Should You Drop Off Resume In Person? 3 Expert Strategies + Tips


Should you drop off the resume in person? (+4 Tips how to do it right)

There was a time when showing up to the company's office and handing in your resume in person was the standard way to get hired. Over the past two decades, things changed for both hiring managers and job-seekers. Now most companies expect that you apply online: through job boards, an email or a corporate website.

However, in certain cases handing in a good old paper resume still works. In today's short guide, our career experts will explain who can benefit from dropping off the resume to a hiring manager personally and how to do this correctly.

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What types of job-seekers can drop off a resume in person?

Most large companies use software and electronic tools to collect and sort resumes. Therefore, most employers expect candidates to apply online. However, showing up in the company office can be actually beneficial in these cases:

You want to work for a small local business

Small company owner or manager is likely to accept a resume from a job-seeker who came in person. Your odds for an interview increase if the business has a "How Hiring" sign. As a rule, small business owners consider all resumes on their own, and if you take a chance to talk to a prospective employer in person, they can choose you over other applicants.

You'd like to apply for a customer service, sales or similar entry-level role

It isn't a bad idea to drop off the resume in person if you'd like to get hired for a retail sales, restaurant, or customer service job. You can enter a store or a small cafe and let the manager know that you're interested in working there. Again, this is likely to work with small to mid-sized companies only.

You want to stand out and impress the employer

Modern recruitment process is largely automated. However, human contact is still important. If you manage to talk to the business owner or recruiter and they like you, you'll have a greater chance to get hired than someone who just submitted their resume online.

It is important to realistically evaluate if an in-person visit to hand in a resume is appropriate. Say, if you show up in a local hair salon, talk to the receptionist and ask them to hand your resume to the owner, that's one thing. On the flip side, if you enter the office of a financial firm and demand a meeting with a recruiter, security is likely to show you out.

How to drop off a resume to the hiring manager professionally

If you've decided to stop by and deliver your paper resume in person, be sure to follow these tips:

Print it out on a quality paper

The #1 rule for paper resumes is using high-quality stationery. Print your resume on thick, heavy paper - this will make the resume look more solid and professional. Avoid standard white paper: ivory or subtle shades work better.

Respect the staff's time

When you come to a company without invitation or even phone calls in advance, be ready that the staff and the manager might be busy. Don't interrupt them and don't demand the immediate attention. If the team is overloaded with work, it's better to show up again the other day.

Prepare an elevator pitch

Since you are interrupting people in the middle of the working day, be brief. Introduce yourself, explain what kind of job you'd like to help the company with, and outline your relevant experience. If you've applied for the job posting on their website before, mention that. Thank the person for their time and consideration, and leave the resume copy.

Be ready for an immediate interview

Sometimes, if the manager/owner are not too busy, they might want to interview you right on the spot. Be ready for this. Look up for answers to the typical interview questions and interview tips in advance. By the way, our Blog has a wealth of tips on how to prepare for an interview successfully, write a persuasive resume and achieve career success.

Tips to apply for a job effectively

Whether you upload the resume online or drop it off personally, follow these tips:

Check if you meet requirements for the job

The very first step you should take before job application is to make sure you qualify for the position. Check the qualifications minimum, and if you don't meet it, sending a resume will be a waste of time. Also, make sure those qualifications are reflected on your resume so that the hiring manager could see you as a potential fit.

Follow the application instructions

In most cases, employers give instructions about how to apply. Some expect you to send a resume through the job board or company website, and some will request you to email the recruiter. If the employer points out the preferred means of communication, use this channel. If they expect applications online only, showing up in person isn't a good idea.

Clean up your social media

At the beginnig of any job search, make sure that your social media looks professional and makes the right impression. Remove party pictures and any posts that could be misunderstood. A positive and professional social media increases your chance for an interview invitation.

Make sure your resume is up to date

The resume should reflect your current qualifications, skills, and the most recent experience in detail. Update it with the specific position in mind and in line with your career goals. When writing, use professional language and a plain structure for better readability. Focus on the accomplishments over job duties.

Should you use a cover letter when applying for a job posting?

Unless the job posting insists that they don't want a cover letter, always attach it. 45% of hiring managers reject resumes that don't include cover letters. Use the letter to show your interest, motivation and highlight the most relevant experiences from your career history.

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