11 Best Jobs Without Resume (And Where to Find Them)


Top jobs that don’t require a resume

Resume writing stresses out many job seekers so much that they’d like to avoid this process whatsoever. Inconsistent employment or no experience at all make things even more difficult. But you absolutely need a resume to apply for any job out there, right?

Not exactly. Everything depends on the industry and career level. For example, you’ll struggle to find a corporate IT or finance position without a well-crafted resume. Yet, there is a variety of jobs that don’t need a resume (and sometimes don’t even require experience). Companies that hire without a resume simply use different ways of communication during the hiring process.

We’ve prepared a list of jobs you don’t need a resume for, and some of them pay decent salaries. Below, you’ll also find the tips on where to look for these jobs.

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Top Jobs You Can Get Without a Resume

Most of the jobs that don’t require a resume are the entry-level ones and don’t need any prior experience. Thus, they are perfect for college graduates and anyone considering a substantial career change. Consider your talents and interests, and pay attention to these career opportunities:

1. Customer service representative

Careers in customer service are a go-to option for anyone who enjoys working with people. This career path is easy to enter even without prior experience. Most of them don’t require a resume either. Customer service reps help the clients understand the product or service, process orders and handle complaints. Since the role implies heavy customer interaction, the ability to work in a team, communication skills and persuasion skills are necessary. If you hesitate because of a lack of experience, don’t worry. Companies typically will provide you with an ideal employee handbook and any other training materials that you’ll need to excel in a position.

2. Nanny

If taking care of children is your passion, consider working as a nanny or a babysitter. Entry-level positions don’t require any experience, and you can work for someone in your neighborhood. As a rule, nannies do the cleaning tasks, prepare meals for children, read and play with them. Among the personal traits you’ll need for this job are flexibility, good judgement, creativity and patience. A driver’s license is also a must. On average, nannies get paid $19 per hour.
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3. Medical assistant

If you want to work in a medical facility, consider the career of a medical assistant. Basically, their responsibilities are similar to the administrative assistant’s ones. Medical assistants work with patients, obtain patient records, handle administrative tasks and sometimes even assist the practitioners. Some jobs require a RMA or similar certification, yet there are plenty of openings that don’t require a resume and relevant experience. What’s more important, after some time on this position you can choose a medical specialty and further develop your career in healthcare. At the beginning of their career, medical assistants are paid $33K per year.

4. Administrative assistant

Administrative assistants are sought after by companies of all sizes, across all industries. They handle the incoming correspondence, emails, phone calls and do the scheduling. Some roles are more specialized and may require you to make travel arrangements, be present on the meetings prepare reports and manage databases. As a rule, this job requires strong organization, time management, communication skills and a positive attitude. Another great thing is that it gives you an exposure to how different aspects of the business work so that you can make an informed career decision in the future.
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5. Real estate agent

The career of a real estate agent requires excellent communication, persuasion abilities and a bit of entrepreneurial spirit. Yet, it will pay you much higher than other jobs listed here - $48K per year or higher, depending on your commission. Your responsibilities will include generating leads, counseling clients, showing the property and presenting purchase offers to sellers. You’ll have to negotiate a lot, so strong verbal communication skill is a must, and so is familiarity with contracts and legal documents. You can get started without any experience as long as you enjoy being active and staying on top of multiple projects.

6. Security guard

Security guards work in public buildings, stores or office buildings or patrol the streets. They protect the employer’s property, control access for employees and visitors, and perform security checks. This job doesn’t have many requirements – your willingness to work and physical training are more than enough. Some employers require that you take a drug test.
The security guard’s position won’t pay you much, but it’s a good option if you need to get hired ASAP and meet the above listed criteria. The demand for security professionals is growing, so you’ll definitely find the matching opportunities in your area without a resume. 

7. Delivery driver

The demand for delivery drivers was always high, but with coronavirus pandemic and social distancing it just skyrocketed. They transport the purchases to customers, making sure the goods arrive on time and in good condition. The items you’ll be delivered depend on your employer and may include food, clothes, books, gadgets, household goods, and more. In most cases, you don’t need a resume or prior experience to get started. The main requirement is a driver’s license, although being punctual and having customer service skills will be appreciated. Delivery drivers work for large retailers, delivery companies, restaurants, etc.

