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When we say ‘job’, we normally imagine a busy office downtown, working hustle and 9-to-5 schedule. However, the workplace digitalization makes its corrections into the way we work and a lot of new professions continue to emerge. The number of remote and freelance job opportunities grows, and the fact you don’t have to show up in the office every day is encouraging for many. Digital nomad lifestyle, though, is more than just working remotely – it assumes traveling around the world and chasing new experiences. If it sounds enticing for you, continue reading to find out how to prepare a CV to apply for remote jobs worldwide.

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Switching to digital nomad life: 7 tips

Becoming a digital nomad will take you more than just a few days, the experts of our resume writer services say. To a certain extent, you’ll have to reorganize your entire life as well as the way you think about ordinary things. On your way to freedom, make sure you’ve done the following:

Access if the digital nomad life is right for you

The image of a digital nomad who travels around the world with his laptop and a pair of T-shirts and chases new experiences is often romanticized. But will this kind of life and work actually be comfortable for you?

Before you go any further, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Will you feel comfortable without a steady source of income? Freelancers don’t have a monthly paycheck. You can earn a decent amount in this month and stay jobless for the next week or two.
  2. Are you willing to learn new skills apart from your actual job? For instance, you’ll have to find clients, sell your product/service in a competitive marketplace, manage conflicts and negotiate financial issues – for instance, how to ask for a salary increase. Are you ready to be in charge for every organizational aspect of your work?
  3. Can you perform at a high level without a stable workplace? Will you be able to focus while working from a café, hotel room or the park?
  4. Finally, will you feel comfortable in a new country with different language and traditions? Will the challenges of constant traveling motivate you instead of discouraging you?

If your answer to the above questions is “yes”, then life of a digital nomad can become a thrilling experience for you. Note that the better you prepare, the more comfortable you’ll feel in the trip and the more money you’ll be able to actually make.

Make a career transition, if necessary

Not every profession can secure you a digital nomad lifestyle. If there are no remote or freelance job opportunities in your field, you’ll have to master one or several digital skills which are in demand to get paid.

The best freelance work options are writing, blogging, search engine optimization, social media management, programming, web development, web design and more. Most of these skills don’t require a formal education – there are lots of courses on Coursera, Udemy or Skillshare where you can learn them at your pace. In certain cases, you’ll only need to make a small transition – for instance, if you wrote for a magazine earlier, you can write copies for corporate websites. If your current job has little to do with the above skill set, here are a few remote career options you should consider:

  • Create an e-book or training course. If you specialize in accounting, blogging or playing a musical instrument, you can probably teach others or share your experience. You’ll need some knowledge of marketing to sell them, though.
  • Consider working remotely. Is your current job can be done remotely, be sure to discuss the opportunity to work remotely with your boss. If it works, you’ll enjoy the benefits of nomad lifestyle without sacrificing the stability.
  • Teach English. In many developing countries, native English speakers can make money by giving the classes in groups or individually.
  • Start your blog or vlog. If there’s something you could speak about for hours, consider creating a blog to share your thoughts and monetize your passion in the future. Here’s our blogging advice for beginners you can benefit from:

Find a remote job or long-term project

You don’t want to leave your country while your career situation is unstable. If you’re only starting to freelance, work from home for several months until you start making enough money to provide for yourself and find loyal clients. Great, if you find a long-term project or a remote position to avoid spending weeks on job-hunting and interviewing while moving from country to country. By the way, check out our list of forbidden habits during job interview.

To make a go of your freelance business, start with worldwide known platforms such as and As you broaden your qualifications and build the client base, you’ll be able to charge more and work independently.

Put your finances in order

Unresolved financial issues or poorly organized trip can become a real pain in the neck for a beginning nomad. Before you start planning your travel, make sure you’ve tackled the following points:

  • Rent or sell your apartment. Leaving your home empty for months or years isn’t the wise decision. If you don’t want to come back in town you’re in, it makes sense to sell it. Otherwise, rent it – this will also serve as an additional source of income for you.
  • Get rid of debt. If you have a credit card debt, pay it in full prior to leaving the country. Not only the taxes can increase over time, but also you’ll feel unable to unwind and enjoy the travel with unresolved problem pressing on you.
  • Get a credit card without international fees. You need to think in advance about the payment method you’ll use to receive money from clients and set up the accounts. In either case, you’ll benefit from a credit card such as American Express which doesn’t have excessive international charges.
  • Create a Skype forwarding number. With this number, you’ll be able to speak internationally to everyone.
  • Learn to manage your finances. Since freelancing work is often unstable, mastering finance management will do you a lot of good during your trip:

Choose a minimalistic lifestyle

As you plan to spend months travelling, you’ll need to reconsider the way you approach your possessions. Most digital nomads stick to the concept of minimalism – it’s necessary to sacrifice your possession in favor of new, fresh impressions and experiences. Minimalism is a whole different mindset, as it assumes that you don’t need many possessions to feel happy and enjoy your life.

