Resume Analyzer: Get Professional Feedback About Your Resume


You've probably heard that hiring managers spend under 10 seconds reviewing each resume. But even before that, all resumes sent to a company go through the applicant tracking system. To be considered for interview, you need to be approved by both resume robot and a human reviewer.

As most job-seekers, you are probably curious about the quality and efficiency of your resume. At, you can take advantage of a resume checker service. One of our writers will evaluate the resume against the special checklist. A resume grader will consider the content, looks and efficiency. You'll receive an email covering strengths of your document as well as shortcomings with actionable tips on how to fix them. Ready to get started? Send the resume to us.

Why is it important to know your resume score?

If you don't work with resumes on a daily basis, it's hardly possible to understand the efficiency of your resume. Recruiters evaluate each incoming resume based on key metrics and parameters. If yours doesn't match their criteria, it is sent to "no" pile.

Moreover, even accomplished, recognized professionals make resume mistakes that completely turn off the hiring managers. If you're not aware of such mistakes and don't fix them, your job search is far less efficient than it could be.

A detailed resume review gives you actionable insights based on which you can completely transform how your resume looks and is perceived by employers. You'll boost your visibility on a job market and become an attractive applicant for most companies. Sounds exciting, doesn't it?

Why choose a human resume review over resume checking software?

The internet has plenty of AI-powered automated resumes checkers that promise to evaluate your resume's style and efficiency. While such websites may point out some basic resume errors, generally, the advice they give is quite superficial and not enough to compose a powerful resume. Here are some reasons why a human resume grader beats smart resume checking software:

• Brief and superficial analysis. A program will point out that you forgot to add an email address. But they won't point out if your email sounds unprofessional or is located in the wrong place of the document.

• It doesn't give a big picture. The software will monitor if you have included all must-have sections. But it won't show if a resume lacks focus, the order of sections is incorrect, or the format is not appropriate for the type of job you're targeting.

• It won't help you fix mistakes. If your resume has typos, too long or too short job descriptions, or those descriptions are slightly off the point, the software will not inform you of that. Therefore, you won't receive actionable advice for making a resume better.

A human resume checker reviews the key elements of the resume and gives you personalized, highly detailed advice to help you land more interviews. Our critique covers resume content, writing style, accomplishments, accuracy of writing, word choice, formatting, and design. Following the step-by-step guide created just for you, you'll improve the resume dramatically and see the result in minutes!

How does a resume checker evaluate your resume?

All resume checkers of are current resume writers. They have college degrees in some field of study and 1+ year of experience as an HR or resume creator. Our professional will evaluate the resume based on criteria that matter most for recruiters, including:

  1. General writing style and tone of voice. We'll keep an eye on whether you sound confident and professional but not overly casual or technical.
  2. Resume summary. Does the summary present an effective snapshot of your skills, credentials and abilities? Is it relevant to your target job description?
  3. Chances to pass applicant tracking systems. Does the resume has enough keywords to pass ATS? Send us a link to your target job to receive this kind of analysis.
  4. Skills and competencies. A resume checker will make sure you've included enough skills and if they are associated with your target position.
  5. Work history. Are all past jobs described in sufficient detail and is each job title accurate? Do you present enough accomplishments and tangible results?
  6. Word choice and action words. Do you use helpful resume language to create the right impression with the recruiters?
  7. Resume layout and design. We'll check if your resume format is appropriate to your career situation, and whether design and formatting make a stellar impression.

We provide a comprehensive resume critique at $25 only. For this one-time fee, you are receiving actionable tips that can drive your career forward.

Is it possible to get a free resume critique?

Yes! Our website offers a free resume review service. You are getting the same review from a pro resume writer, with one exception that it's shorter and you cannot talk to the writer and ask questions. If you're not sure where to get started, use this service type.

How to check my resume?

Place an order on our website and upload your resume.

Choose the deadline that appeals to you.

Receive your personalized resume score and tips for improvement.

Any questions? Ask the reviewer directly.

Ready to get started? Upload your resume

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Our experienced writers can create a powerful resume suitable for each position. However, you may also request a specific resume depending on the job you are applying for, thus it will be tailored individually for your profession:

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