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The way we work has changed dramatically thanks to the technology – and will continue to do so. Internet, professional software, social media and globalization influence all aspects of professional life; for instance, corporate spying on employees now comes as no surprise. These changes apply job hunting and application process as well. Therefore, you need to keep your hand on the pulse of hiring trends if you want to succeed.

However, you are not alone. If you think “I need help with my CV” our company can assist with writing a resume which meets most recent HR requirements.

Help making a CV: how it works

Due to the global competition, the sole fact of sending in your resume is not enough. You need a perfectly written resume that will help you stand out from dozens or even hundreds of other applicants. Since the rules of the game in hiring and resume writing change frequently, it’s hard to keep up with them if it’s not the part of your daily job. Therefore, your resume might look outdated (for the rules of writing a modern resume, see here: If you find the resume writing process overwhelming or struggle getting interviews with your old resume, contact our resume writer service.

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Within a short time frame, we will access your career goals and create a brand new resume and supplementing documents for you, so you could focus on job hunting entirely. Our writers have a degree in journalism or English, possess years of experience in resume writing and are willing to utilize their expertise to help you find a new job faster.

Help me write my CV: 7 trends of the future of work

When creating a resume, looking for new full-time jobs or accessing a new career risk in general, it’s important to be aware of how the world of work will look in 5, 10 or even 20 years from now. We are experiencing a major change in all aspects of work and employment. Here are the key trends which influence this change and need to be considered as you make career decisions:

  1. We change jobs more and more often
    According to the study, Millennials change jobs every two years or less. Today, employers don’t hire staff to work for them for 10 years and more, and the project work becomes more popular. Moreover, we are less limited by geography than ever and can look for new jobs countrywide or even globally anytime. Due to these factors, frequent change of jobs becomes normal, and the negative term “job-hopping” is likely to disappear soon.
    Under these circumstances, job stability suffers. You cannot expect to have the same role in 3 or 5 years from now, and if you are used to traditional employment, this can be pretty stressful.
  2. Freelancing and outsourcing are taking over
    Globalization breaks the traditional models of how the national economics work. The availability of the internet leads to growing workforce mobility. It is considered normal to be in touch 24/7 and check your work e-mail from a mobile device in your day off or in holiday. Moreover, many jobs don’t require your physical presence at all, which made freelancing and outsourcing cost-effective and therefore popular solutions for the companies.
    Using one of freelancing platforms, you can work on short-time gigs or long-term projects from anywhere in the world. No office and no annoying boss is already a reality for many, and the tendency is likely to grow over time.
    If you are a freelancer looking for a new gig, check our tips on resume writing for freelancers:
  3. Traditional concept of job goes away
    The concept of work we are used to is likely to significantly transform over years. This transformation will go even faster in IT-related industries. Firstly, the “education-work-retirement” scheme no longer works, as it is replaced by the concept of lifelong learning. To stay competitive, you need to gain new knowledge and skills as you work. Secondly, the boundaries between work and leisure tend to erase – you can work from home and agree on a flexible schedule with your employer. And finally, work is no longer the place where you need to show up and simply do the things assigned by boss. In the modern workplace, productivity is the king. Employers will care less and less about the working hours, paying attention only to the result you have achieved. Some of the American companies have already implemented the ROWE system (resulted-only work environment) and encountered the productivity increase.
  4. Workplace becomes multigenerational
    As the quality of life in developed countries increases, people live longer and therefore the age of retirement increases. Office teams, as a result, become multigenerational: baby boomers, generations X, Y and Z have to coexist at the workplace. All of the generations have different values, different motivations and styles of work. This diverse workforce is more difficult to manage – it becomes a real challenge for managers to put them together. Nevertheless, if interests of each team members are valued, its efficiency increases due to unique blend of experience and fresh ideas.
  5. Structure of organizations change
    All classical organizational structures will have to change to survive in the new conditions. First, more and more work tends to be outsourced, therefore making the entire departments redundant. Second, the new digitally-inspired business models require the traditional structure to be modified for the organizational success.  And third, strict hierarchy is frowned upon by millennials who dominate the workforce. Modern companies prefer creating collaborative, friendly environment to foster creativity, and this influences both the organizational structure and its culture and values. The latter also becomes a decisive factor for hiring – you are expected to highlight the ‘cultural fit’ in your application documents.
    Curious about the etiquette rules of our times? Check the unspoken etiquette rules in the office space.
  6. Remote interviews become commonplace
    As the competition at work increases, hiring managers get more and more resumes. Interviewing everyone who could possibly be a fit for the role would have taken lots of times. Moreover, face-to-face interview is not always possible (for instance, with overseas contractors or applicants from another state). And this is when phone and Skype interviews are typically used.
    Nailing a remote interview has its peculiarities, though. Read our guide to successfully win phone interview.
  7. Workplace goes digital
    Technologies have changed the way we do ordinary things, such as shopping, finding the way around the city, listening to music and keeping in touch with friends. They also influence our traditional working experiences. For instance, vast majority of roles now require proficiency with industry-specific software and digital tools, as the operations go digital. The use of helping tools at work, such as time trackers and productivity apps, changes our experience at the workplace as well. However, more importantly, new digital jobs and roles appear – many people are paid for doing the job which did not exist 15 years ago. Computer and internet proficiency aren’t the special skill any longer – this is a must to succeed in any workplace.
    Experts recommend that you clean up your social media before applying for jobs to make a positive impression on the employer.
  8. Middle-skilled jobs disappear
    The world of work becomes polarized. There’s an ever-increasing demand for high-skilled jobs such as IT experts, management professionals, engineers etc. Low-skilled jobs are also in demand as they need to be carried out by someone in location. Middle-level jobs have the tendency to be outsourced whenever possible which makes the labor market unstable.
    Moreover, a number of jobs are likely to disappear at all thanks to the automation and robotics. Such roles as telemarketers, library technicians and tax preparers are at highest risk of being automated. By the way, this is one of the reasons of growing competition – and to win this competition, you might need help creating a CV.

Get top-notch resume assistance

The modern workplace gets more digital-driven, result-oriented and turbulent. If you’re currently looking for a new employment or freelance gig, you need a resume that keeps up with the demands of the modern workplace.

Whether you want to get a brand new resume written or looking to update and clean up your old one, our resume experts can do this for you in no time. Any industry, any career level – just let us know that you need help doing a CV and we’ll do the rest. Moreover, our prices will pleasantly surprise you!

Have you noticed the change in the way we work and how has it influence you personally?

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