8 Things You Should Never Wear to Work


When people see us in a professional setting for the first time, they form the opinion about us based on the way we look. So, if you are looking to build a career with the company, it’s time to think over what kind of impression you make – neat and professional or messy and inappropriate? Let alone the fact that unprofessional looks can spoil the impression about you during the interview or mess up your chances for a promotion.

While specific dress code depends on the company, there are specific things that nobody should wear in the office, even if your employer allows casual outfits. Today, the specialist of our local resume writing services is going to reveal these items to you.

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8 things not to wear to work

  1. Any clothes that are dirty or wrinkled
    The number one rule for any office outfit is that the clothes should look tidy, clean and fresh. Avoid stained and wrinkled items. If you don’t bother about the way you look, it gives people around you an impression that you either are extremely inattentive to detail or depressed. Neither of these impressions will help your career. This rule is especially important for people working with clients – you should look tidy and put together.
    Job interview outfit matters a lot for making a positive impression. Here’s how to pick the right attire and impress the hiring manager:
  2. Revealing clothes
    Crop-tops, see-through dresses, and miniskirts aren’t your best helpers when you want to look professional. Men should avoid tank tops and shirts. Not only these outfits are too casual and thus inappropriate in professional settings, but also they draw the attention of the opposite sex. This distracts you and people next to you from work. Moreover, some colleagues will think you are less professional if you wear revealing clothes. You should also avoid anything you need to adjust – if you have to tuck your shirt all the time, it is probably too short.
  3. Flip-flops
    Flip-flops are the quintessence of unprofessional clothes. All career experts and HR managers say that you should avoid wearing them to the office under no circumstances. These shoes are intended for the beach or a picnic with friends, not for work – even if they are expensive. Plain sandals are acceptable, though.
    Are you tired of dress codes and constant restrictions about what to wear? Then, consider becoming a freelancer – they can wear whatever they like and work from any place that’s convenient. Check out some pros and cons of freelancing.
  4. Anything that is too small or big for you
    Have you put on six pounds but still can’t put aside your favorite dress? If you lost or gained weight, review your office wardrobe and put away everything that doesn’t fit. The clothes that don’t fit you make a negative impression, either revealing parts of your body that you didn’t mean to relieve or making it uncomfortable to work because your shirt feels oversized. If you aren’t sure if a certain piece looks good at you, ask for advice of a friend or a trusted colleague.
  5. Outfits intended for nightclubs
    Making a stellar professional impression doesn’t necessarily mean to be the brightest person in the room. Leather jeans, glittery dresses, strapless tops and heavy jewelry should be kept for nights out and social events. Wearing such clothes to the office shows that you either have no clue about professional etiquette or you didn’t spend the last night at home. Neither are the impressions you want to make. So, opt for more reserved, conventional outfits.
    Not only clothes can be eccentric – read more about eccentric questions during an interview and how to answer them.
  6. Strong perfume or cologne
    Use light perfume or aftershave for work, or try not to wear scents at all – use a scent-free aftershave and a deodorant instead of the perfume. Why? Firstly, by wearing heavy scents you might be distracting other people from work. Chances are, not everyone loves wooden and sweet perfumes. Secondly, some of your colleagues could be allergic to scents and you don’t want them to have an allergic reaction. All in all, keeping strong perfumes for social events is the best tactic.
  7. Clothes that make it uncomfortable to work
    Whether you opt for a suit or a more casual outfit, the rule of thumb is that you should feel comfortable wearing them. All in all, we spend over 8 hours a day in the office, and it makes little sense to get distracted by uncomfortable clothes. Stilettos, a tight skirt which makes it hard to sit for a long time or a shirt which you have to tuck again and again make you focus on clothes, not on your work and productivity. Thus, uncomfortable items are best to leave out of your professional wardrobe. Opt for good-fitting clothes you feel comfortable wearing all day long.
  8. Anything prohibited by your company’s policies
    Your number one reference when it comes to a dress code is the company’s handbook. Check it out regularly to make sure you’re up to date on the dress code. In most cases, these handbooks provide general recommendations about what to wear, but if you have doubts, it’s better to ask the HR manager. And, of course, you should avoid the items we’ve mentioned above. Another golden rule when it comes to a dress code is to pay attention to what your boss is wearing. And if they never show up wearing a T-shirt, you probably shouldn’t either.

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