8. HR assistant

Do you want to build a career in human resources and manage the staffing and picking top talent for the company? In this case, starting with an HR assistant position is exactly what you need. HR assistants help managers with interviewing, hiring and record maintenance. Educational requirements for this role aren’t high – a high school diploma or some college will often suffice. Yet, it’s often required that you have customer service or clerical experience and strong self-organization skills. HR profession gives tremendous growth opportunities, especially in an IT field. And, having started with an assistant role, you can work your way up quite soon.

9. Technical support rep

If you have strong active listening and troubleshooting skills and are comfortable working with people, then work in a technical support might be a great fit for you. Technical support reps assist the customers with software, hardware and other equipment, including installation and troubleshooting. Job postings typically require relevant experience or willingness to learn through on-the-job training and expand your technical knowledge. Also, communication abilities and staying calm even in stressful situations are a must. This role gives opportunities for professional growth, so with enough persistence you can build a career. An average salary on this position is $32K per year.

10. Bartender/Barista

Serving drinks in a night club or making coffee in a local café gives you flexibility and ability to socialize with lots of people on the job. To get started, you don’t need any degree, although you may be asked to take a short-term training or go to bartender school. Yet, it’s possible to gain the basic skills through YouTube videos or during on-the-job training. An average salary of bartender starts from $32K, but the final income depends on your tips as well. To excel in this sort of job, you’ll need to be attentive to detail, reliable, and friendly to all customers. More importantly, both jobs often assume a flexible or part-time schedule.

11. Freelance proofreader

Are you a book worm or a linguistics student who aren’t excited about customer service jobs? Then, the career of a proofreader might be your ideal option. The proofreader’s job is to spot errors, typos, minor grammar and punctuation issues. They spot errors that the writer or the editor have missed. Excellent command of English is a must, but you don’t need any other skills apart from that, since it’s not editing. Since this is a remote job, you’ll need strong time-management and self-motivation skills in addition to attention to detail. On average, proofreader’s salary starts from $25 per hour, so this job has a good earning potential.
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How to look for jobs without a resume?

If no resume is involved in the job-hunting and hiring process, how do you apply for job? Use the strategies below:

✓ Use online forms to apply

Many companies have a ‘Careers’ section where you can apply by filling out the form. Although this form will require you to specify the information about your education and work experience, this is not a resume so you can be more casual when describing them. The format of these applications is less strict, and sending them to the company can still secure you an interview.

✓ Reach out to the company

Whether you are a graduate or a professional, you probably know a few companies in your field that you would like to work for. Don’t go the resume way as the majority of job-seekers does. Instead, reach out directly to the company’s HR or a department head and offer your services. Invite them out for a lunch to discuss how your skills can be helpful. Although you might encounter a few rejections, some of these conversations may lead to a job or a good reference.

✓ Network

Let literally everyone know that you’re job-hunting. Your friends, former colleagues, alumni, even your neighbors – everyone should be aware that you’re open for opportunities. The word of mouth can be extremely effective in this case. Don’t limit your networking efforts to face-to-face interactions – spread the word about your job search online as well. Message the people you haven’t seen for a while – maybe, they’ve got something to offer you.

✓ Update your online profiles

The importance of internet for career building is undeniable. Recruiters see LinkedIn as the #1 source of quality hires, and the increasing number of them uses Facebook and other social media to fill the open positions. Use this trend to your advantage. Update your LinkedIn page, upload samples of your work and complete it to appear higher in search results. Let your connections and subscribers know that you’re job-hunting. Use the hashtags to browse posted jobs.

✓ Consider family businesses

Small companies and family-owned businesses are more willing to meet you in person and discuss how you can be of service than larger companies. Even if your family doesn’t owe a business, some of your neighbors or acquaintances probably do. So, don’t overlook small businesses in your area – reach out to their owners and have an interview. Working in a small business will teach you a blend of unique skills you’ll be able to apply elsewhere.

Get a resume to expand your possible career options

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