How to become a successful BookTuber: Monetize your hobby


BookTube is the segment of YouTube that is devoted to books and book reviews. If you are passionate about reading and enjoy spending your evenings with a newly published novel or discussing the books you’ve just read, you can turn this hobby into a source of income. To start your journey as a BookTuber, you need to set up a YouTube channel first. This is free. Next, choose a catchy name for your channel. The name can reflect the topics you will cover on your channel, or you can simply choose a creative phrase that is easy to remember. The next step is making quality videos and sharing them on your channel. To make your book channel successful, you can follow the recommendations below.

5 tips to become a successful BookTuber

Choose your niche

Most BookTubers focus on the particular book genre or country. This helps them attract subscribers who are interested in this narrow subject. You may choose not to limit yourself by a specific genre or historical period, but in this case, think about how you are going to be different from other BookTubers sharing similar content.

In addition to choosing a niche, think about the type of videos you will post. Are you going to share brief reviews, or in-depth, long analyses of books? Will you review and recommend books, or also read aloud, or maybe, share different content? Think about this in advance.

Create quality content

BookTube has many great content makers. To make your channel competitive, you need to share high- quality and engaging content. Offering your viewers helpful, entertaining or thought-provoking videos is essential. However, it is equally important to record videos of good quality.

You might need to invest in a good camera and video editing software, as the competition is high on the platform. Nobody will watch pixelated, low-quality videos, even if you offer helpful content.

Keep your videos focused

Each video you publish needs to have a central topic. If you focus on some book in a video, don’t get distracted to talk about the writer, their other books, your personal story or something else. You can deviate from the subject a little, but return to the main issue soon. Otherwise, the audience might get the impression that they are not getting what the video title promised.

Reply to comments

It’s essential to maintain human contact with your subscribers. Respond to their comments and answer the questions. In this way, you can expand the community and grow the subscription base faster.

Find ways to monetize your channel

There are several ways to earn money from your channel. If you have 1,000+ followers and 4,000 watch hours on the channel, use Google Ads. BookTubers with a loyal base of subscribers also ask their audience to donate – you can use this option as well.

Bloggers also work with sponsors. You can wear a T-shirt, glasses or drink coffee of a particular brand in your video. Similarly, there’s an option to contact companies and participate in their affiliate programs.

BookTube offers many opportunities to earn, however, all of them will work only if you share helpful, engaging content that people are excited to watch and share.

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