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White papers are powerful marketing tools for promoting companies online. What is a white paper? It’s a document created to advocate a certain solution of a particular problem for existing or potential consumers. Basically, they are written with an educational purpose in mind, but the author usually promotes the services or software issued by the company. White paper writing is one of the highest-paying jobs for writers (for more lucrative writing jobs, check here: .  

Meanwhile, white paper writing is different from most types of web writing. In comparison to content writing, it requires strong analytical and research skills. Nevertheless, these skills can be learned – continue reading to find out what makes a successful white paper writing and how to take your skills to the next level. By the way, if you wonder “How to write my cover letter?” our federal resume writers can assist you with it.

Reasons to writing white papers

  • It establishes credibility to you as a subject matter expert. The company that issues white papers is seen by potential customers as more trustworthy one. As a writer who authored these white papers, you’ll tend to be seen as an expert accordingly.
  • White papers generate more leads and sales. Today, writing a landing page content and a blog are not enough to attract customers, as the customers get more educated and picky. White papers are focused on resolving a problem of the customer; so, the customer looking for a grounded decision will likely opt for your product or service.
  • They provide quality information and solutions. Web is staffed with low-quality content which adds no value to the readers. If you manage to provide the potential customers will well-researched, quality information that is aimed to help them reach their goals, your visitors are likely to turn into returning clients.

Writing white papers for web has positive affect on any business. Let’s have a closer look at what makes an effective white paper.

Also in this section:

White paper structure

  1. Introduction
    Let your reader quickly grasp the main point. The introduction helps the readers understand whether this white paper is beneficial for them and evokes interest to continue reading.
  2. Problem statement
    In this section, you are expected to outline the problem/issue the readers need to resolve. It is important to help readers identify themselves with this problem – so, write from the readers’ perspective. More importantly, you need to provide evidence that you’re a subject matter expert to evoke their credibility.
  3. Proposed solution
    After you’ve specified and described the problem, it’s time to come up with the solution you have to offer. Be concise and specific. Only provide solutions to problems you’ve outlined before. Don’t try to resolve all problems of the potential reader, as your white paper can lose focus. Provide enough details and evidence that this solution is really helpful.
  4. Advertisement
    Now it’s time to actually promote your company, service or software. Note that the advertisement should always go after the argumentative solution. When the readers are convinced in your authority and the helpfulness of the solution, you can mention why they will benefit from the company’s services or product.
  5. Conclusion
    Professional cover letter writer recommends that the conclusion should summarize the key point of the paper and re-iterate the main arguments for the solution propose as well as the benefits of becoming your company’s client. Keep the conclusion no longer than 1-2 paragraphs, depending on the paper length. And remember that busy readers will only look through the introduction and the conclusion – so, make sure your conclusion is understandable for those who has just opened the page.

Keys to effective white paper writing

Now that you are aware of the structure you should stick to when writing a white paper, you are ready to do a research and create the first draft. Writer cover letters recommends that you follow the guidelines below:

  • Stick to business writing style
    White papers are not written to entertain the audience or to persuade them to make a purchase. Above all, they have an idea of educating the readers and providing with relevant, helpful and up-to-dated information on the subject. This can only be achieved through using formal style, with detailed descriptions and argumentative evidence.
    If you need more information on PhD level writing, check the expert tips here:
  • Choose the appropriate topic
    Just like with blog post, a topic often determines whether your piece will be read or not. So, take your time to create a captivating topic that would engage the readers.
  • Use visual elements
    White papers are often lengthy pieces. Since you gather facts and provide evidence, a white paper can easily be 10-15 pages in length. To increase its readability, it will be helpful to break the text with pictures, diagrams and charts. First of all, visual information will be noticed and remembered better by your readers. Secondly, if you provide data from reputable sources, it will increase credibility to your paper.
  • Provide real life examples, citations, and case studies
    To sound like a subject matter expert, cover letter writers suggest that you use reputable sources for writing your white paper. You need to provide solid grounding for the statements you make. So, use real life stories, case studies, cite analytical reports, etc. When the readers see an engaged paper that is based on serious researches as well as real cases, they take your recommendations more seriously.
  • Keep the conversational tone
    Despite it’s a business writing, it doesn’t have to be boring or complex. Try explaining difficult things in a simple language your audience will understand and maintain the conversational, friendly tone.
  • Focus on creating value for your readers
    Remember that white paper is not to persuade the readers to buy something. It is created to help your potential customers with decision making process and to solve their problem. Don’t promote your company or services heavily – it will turn the readers away. Instead, focus on being helpful in resolving their issues. If they recognize you as a subject matter expert, they will return to make a purchase later.
  • Avoid being promotional
    People don’t like the idea that they are constantly offered something for money. Even though the white paper allows you a plenty of space for promotion of business, make sure it’s short and to the point. In the rest of the documents, focus on creating value.
  • Use the fresh information
    As you use the third party sources, keep in mind to choose only up-to-dated and proven information. Don’t refer to unreliable sources. It’s the awareness of the newest trends and events that strengthens your image as a subject matter expert.
  • Edit it!
    As soon as you’ve completed the writing process, put the document away for a while. Then, do a thorough editing and proofreading of what you have written. Check the grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, etc. Make sure your document is error-free and is easy to read. You might want to read it aloud or print to ease the editing process.

White paper is an excellent tool to promote the corporate brand, increase awareness and establish the reputation. As they serve the informative purposes and aren’t focused on sales directly, potential clients tend to be positive towards the company product and service. And using the above tips, you’ll be able to create a highly informative and helpful white paper and attract more clients.

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