Should You Pay For Resume Writing?


Given the challenges and struggles that come with resume writing, it's not surprising that many professionals seek external help. Moreover, resume requirements get stricter every year as the competition grows. You've probably heard the popular statistic that corporate job postings attact 250+ resumes, of which only 4 people get interviewed.

Hiring a resume writing service can be your way out of this maze. A well-trained professional resume writer can completely transform the way your resume looks and the impression it makes. Many job-seekers also reported getting more interview calls and quality job offers with a professionally written resume they've ordered from an expert.

On the flip side, hiring a resume pro is not a universal solution to all your career issues. There are things over which certified professional writers have no control. To help you make an informed decision, we've prepared a detailed guide uncovering pros and cons of hiring a resume consultant. And, if you want a high-quality resume ASAP, our website offers resume help with a 24-hour deadline. We will connect you with an industry expert who will target the resume to your desired job opening.

The benefits of hiring a resume writing service

• You save time and energy. Job search itself is the source of stress and pressure, as you should make extraordinary effort to land a good-paying job. When you pay someone to write a resume, you relieve from stress associated with writing.

• Your career issues will be effectively explained. Little professionals have spotless careers that demonstrate ongoing growth. If you have career gaps, job-hopping or other issues, a resume expert will downplay them as they write your resume.

• You benefit from insider knowledge. Certified professional writers are usually aware of the best resume writing practices and understand what really matter to hiring managers. By adjusting the resume to employer preferences, they help you achieve better results.

• You get an ATS-adapted application. Professional writers know how to adapt for applicant tracking systems and ensure that your resume will be seen by a human hiring manager. They use high-value keywords and ATS-friendly structure to help you succeed.

• You are likely to get hired faster. People who apply with a resume written by an expert usually have a higher response rate from employers. Pro resumes stand out favorably as they display excellent writing skills, effective structure and customized content.

• You can order full package of documents. A professional resume writer can provide you with a resume, cover letter and a LinkedIn profile that use the same tone of voice and emphasize the same strength, thus giving a holisting impression about your career. You

Purchasing resume writing services might be not for you if:

Hiring a professional resume writing company can go a long way in securing a dream employment for you. However, even the top resume writers won't be of service if:

• You are underqualified for a role. If you're a junior marketer considering the role with senior-level responsibility, you won't be shortlisted no matter how perfectly your resume looks.

• You apply to entry-level job. When you're just out of college and have no experience, a resume writer doesn't have much material to work with. In this case, it will be enough to order resume editing and get your resume polished prior to submitting it.

• You have high expectations. No resume company can guarantee you an interview or a job! Those companies that do so are usually a scam. The writer works on resume text, structure and presentation and cannot affect hiring manager's decisions.

• You are not ready to cooperate. Every professional resume writer will ask you questions to learn more about your background and goals. This is essential to draft a strong resume, and if you don't feel like talking to your writer, you cannot expect a perfect resume.

How to select trustworthy resume writing services?

If you are determined to cooperate with a resume professional, note that the outcome depends heavily on how qualified your writer is. During the COVID, the market got flooded with entry-level resume writers who won't add much value to your job search. Here's how you identify a good service provider.

Ask about the writer's credentials

The document quality depends on how experienced the writer is. Ideally, a resume writer should have a college degree in the respective field of study and 1+ years of experience with resumes, either as an HR manager or as a resume writer. Some writers hold certifications that count in the resume industry (such as CPRW or NRWA). Ask the writer to provide cover letter and resume written examples to get an idea what level of quality you can expect.

Learn about the process in advance

The writing process varies from company to company. Some resume services will schedule a phone or even in-person consultation at the outset. At, we value our clients' time and therefore assist job-seekers exclusively online. You can reach us on chat at any time, day or night, and the writer starts working without wasting a minute. Moreover, an online business model helps us keep operating expenses lower which results in prices lower than those of our competitors.

Check feedback, reviews and testimonials

Before you pay someone to write a resume, check what other customers say about this company. Look up for independent reviews, comments on LinkedIn, and on-site testimonials. If the company has positive comments, they probably deliver quality services, as otherwise they wouldn't survive. The word of mouth can go a long way, too. Ask your colleagues or friends if they can refer a resume writer or career consultat they worked with.

Ask about guarantees

All trustworthy resume services offer guarantee to ensure client satisfaction. At, we are guaranteed to write your resume within the deadline, or money back. We also guarantee free revisions and updates until you are satisfied with the document. If the company refuses to provide guarantees, you are most likely to receive substandard quality of writing, or a resume will be composed by a freelancer, not a resume expert.

Review the company website

Carefully evaluate the company site before placing an order. It should clearly advertise pricing, services offered and terms of use. If website design looks like 1990s, pages that don't load correctly or the company is secretive about pricing, it should warn you. Trustworthy services share all information in advance to persuade you choose them over others.

What is optimal professional resume writers cost?

Fees for writing a resume vary from $80 to $500. They may reach $1,000 with some websites. But, in fact, you needn't buy an overpriced resume as you can find good quality of writing for much cheaper. Using an expensive service may only make sense if you want an executive-level resume with personal branding, interview coaching and distribution services.

At, you can order a resume at $87 only. This single fee includes custom writing, layout development, resume keywording and design. Moreover, we offer every new client a 20% discount off the first order with us.

Pay for resume and get more career opportunities

Our team has been helping professionals across all industries to maximize their interviews with a custom written, persuasive resume. Place your order today, and one of our experts specilaizing in your field will compose a resume in line with your requirements. Order a resume that impresses the recruiters today with a 20% discount.

Our experienced writers can create a powerful resume suitable for each position. However, you may also request a specific resume depending on the job you are applying for, thus it will be tailored individually for your profession:

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