Hiring Trends for Job-Seekers to Watch in 2020


If you expect to land a new job in 2020, you probably go to great lengths. You write a persuasive resume, tap your network for referrals and keep your skills current. However, recruitment is a two-way street. Recruiters are just as concerned with attracting the top talent for their clients as you are with landing a lucrative and rewarding job.

Effective candidate sourcing and hiring goes far beyond reviewing resumes. In today’s entry, we will throw light on the hottest trends that will set the tone to the hiring process in 2020 and beyond. Knowing these trends will help you stay on track with the employers’ expectations. Moreover, you’ll prepare for the job search and interviews better.

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The hiring process in 2020 will go far beyond the conventional application with a resume. To beat the competition for the best jobs, make sure you’re using the freshest upcoming trends to your advantage:

7 hottest hiring trends for 2020

1. Online job boards will dominate the recruitment

Job boards, such as, are the top recruitment method used by HR professionals. And this happens for a reason. Job boards give employers the access to a wide selection of professionals who are currently job-hunting. Their functionality allows the HR professionals to choose among the applicants or to contact the job-seekers directly. And the global presence allows attracting the top talent worldwide.
What’s in it for you? Despite the new trending ways of job-hunting taking over, don’t neglect the traditional job boards. Post your well-written and keyword-rich resume so that the employers could contact you directly. Take care of your privacy when posting a resume online – hide the contact info and never mention sensitive data.

2. Social recruiting is on the rise

An emerging trend of several previous years, social recruitment will continue to grow in 2020. This term stands for the usage of social media, forums, and blogs for finding quality hires. Whereas the things are self-explanatory with LinkedIn – 95% of recruiters use it as a go-to resource to find new hires – using Twitter or Facebook to source new hires sounds less conventional. Yet, in a new era of hiring you can come across a great job posting even on websites you typically use for fun.
What’s in it for you? If you want to find a new job this year or climb the career ladder, make your online presence more professional. The HR manager who has posted a job on Facebook will judge you based on profile pictures and the content you share. So make sure that everything is up to scratch and shows your professional side.

3. Remote work is the next big thing

Over the past two years, the number of job posts for remote work on LinkedIn increased by 78%. Employers see telecommuting as a viable model, and the experts agree that remote work and the gig economy are the future of work. Given this, we are going to see even further increase in remote job openings, along with a simultaneous shortage of office-based, full-time ones. The interviews will increasingly be conducted remotely as well, via phone or Skype.
What’s in it for you? If you’re previously considered tapping into remote work opportunities, this is the best time to make it happen. Make sure that the resume you are submitted highlights the traits needed for working from home. Never gave the idea much though? Take a look at the hard facts about telecommuting:

4. Culture fit becomes a top consideration

With the transparency the internet gave us, the inner workings of most companies are no longer a secret. The employers increasingly turn their working ethics and practices into an employer brand and improve their internal culture to attract the best professionals. On the flip side, the companies increasingly want candidates who fit in culturally and in terms of values, as such an employee is typically more productive and engaged.
What’s in it for you? Learn the ins and outs of the company culture prior to the interview – and highlight that you fit in just right. If you have the right personality type, the HR manager might overlook the fact that you miss on a couple of hard skills. Moreover, if you feel comfortable in a professional setting, you won’t have to think hard about how to regain motivation for working.

5. Employee referrals are the top source of quality hires

The research shows that referred employees take less money to hire and onboard. Moreover, it takes companies less time and is more likely to attract culturally fit and top-performing hires comparing to other sources of recruitment. Basically, this is the reason why the top jobs are never advertised online – they are filled through referrals faster than people who aren’t affiliated with the organization could possibly find out that the opportunity existed.
What’s in it for you? Expand and nurture your network. This rule applies both for your LinkedIn page and people you know in person. If you are job-hunting, let your network know – someone might tell you about the opportunity you wouldn’t know otherwise. And if you want to apply to some companies, reach out to people who already work there. This will ensure more attention to your application. To expand your network online, you can’t go without a professionally looking profile. Here’s how to create it:

6. Collaborative hiring becomes prevalent for hiring quality candidates

Although 80% of interviews are conducted one-on-one, finding quality hires requires involving more people in the hiring process. When the companies are looking to fill a long-term position or the role assumes much responsibility, collaborative hiring comes into play. This term means involving people from another department into the hiring process and conducting multiple interviews. The method allows to evaluate the candidate comprehensively and make a better hiring decision.
What’s in it for you? Know that impressing the HR manager is no longer enough to land a lucrative position. Not only your hard skills, but soft competencies, collaboration, willingness to learn and work will be accessed. You might be also asked to pass personality tests or go through multiple rounds of interviews to win an offer.

7. Having a quality resume still matters

In the light of the emerging trends mentioned above, it might occur to you that the traditional resumes are losing their importance. However, this is not exactly the case. Sending out a resume is no longer one and the only way to be considered for the job. Yet, when you are being compared to other candidates who apply for the same position, a strong resume that quickly outlines your strengths will give you extra points.
What’s in it for you? Pay attention to all the emerging trends in hiring, and create a resume that distinguishes you at a glance. After all, even the person putting in a word for you will find it easier to persuade the HR department to interview you if their words are supported with a good-looking resume. If you’re in a creative industry, you might also want to use an attractive infographic resume. By the way, our staff designer can create a unique one especially for you.

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