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Every ambitious individual is interested in reaching top of their career as well as getting significant income raise. Not everyone knows how to reach it fast, though. If you are unhappy about the slow career progression, or you are paid minimal wages but you are willing to change everything – get ready to learning some methods and techniques high-paid professionals use.

Some people believe that if they have fixed wages, it’s nearly impossible to earn more. Nevertheless, to get paid what you are worth, you’ll need to negotiate and learn to promote yourself. Here are the proven recommendations that will help you make more or take a serious career move:

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‘What does a resume has to do with my salary?’ you may ask. Although the connection isn’t obvious, experience teaches that candidates with solid, professionally crafted resumes that highlight their achievements and career progression can negotiate higher wages. Even if your experience is impressive, the resume which is poorly written spoils the first impression. Moreover, if it contains one of the resume mistakes, recruiter may even doubt your professionalism.

  • Find a rapidly growing industry

In a developing perspective company it’ll take you faster to make a career progression and get paid more. Industries that grow slowly or don’t grow at all cannot offer you significant pay raise and it may take you several years to get a promotion. So, choose the most fast-growing and profitable companies and try getting hired to one of those.

  • Choose the right boss

It’s the boss who determines how comfortable working environment will be for you and the overall job satisfaction. Speaking about pay rise and promotions, these decisions are made by the boss as well. So, before saying ‘yes’ to the hiring manager, try to find out as much information as possible about the person who is going to supervise you. Talk to him/her in person to see if you feel comfortable around this person and if he is open for communication.

It will be even better if you talk to someone who works with him. Is the boss interested in developing his team? Does he encourage trainings, give challenging tasks and promote people often? If he gives bonuses and promotions to people who deserve it, don’t hesitate to work under his supervision.

  • Be ready to work harder

If you’re new to the company, you’ll need to prove what you’re worth. Don’t refuse to work late to finish an important project or to take on more tasks than you ordinary do. By doing that, you demonstrate your engagement to company’s success and your willingness to work more and take extra responsibility. A wise boss will definitely notice (and reward) your efforts.

  • Develop a positive attitude

Although professionalism and your hard skills matter, your increase in salary and how fast you are promoted depend a lot on your personal traits and attitude. If you are a positive person people like to work with, you are likely to get noticed and promoted faster. So, don’t neglect the importance of positive attitude and the art of building relationships with management and co-workers as the effective networking will help you build a career faster.

  • Frame your worth

‘Why would I have to pay you more?’ your boss will ask. Getting your contribution documented and framed is the answer. Think about your biggest achievements at work, i.e. how many clients you acquired, how you increased the sales, how successfully you marketed a new product on social media, etc. If you work more hours than your coworkers or have bigger amount of work, specify that as well. Present the information to your employer in a form of proven, measureable achievements that added value for the company and your chances for promotion or bonus will increase.

  • Don’t be shy to negotiate

Some people don’t dare to request a pay raise they deserve because of the shyness. However, nobody will pay you more until you ask for it and prove that you are worth it. Ability to negotiate and defend your interests during the negotiation is an essential part of your professional life, so get over the shyness! If for some reason the manager doesn’t agree to pay you more, don’t be upset – just ask him if there are any other ways to earn more or get a promotion. recommends imagining that you are a business owner who provides services to the organization you work for and wants to make a presentation of your skills, abilities and achievements. This will help you focus on your strengths and showcase them to your boss more efficiently.

  • Get ready to take on extra responsibility

If you want your efforts to be recognized which would result in a pay rise, the first thing you’ll need to start with is to ask for extra responsibility. Don’t just perform the tasks assigned by manager – demonstrate your willingness to work on extra project and volunteer on every opportunity.
If the boss doesn’t give you extra responsibilities, go and ask for them – and fulfill them efficiently. This will help you to create a reputation of a reliable employee who can handle non-standard situations. And this, in its turn, is a surefire way for promotion.

  • Be open for change

It can happen that despite all your efforts and hard work the boss still doesn’t give you opportunities to grow and earn more. In this case, get ready to change job if the right opportunity comes by. Remember that your #1 strategic goal is to grow professionally and increase your income, so if another company offers the opportunities for that, it’s time to resign.


As you see from the above, getting paid more even in a conservative industry is possible – although you’ll have to do more work. By using these tips, you will establish good relationship with your boss and manage to earn what your skills are really worth.

Your current job doesn’t give you room for growth? It’s time to look for a new job and you can start right now by ordering professional resume writing service. Having your resume done by professionals will speed up your job search process and help you sell yourself better.

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