Cover letter for supervisor position: Example & tips



Writing a cover letter is essential when you apply for a supervisor position. According to LinkedIn, 83% of hiring managers consider cover letters when making a hiring decision. A persuasive cover letter can distinguish you from the competition by focusing on your skills and most prominent achievements.

Whether you work in a customer service department, a warehouse supervisor position, or a project management role, a good cover letter can help you sell your leadership skills to employers. In this article, you will find tips to improve your cover letter along with supervisor cover letter sample for your inspiration.

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Supervisor cover letter examples



Why is this a good cover letter? This cover letter is focused on the candidate's experience in the banking industry and improving customer experience. The candidate mentions their proven track record in supervising and developing employees, increasing customer satisfaction, and overseeing daily operations. This letter is concise and the achievements go in bullet points, which makes them easier to read. Such a letter will surely draw the attention of the hiring manager.

How to write a supervisor cover letter?

Effective supervisor cover letters focus on the candidate's achievements over daily duties, showcase examples with figures, and are tailored for the specific job posting. Here's how to strengthen your cover letter.

Use a professional salutation

It is a good tone to address the hiring manager by name. It shows that you took the extra effort to personalize the letter and researched who is responsible for hiring in the company. Start your supervisor cover letter with a personalized salutation, for example, Dear Ms. Henneth.

If you are not sure who exactly will review your letter, use Dear Hiring Manager as a salutation. Avoid generic salutations, such as To whom it may concern, or causal ones like Hello or Hey there.

Add a strong opening statement

In the first paragraph of your letter, you should include the position's name and where you found out about the job. Companies often have multiple openings, and specifying target job will save the recruiter's time. If you have a reference in the company, mention their name at the beginning too.

Briefly summarize what makes you a good fit for the role and the qualifications you have. You can lead with years of experience, areas of expertise, a recent degree or certification, or the number of people you managed. Here's an example:

I am writing to express my interest in the Sales Supervisor position at [Company Name]. With my 3+ years of experience in leading teams of 20+ people, driving day to day operations, and exceeding sales targets, I am confident in my ability to contribute significantly to your organization.

Don't send a generic cover letter

In 2024, you should customize your cover letter for a target job for two reasons. Firstly, if the company uses ATS software, your application might get tossed if it doesn't have the job-related keywords. Secondly, potential employers will quickly spot a generic letter. They believe that if a candidate sends the same letter everywhere, they are not much interested in the position.

So, take the time to customize your letter for a job description. You may highlight relevant experience, explain what inspires you to join the company, or what you especially like about the role. Such an approach will distinguish you from other applicants.

Lead with accomplishments

Mentioning your skills and previous leadership positions is important. However, hiring managers look for achievements in the first place. Quantifiable achievements demonstrate your value, give evidence of your skills and contribution, and shows you as a result-driven, proactive individual. Experts recommend that you list at least 2-3 achievements in your letter.

Here are the examples of achievements you can add:

  • Supervised a team of 15+ sales associates, delivering training and fostering positive work environment, which resulted in turnover reduction by 15%.

  • Introduced a new inventory management system, improving inventory accuracy by 20% and reducing costs by 7%.

  • Developed and implemented a new customer service process, resulting in 20% increase of customer satisfaction ratings and minimized complaints.

Highlighting your accomplishments can differentiate you from other candidates and show your unique value to the company.

Expose your motivation

A good cover letter is more than the account of your achievements and skills. It also shows why you are motivated to join the company and highlights your cultural fit. Make sure to highlight them to set yourself apart.

You can write about your personal experience with the company's products or services, tell how you share their values, or share your passion. Here's an example:

The XYZ company is know for its commitment to innovation and improvement of the product quality. I am particularly drawn to the recent launch of your X product, which aligns with my skills and expertise in [relevant experience].

End with a call to action

In the last paragraph of your letter, reiterate your leadership skills once again and explain what makes you an asset to the company. After that, add a call to action. Ask the hiring manager to contact you to schedule an interview, review your portfolio, or reach out to you if any questions.

You can also inform them that you will get in touch regarding the status of your application. If you write this, don't forget to contact them in a week or two.

Don't reiterate your resume

The biggest cover letter mistake is repeating the information that is already on your resume. Your letters should expand on the most significant experiences and accomplishments rather than repeat your resume word for word.

Say, your resume focuses on how you streamline operations based on valuable insights for customers. In a cover letter, you can write about one projects when you gathered information and improved operations and specify what results you managed to achieve for the business.

Format and proofread

After you've finished writing your letter, take the time to check it for mistakes. Typos, poor grammar, and other issues in writing can turn off the hiring manager and make them doubt your skills. Proofread your letter manually or use an online spell checker until you are confident that it is error-free.

It is also important to apply professional formatting. Write in short paragraphs, use bullet points, and consistent fonts. If your letter is neatly formatted, the recruiter is likely to spend more time reviewing it.

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