How to Put Double Major On Resume + Tips


To feel more confident in today's job market, many students obtain a double major. A dual major means that you are getting a Bachelor's or a Master's degree, but have two specializations, for example, in Computer Science and Business.

Employers appreciate candidates with a double major since it provides you with more versatile and advanced knowledge in two similar areas. Moreover, acquiring such a major takes more time and effort, therefore it means you are hard-working and dedicated to professional growth.

In today's post, we will show how to put a double major on your resume. Our experts will also explain how to create a well-structured education section that showcases your academic successes and draws attention of hiring managers. 

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Know the difference between a double major and multiple degrees

Before we show how to list a relevant major on your resume, let's clarify the terms. Many people confuse between a double major and a dual degree, or think they are equal. However, this isn't the case. 

double major means that you obtain one BA degree but have two specializations, for example, Foreign language and Political science. Such programs are available for Bachelor's degrees only.

In case with a double degree, you study in two different schools and obtain two degrees, often in different areas. For example: Master's in MBA and Information Systems. A dual degree significantly expands your career prospects and offers opportunities for a more senior-level position. On the flip side, it takes more years to complete than just one degree.

Now, let's explain how to list both degree types clearly for employers. 

How to list a double major on your resume? 

Create a special Education section to list all your degrees, academic achievements, coursework, and other details. Where to place it depends on the duration of your work experience. If you are a student or graduated under 2 years ago, put the Education section at the top of the resume. As an experienced professional, you put professional experience first and the education goes to the bottom of the page. 

Add your school name, location, and graduation date. If you are still a student, list the month and year of expected graduation. 

Example of listing a double major 

Pennsylvania State University, 2021

Bachelor of Arts

Double Major: Marketing and Supply Chain Management

Tips for listing a double major on a resume 

Write your double major on the same line

If you have a double major, put the primary major first. Your secondary major goes second on the same line. Don't write a double major in two separate lines, as the employer can think that these are two separate degrees (see example below).

Add details about your coursework and achievements

As a recent graduate, you can add more details about your education to stand out from other candidates. For example, you can list a high GPA, relevant coursework, and special awards and accomplishments in your university. These details will showcase that you are highly motivated and driven, and enhance your chances for a dream job. 

Add it to your Career Summary 

Double major make your resume stand out, so why not impress employers right from the onset? Add a dual major to your Summary section along with your primary and secondary major so that the recruiter doesn't overlook it. 

The data shows that 25% of students in the US choose a program that offers two majors. By showcasing your double major, you will stand out from candidates who don't have it. Yet, consider other sections of your resume, too. Add relevant experience, skills, and extracurricular activities. 

How to indicate a dual degree on a resume?

A dual degree program means that you study two fields at the same time. Listing a dual degree is a little different than double majors or triple majors. 

You add the school name, graduation date, and major as shown above. Yet, your degrees go in separate lines. You can also include relevant minors and other education-related details, such as Latin honors and achievements. 

Example of listing a dual degree

University of Southern California, 2019

Master of Arts in Business Administration

Master of Science in International Relations

Major in Political Science | Minor in Organizational Leadership

That's it! By following these simple examples, you'll effectively inform the employers about your rich educational background. 

Now that you've learned how to handle the double major issue, consider these general recommendations for listing education.

Professional tips for writing the Education section

List degrees starting with the most advanced one

If you have a PhD, this degree should be placed at the top in Education section, followed by Master's and Bachelor's. However, there are variations for this universal rule.

As a student, list your degrees in reverse chronological order. In other words, you put the degree you are currently pursuing first. The same rule works if you graduated less than one year ago. Your ongoing degree program (or recently completed one) tops the list. 

Skip the high school if you attended college 

A high school diploma is good to mention only if you chose not to continue education. If you have earned at least the Associate's degree, school details can be removed.

By the way, your level of education impacts your overall chances of getting employed. For people with a high school diploma, unemployment rate is 6.2%, while for Master's degree holders it's only 2.6%.

Add GPA, if high 

The GPA in your resume shows your academic performance and therefore can be presented as an achievement. Resume experts recommend that you always indicate the GPA if it's 3.5 or higher.

Mention the relevant coursework

If you haven't much work experience, you may demonstrate your knowledge by including the coursework and projects you've done in class. Experts recommend that you specify up to 8 courses, so choose the most relevant for your target job. Say, if you major in Marketing, example coursework can be Public Relations, Product Management, Sales Management, Macroeconomics and Finance.

Courses you've listed can also work as keywords. For this, read the job posting carefully and write the courses using the same words as in the job ad. 

Specify awards and accomplishments

Any awards, scholarships, winning student contests or similar details belong to this section. Employers pay attention to achievements in all areas, as they are focused on hiring standout candidates.

Examples of accomplishments are Dean's List, Latin awards, national awards such as National Merit Scholar, winning a scholarship, and athletic awards. Be sure to list the name of the institution that granted you an award, and year. If you have plenty of accomplishments, consider creating a separate section for them.

Consider including a thesis

If your thesis subject is relevant to the target position, or it requires extensive research skills, add the thesis title to education section as well. No need to list the details, the topic will suffice. Listing a thesis is an excellent way to show expertise and deep knowledge in one narrow area.

List additional training

In addition to your degree and a double major, list any relevant training. Here's what else you can add to enhance your Education section: 

  • online courses
  • certifications
  • foreign language certificates 
  • workshops 
  • seminars, and more. 

If you have a lot of relevant training and certifications, consider a special Additional training section. Thus, the hiring manager will better navigate through your resume content. 

With these tips in mind, you'll list a double major in a way that helps you stand out for the employers. Proofread this section twice to make sure that any information you include is up-to-date, spelled correctly, and accurate. 

Make sure to avoid any spelling mistakes to make a professional impression. Format the Education section using the same font as the rest of the resume so that the information looks consistent.

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Adding your double major is only the first step in improving your resume and making it interview-winning. You need to polish the rest of the resume content, include all the necessary details the employer expects to see, and format the document professionally. 

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