Useful Tips How To Behave At Office Company Party


A corporate party is the perfect event to socialize with coworkers, make new acquaintances within the organization you work for and, if you’re lucky and sociable enough, even advance your career. However, all of the above is only possible if you know how to behave at parties of this kind.Although corporate parties are organized to let the staff relax and have fun, they are still business events and require an appropriate conduct. So, lots of things you’re used to doing when ...Continue reading

Must-Dos And Don'ts For Modern Resume You Should Know


Just like every field influenced by technology, resume writing rules constantly evolve. Some of the things that considered acceptable and necessary to include into your resume 10 years ago now look inappropriate.Moreover, various online journals and career coaches sometimes share quite the opposite advice (you’ve probably heard the discussions about whether your resume should fit into one page). So, for an average job-seeker it can be a tough task to put the resume together. Which tips ...Continue reading

Have You Asked Yourself What To Do After The Interview?


The interview is over, and you can walk out of the door and breathe out. You did your best and definitely impressed the hiring manager with your experience, your skills and personal traits. You used the best of interview advice to stand out and you hope that this job will be yours. However, now everything is up to the hiring manager.Is it really so? Have you ever wondered what you should do after the interview to maximize your chances for the job? Luckily, there are. Even in today’s ...Continue reading

10 Forbidden Habits During Job Interview


Many job-seekers feel relieved as soon as they get a desired interview invitation from a hiring manager. Obviously, your resume had what it takes to convince the recruiter you might be a good fit for the position. However, an interview is just another chance for you to sell your professionalism and skills, this time in a form of face-to-face conversation. And you should make every effort to make an interview a success, as the tiniest mistake can cost you a job.You’ve probably already ...Continue reading

Top 15 Questions To End The Interview With


How to impress the hiring manager during the interview? The candidates all over the world are obsessed with this question. Interview coaches share the advice on what to wear, what to say and how to influence the interviewer’s opinion using the body language.  One of essentials of any successful interview is the art of asking the right questions. If your resume was good enough to get your foot to the door, the final outcome of application process will depend on how well you promote Continue reading

9 Ways To Present Athletic Experience During The Interview


Are you one of those graduates who were a part of college football team and participated in various competitions? Then, are you sure you have utilized this experience in your resume and during interviews correctly?Even if you’ve decided not to continue your athletic career, your athletic experience still can become your advantage even if you’re applying as a bank teller. Your sports experience has probably taught you a set of qualities which are valued high by recruiters. So, ...Continue reading

Rate My Resume: Why You Will Benefit From A Resume Critique


Today, the majority of top rated resume writing services offer their clients a free resume evaluation. This means that a resume writer reads into your resume and responds you with a detailed analysis of your resume’s strong and weak points. Resume evaluation service is usually free, although a few services may charge up to $30 for this procedure.Some are skeptical about getting a free critique as they believe that its only purpose is to convince you to hire a resume company so they ...Continue reading

Tips How To Answer Sexist Questions During The Interview


In 2017, a woman can still be asked a wide range of sexist questions during the job interview. Moreover, as stated by, women are asked inappropriate questions three times more often than men. Such questions include queries about their appearance, love life, family plans or even flirting.Inappropriate sexist questions can embarrass any woman who had expected to be evaluated solely for her professional qualities and accomplishments. So, how to handle this sort of questions ...Continue reading

10 Things You Should Never Bring To Interview


An interview is the chance to make that important first impression on a company’s representative, so you should be well-prepared. You’ve probably did a research on the company, chose the perfect interview outfit, and grabbed the handbag with a hard copy of your resume… By the way, what else do you bring with you to an interview? For instance, can you bring notes to an interview?However superficial this question may sound, it’s more important than it seems. ...Continue reading

Top Taboo Topics You Should Never Discuss With Colleagues


If you work in the office, you probably spend at least 8 hours a day side by side with your colleagues. So, there’s no surprise that many see their colleagues as their close friends. It seems okay to share your life events, your thoughts and emotions with someone you see almost every day, and many see nothing wrong in doing so. Nevertheless, at the workplace it’s highly important to keep boundaries between your professional and private life.There’s a certain number of ...Continue reading

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