How To Choose A Resume & CV Preparation Service?


In a highly competitive job market, having a well-written resume is essential. Companies get hundreds of resumes in response to jobs, and 40% of hiring managers spend less than a minute reviewing each one. This is why job-seekers who wish to find an employment faster turn to resume writing services. Professional resume writing services can help in many other ways. They can polish an inconsistent work history if you changed jobs or industries frequently. Or, they can adapt your old resume for a dramatic career change or a promotion.

To benefit from cooperation with a resume writer, however, you need to choose wisely. The internet is full of substandard resume writing services that won't deliver the quality you expect. To help you select truly helpful professional resume writer, we have prepared a short guide below.

If you are seeking truly reliable and experienced resume writers, place an order on our website with confidence. has been providing every client with a professionally written resume for 10+ years. Each writer on our team has a college degree and 2+ years of experience with resumes in a certain industry, including finance, FCMG, marketing, IT, manufacturing, and hospitality. Moreover we offer a money back guarantee and free rewriting in case you're not satisfied with a document delivered to you.

In 2021, 52% of recruiters surveyed named improving quality of hire as their top priority. This means that recrutiers are more selective when shortlisting candidates than ever. And this is another reason for you to invest in a quality resume and cover letter. For surefire signs of a reliable resume service, see below.

What can you expect from a resume writing service?

Most service providers offer three types of service: resume writing (a preparation of new resume), makeover (correcting issues in your current resume), and review (providing feedback on your resume). Some resume services also provide interview coaching and career strategy advising.

From a good service, you can expect a well-written resume that will increase feedback and interview calls. However, no resume company can guarantee you an interview or a job! Similarly, resume writers cannot help you get an interview if you're underqualified.

9 tips select best resume writing services

A qualified writer may help you appear as the right candidate for a specific job listing or to market your strengths to multiple employers. To ensure a good result, make sure to select a resume company carefully, paying attention to these points:

Look for specialized resume services

Many clerical websites, essay writing companies, and freelancers offer resume help these days. Yet, if you want a truly effective document, seek for specialized professional resume writers. That is, the company you consider should provide only resumes and additional documents. Drafting a strong resume takes marketing and keywording skills as well as the ability to speak the language of recruiters. Resume pros usually have these skills in place.

Ask about writers' qualifications

Avoid working with a beginning freelance writer. Ideally, your writer should have 2+ experience with resumes or one of resume writing certifications (CPRW, NPRW or other). At, we work with writers who have college degrees, HR or resume composition experience. In this way, we match each client with a writer who has a background in their industry and know how the hiring processes work.

Pay attention to website design

As a rule, resume writing companies based in United States have professional-looking, modern websites. A company should clearly advertise their prices, resume packages, and terms of delivery. If the company has money to invest in professional web design, it means that their services are in high demand. Also, most trustworthy website offer career advice and tips in their corporate blog to help career evolution of their clients.

Ask for samples of work

To choose the best resume writing services, take a look at the samples of previous work. Review a couple resumes to understand the writing style, layout, and whether the resume gives you a sense of achievement of the candidate. If they company doesn't provide samples, ask for a free resume review so that you could evaluate the writer's approach and strategy before placing the order.

How is resume writing process organized?

Choose a professional resume writing service approaches customer service differently. Some companies will schedule a long phone consultation or even ask you to show up in their office. Others work online, and all communication goes through email. At, we stick to the latter approach. You send us your old resume and work history and then communicate with the writer through email at any time convenient to you. We deliver the first draft in DOCX via email as well.

Request a free consultation or resume review

If you hesitate what resume type you need or have other concerns, ask for a free consultation. Talk to a company representative and ask any questions you have about resume writing and job searching in general. Ideally, a resume company should be available on the phone or live chat. If the company offers no means to contact them immediately and doesn't provide an initial resume review, this should be a warning sign.

Check online reviews and testimonials

Another proven way to evaluate a resume company is to take a look at what other customers have to say. You may check online reviews on indepentent websites such as TrustPilot, company's LinkedIn page, or testimonials on their website. Ask your friends or colleagues for a referral. If a company has lots of positive comments, chances are it has helped many job-seekers win more job interviews and meet their career goals.

Do they provide guarantees?

Every trustworthy organization offers guarantees to their customers. For example, our website offers a satisfaction guarantee. If you're not happy with a new resume, our writers will edit it free of charge. You can request as many revisions as needed within a 2-week period. We also offer a money-back guarantee and issue refunds in case of non-delivery. These guarantees give you confidence as you cooperate with the writer and make your job search less stressful.

Beware of the red flags

Check the company website for things which can be interpreted as a 'red flag'. For example, if a company is secretive about their location, has an outdated website with no phone number or chat, this should warn you. Another thing to avoid with resume companies is unrealistic promises, such as an interview guarantee or even a job guarantee. It's better not to risk with such companies and turn to reliable and checked service providers.

We offer affordable resume writing service to every job seeker

On the internet, you may find dozens of companies who offer to compose your resume for $300, $500 or even $800. If such price tags include interview consultations and a work of career coaches, this price may be justifiable. Yet, you can find a resume cover letter assistance at a price that won't hurt your wallet.

At, we have the needed resources to help professionals with job applications. We have a team of 100+ English-speaking writers and editors with university degrees. We stay abreast of the modern resume writing practices. And, since we work exclusively online, we offer competitive pricing: resume help starts at $45 only! Moreover, you can get 20% off extra as a new customer.

What skills are in most demand by recruiters?

To stay competitive in the job market, professionals and executive will need skills as follows:

• Communication and emotional intelligence. Today, it is highly important to develop the ability to understand the mood and emotions of a colleague or subordinate remotely via Skype, email, or phone. It is also helpful to be able to identify emotional tension or apathy, signs of burnout or a potentially conflict situation and discuss difficulties with an employee. Every professional needs to be able to set up online communication.

• Critical thinking. The ability to think critically helps a person analyze the information received, formulate an attitude towards it and make a decision in accordance with the situation. This skill helps to correctly interpret someone else's point of view and to argue one's position reasonably. Thanks to it, a person becomes more open to new ideas which fosters creativity.

• Growth mindset. Hiring managers look for people who can hone their skills in response to varying market conditions. The pandemic has shown us that changes that are independent of us always happen, and we need to respond to them promptly and appropriately. Adaptive personalities who can overcome the fear of the unknown and go out of the comfort zone will always be valued.

Our resume writer can highlight these and other in-demand skills of 2021, helping you look like a perfect fit for your dream job.

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