10 Ways To Find Lost Desire And Inspiration


Find lost desire and inspiration

There were the days when you were excited about trying new things and couldn’t wait to get down to work. However, for whatever reason, now you feel stuck and uninspired. You lack creativity and motivation to fulfill your day-to-day tasks, let alone learning something new and growing professionally.

Sounds familiar? Everyone experiences the periods when the motivation is down and work brings no joy. However, they are easy to overcome – you just need to know the mental ways to inspire and motivate yourself. Whether you are a writer, a financial manager or sales associate – the methods are pretty much the same. Below, you’ll find the list of things to keep yourself inspired, prepared by our professional resume writer.

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How to find lost inspiration

  1. Write a list of what you love
    If you experience loss of motivation, you are probably focused on the negative side of things. You probably are worried about things not going smooth at work. To break this circle, sit down at your laptop and make a list of things you love. This may include people, things and concepts you are attracted to. Don’t limit yourself and your fantasy; write everything that comes to your mind.
    This seemingly simple step will help you focus on positive side of things and perhaps get re-inspired.
  2. Act oppositely to what you are used to
    When you’re not in high spirits, you probably don’t feel like going out and doing anything, aren’t you? But it’s exactly what you should do to find the new sources of inspiration. Desire to do something comes from experiencing and trying new things, so think of simple actions you could do today to shake yourself up.
    It’s a good idea also to break your everyday working routine. If you’ve been working in the same role for months (or even years), you have probably developed a course of actions you repeat from day to day. Change your routine (i.e. the way to organize appliances on your desk, the order of tasks during the day, etc.) to liven up your working day.
  3. Talk about your goals and dreams
    To stay inspired and driven, you need to know exactly what you are going to achieve one day. To verbalize and stay focused on your goal, try talking about it with your friend. Tell them about your biggest goal, adding as much detail as possible. Don’t limit your fantasy. If you cannot meet with a close friend right now, you can write it down in a journal or send an e-mail. Not only it will help you get positive emotions, but also will reconnect you with your biggest dream and probably give you new ideas on achieving it.
  4. Break down the major goal into bite-sized ones
    The big professional goal you’ve set can be scary because of its scope. When you are in front of a large project, it’s hard to imagine how you are going to achieve it.  And this uncertainty can cause stress and reduce motivation. So, don’t focus on the big goal – break it down into pieces that are easy to achieve and take one thing at a time. Such a step-by-step approach is helpful because you see the small results of your efforts at once and it keeps you on the track.
  5. Learn new things every day
    However obvious it may sound, new ideas and new sources of inspiration come from learning new things. There are plenty of ways to expand your horizons: read new fiction books, subscribe to YouTube channels in a field that’s completely new to you, and talk to people beyond your traditional social circle. Learning new things from everywhere will keep you inspired and have a positive impact on the quality of your work.
    By the way, if you’ve never written a resume on your own, you can learn how to do it effectively: https://resumeperk.com/blog/11-tips-how-to-get-eye-catching-resume.
  6. Use the environment to your advantage
    It’s a proven fact that the environment can predetermine our mood and attitude to work. So, why not use it to your advantage? All you need to do is take a look at your workplace and determine whether it inspires you and motivate to start working. Maybe, you’ll need to change its design or decorate to make it more comfortable for you to work.
    It’s also important to stick to your productivity routine. If you are more comfortable working in certain hours of the day, or feel the burst of energy after a cup of green tea, be sure to do so. As long as you identify what exactly keeps you excited and what makes your workplace pleasant, your attitude to work will inevitably improve.
  7. Ask for feedback
    Sometimes it’s lack of objective feedback that causes our lack of motivation. We are unsure of the quality of work we produce and whether it is important. So, if you find yourself uninterested in what you are doing, ask your manager or mentor for a feedback of your work. If it’s positive, it will definitely motivate you to keep on going. If there are points needing improvement – well, you will know what to work at to grow professionally. In any of the above cases, you’ll get unstuck and motivated for action.
    If you are not sure that your current job fits you well, check the tips on how to find your calling: https://resumeperk.com/blog/discover-your-true-calling-tips-from-resume-services-online.
  8. Learn from the best
    There are probably at least one person in your industry (or simply famous person) that you admire and look up to. He/she can serve as a perfect role example when you get uninspired. Subscribe for their social media channel or blog, read their books or biographies. Learn the ways they reached success and get inspired from their example.
  9. Ask for extra responsibility
    One of the reasons why your work isn’t inspiring you any longer might be that you feel stuck in your role. If your responsibilities haven’t changed for months and you do the same things over and over again, it’s no surprise that you’ve lost motivation to move on. In this case, nothing works better than asking for extra responsibilities. You can directly contact your supervisor or investigate the needs of the company on your own and then offer your help. Resolving new problems that are obviously outside of your comfort zone will boost your confidence and bring that inspiration back.
  10. Spend time in a good company
    Keeping in touch with people we love and admire can be a perfect motivator. Staying in when you feel down isn’t the best choice. Instead of overthinking about your situation, go out and spend time with friends, family members or someone interesting you’ve met recently. A good laugh and having fun can cure your bad mood and lack of motivation.   


An inspiration at work isn’t something that lasts long. However, if you try following the above advice every day, your daily work routine will become more challenging and bring you joy. Take a step out of your comfort zone and not only your work, but the other aspects of life will inspire you as well.

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