Top 9 Fastest Growing Careers for 2020-2021


With the current uncertainty on the labor market, you want to make an informed choice of careers. To be an in-demand profession under any economic conditions, turn to the occupations which are expected to boom in the 2020s.

Today, the experts of our IT resume services have prepared a list of the fastest growing careers for 2020 and beyond. Whether you are a student considering which major to pursue or a professional who wants to turn to a higher-paying career, use this list to get informed. 

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Top growing jobs for 2020 and beyond

Artificial Intelligence Specialist

It’s not surprising that the fastest growing jobs are concentrated in a technology industry. AI specialists program computer systems to recognize voices, interpret information, and solve a variety of problems. One should have a strong background in programming or systems analysis to break into this career. Yet, your efforts will be rewarded. AI professionals enjoy the high salary, and the job prospects are great – this career shows 74% growth annually.

Data Scientist

If you don’t want to choose between the high salary or job satisfaction, a career in data science is right for you. These professionals analyze large amounts of data to derive insights. To achieve this, they use models and algorithms to process data and identify patterns and trends, helping solve complex problems. Data scientists are most in demand in tech industry, yet finance, business, and media industries need these professionals as well. An average pay exceeds $100K per year.

Full Stack Engineer

Full stack engineers are extremely qualified programmers who are well-versed in both frond-end and back-end coding. This requires rich knowledge of programming languages and frameworks and often a degree in Computer Science. They usually develop web applications and develop servers and databases at the same time. Full-stack engineers can work for technology companies or as freelancers. The growing demand for tech professionals in general ensures the growth for this specialization, too – the demand grows by 35% annually.

Customer Success Specialist

Customer success specialists and sales representatives work mostly for technology companies, providing hands-on technical support to clients. Their duties include helping customers to use, install and troubleshoot the services or software efficiently. This job requires a blend of soft and hard skills, such as excellent knowledge of software, strong interpersonal skills and ability to solve client problems. A customer success role is great for everyone who wants to break into tech but don’t feel programming is the right fit.

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Physician Assistant

Physician assistants work with healthcare professionals, helping them to collect medical records of patients, educating patients on treatment and procedures, and performing assessments. They work in different healthcare facilities, such as hospitals, private clinics, educational services and sports facilities. Specializations of assistants include family care, podiatry, geriatric care, and more. This job requires a Master’s degree and a state license, as well as a good physician resume.

Nurse Practitioner

Nurse practitioner is another well-paying and rapidly growing healthcare profession. The need for them is expected to grow by 28% by 2028. This job includes accessing patient needs, analyzing test results, creating treatment plans, administering medications and coordinating patient care. To become a nurse, one needs to get a Master’s degree and pass a national exam before they can provide primary or specialty care. Yet, this career is rewarding and well-paying – an average median salary exceeds $100K per year.


This is another data-driven job that shows significant growth in 2020s. Statisticians use mathematical and statistical methods to analyze data and predict trends and anticipate problems. In their daily work, statisticians rely on experiments, polls, statistical techniques and put creative thinking into use. They work for a variety of organizations, including government, universities, finance companies, and consulting firms. This career path is excellent for someone who is good with picture and has good analytical skills.

Information Security Analyst

Professionals in information security ensure the safety and security of the company’s computer network. This role requires deep knowledge of information systems and software as well as the most recent information about cyber threats and data security measures. To succeed in this career, you’ll also need problem solving and critical thinking skills. Entering this line of career isn’t difficult – it only takes a relevant Bachelor’s degree to get started.

Wind Turbine Service Technician

The demand for this job is caused by the rise of renewable energy. Wind turbine technicians handle the installation, maintenance and repair of turbines. To start this career, you need to get a diploma from technical school and take on-the-job training. The demand for these professionals is expected to grow by 56%, and the most of job openings are concentrated in California and Texas.

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