How Can Career Support Services Help You Achieve Success?



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Navigating your career in today’s competitive environment can be tough. If you have just graduated, are re-entering the workforce, or are pursuing a career change, you probably have more questions than answers. In situations like these, career support centers can share valuable insights and tips to help you achieve your goals.

How can career centers help?

There is a variety of career centers for different types of job-seekers. Some career services are available in high schools, universities, and nonprofit organizations, whereas private centers are accessible to everyone. Here are some of the advantages they offer:

Learn key career management skills

According to S. Mackay and M. Morris, career management skills mean one’s ability to gather and analyze educational and occupational information and skills to make decisions. The key skills that an individual needs to master for career management are:

  • Planning your career, developing the strategy and setting long-term goals
  • Developing a course of action to achieve the goals set, including acquiring necessary skills, and obtaining education or training
  • Researching the labor market to find suitable job openings
  • Evaluating your progress and reflecting on your current career situation
  • Re-assessing your goals and making career changes if needed.

Identify your career goals

Setting measurable, achievable professional goals is a must for steady career progression. People who are not sure where they see themselves in the next five or ten years often make poor career choices or get stuck in a job that doesn’t let them reveal their potential.

With the help of the career services, you can define short- and long-term career objectives and draft a plan to achieve these goals. A career counselor can help evaluate your strengths and interests to set goals that will inspire you to move forward.

Get help with your resume and cover letter

A resume is your #1 job search tool. If it is out of date or has mistakes and ‘red flags’, you will not be invited for interviews even though you are qualified for jobs. In the career center, you can request resume and cover letter assessment. Professional counselors will identify the weaknesses of your resume and recommend how to improve it to attract more interviews. And if you need a resume update urgently, you can always turn to professional resume writers, for example, at ResumePerk.

Improve your job search strategy

Many professionals don’t use all the available resources to browse open jobs or neglect their professional network. With a career counselor, you can reconsider your job search strategy and explore other ways of applying for jobs. Moreover, many career services have databases of jobs and resources they can share with you.

Need help with job interview preparation?

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