your resume, remove any unprofessional content or make your profiles closed so that only your friends and family could view them.
    To improve your online presence and get a better idea of how to prepare your profiles for job search, see here:
    It is especially helpful to use your social media to promote your professional image, for instance by re-posting important industry events or sharing your thoughts on crucial matters.
  6. The openingwas closed (or important details are still under discussion)
    Unfortunately, sometimes the position can be closed even before the recruiters find the person to hire. This can happen due to a budget cut, poor internal agreement about the prospective role or changes in the company’s organizational structure. Therefore, just keep searching for new opportunities out there.
    The other frequent scenario is that decision-makers from different departments can’t agree upon the final circle of responsibilities or the salary. So, you won’t hear from the hiring manager up until the point consensus is reached. If you had a good interview which was followed by silence, it’s okay to remind about yourself in 2 weeks.
  7. Recruiters are busy
    Recruiters typically handle several job searches at once. This involves frequent interviewing and keeping in touch with dozens (or hundreds!) of candidates and decision-makers from the employer’s side. Therefore, a person who interviewed you might be just too busy with other activities to get back to you concerning the status of your application and the next steps.
    As mentioned above, it’s totally acceptable to send them an e-mail in a couple of weeks and wonder about the progress on a friendly note. However, avoid reminding about yourself too often. Not only this will make you look needy, but also can annoy the busy recruiter so they will prefer someone more tactful and professional over you.
  8. You’re hard to get in touch
    Applying for a new job actually means that you need that job, isn’t it? So, you should always be in touch if the recruiter needs to clarify some important detail, ask for more information or to invite you for the next interview. If you ignore their calls and take a few days to respond to their e-mail, they can assume that you aren’t much interested in the role.
    For the same reason, always double-check contact information of your resume. One misspelled word or missed digit, and you won’t hear from anyone during your job search.
  9. There is someone else who is better for the role
    Sometimes recruiter won’t call you back simply because they’ve found a perfect match for the position. You can meet all the requirements, be perfectly educated and possess the necessary skill set but that doesn’t guarantee you a job. However, it takes something more to come across as a perfect candidate – personality type, cultural fit, communication skill, preferred workings style etc.
    If they’ve chosen some other candidate, don’t take this personally. Continue browsing new jobs and attending interviews, and one day the recruiter will choose you from the hundreds of other applicants. Whether you pay from a professional CV or write it on your own, be sure that it is focused on your biggest accomplishments and translates your professional image.

Successful job search requires thorough preparation. Practicing interviews, networking, keeping your skills up-to-dated and taking care of your resume in advance always pay off. Being prepared boosts your confidence and eventually helps you get hired for a new role faster. Also, do yourself a favor and always maintain friendly and professional communication with recruiters. Even if you aren’t hired for the role they interviewed you for, chances are that the recruiter will recommend you to someone else.

Give your job search a head start

Although not hearing from recruiters is an unpleasant part of the job hunting, don’t get overly stressed by it and focus on the ways to make your job search more productive. To get someone to write your CV is one of the ways to speed up your job search.

Our company staffs the best writers who can create a visually attractive, informative and well-structured resume for any industry. Your resume will be 100% customized to serve your needs and you’ll have a direct contact with the writer to discuss them. Moreover, we offer a satisfaction guarantee – if the resume written for you doesn’t fully meet your requirements, we’ll revise it for free until you are happy with it. We provide LinkedIn and cover letter writing as well to strengthen your application. Take a look at cover letter template for free to get an idea of how our writers work.

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