If you are used to having many clothes and devices at hand, you might find it difficult at first to bring three T-shirts with you instead of ten. However, as soon as you realize that you need to abandon the lion’s share of your possessions to enjoy the trip in full, your perception is likely to change. Be very practical about the things you take with you and don’t grab lots of things simply because you are mentally attached to them or they remind you about something. If you think twice whether you need this particular piece of clothing or item with you, chances are you don’t need them at all.

Join a digital nomad community

You are not alone in your desire to break the routine and travel around the world. Connecting with likeminded individuals will help you overcome the setbacks of living abroad and enrich you with the new impressions.

Before you set off, our resume writers online recommend that you network with some local digital nomads. They’ll share you the peculiarities of living and working in the country you are aiming for and help you assimilate. Moreover, you can make friends with people who share your passion for traveling.

Join the virtual community of digital nomads such as nomad list or groups in Facebook. Since you don’t have coworkers and are likely to miss small talks with colleagues, these groups are the perfect place to share and get advice on professional development, meet new friends or even find a new challenging project.

A few examples of the easy entry-level digital jobs 

If you have enough enthusiasm and hard work, it is possible to find a job in the digital online world even if you lack experience or professional skills. Unlike software developers requiring knowledge of specific programs and languages, there are professions where you can easier begin your career: 

  • a freelance writer (content writer, copywriter, technical writer, the author of guest posts);
  • a content creator for social media (manager of Facebook groups, scriptwriter for Youtube);
  • specialists for search engine optimized content (SEO analysts);
  • graphic designers;
  • content marketing specialists.

It’s amazing that today there are so many opportunities for aspiring writers, artists, creative people, and everyone who moves with the times. 

Breaking the myths about a freelance writing career

The work of freelance writing specialists is often associated with the picture of an ideal life. It seems that these guys trip across the world, make travel writing articles, and earn big money with ease. In fact, there is a huge difference between these writing dreams and reality. 

The biggest risks for freelance writers

✓ Loneliness. Not everyone can constantly travel. Thus, remote work usually implies only online communication with the team. Besides, it is challenging to find good lifelong friends and maintain relations with them. Many freelancers often feel friendless.

✓ Financial risks. Even if you are a good writer, there could be frauds and just dishonest people. Be careful when looking for jobs on freelance platforms and online job boards. 

✓ Issues with mental health. A lack of permanent residence results in a new lifestyle. Apart from a lack of real relations, digital nomads often encounter disbalanced working schedules and tight deadlines. All this can be harmful to psychological health. 

✓ Adaptation to the new place. A foreign language, local culture, laws, climate, and traditions can be weird. It might take you a few months to get used to them. For instance, the rainy season in Southeast Asia seems very humdrum.

What you should know about digital nomading

The decision to become a digital nomad should not happen overnight. If you want this freelance profession to turn into your day job, please, think about the following moments. 

✓ You must work hard. Even if you are a talented writer, do not forget about discipline and schedules.

✓ Invest in yourself. Big contemporary companies usually invest in the professional growth of their team members. They pay for language courses, workshops, conferences, etc. Still, when it deals with online freelancers, it’s not like that. Digital nomads often should care about self-development. If you want to improve your writing skills and develop a good writing style, please, get ready to take courses and buy professional literature. By doing so, you will keep up with the times and stay a demanded specialist.

✓ Make a financial cushion. Digital nomading is not always about steady income, even if you run your own business. Save some money, just in case. 

✓ Sign contracts. If you are a freelancer, it does not mean that you have to work without any official agreements. For instance, you can work as a self-employed entrepreneur

✓ Organize a good working space. As a freelance content writing specialist, you can choose practically any place where to work online. A coffee shop, coworking spaces, a rented apartment, etc. It all depends on the specifics of your job, the required equipment, atmosphere, communication channels, the necessity to set up self-hosting systems, etc. 

Make sure your resume sells your skills well

Comparing to a traditional office employment, the career of a digital nomad is often unstable. You’ll need to find new clients and employers all the time and find the ways to impress them with your skill sets and previous accomplishments. Under these conditions, a quality resume can significantly ease your life.

Forget the frustrations of writing and rewriting your resume. Our resume writer can access your background and create a resume targeted for the type of roles you’re aiming for. All you need to do is to fill out a short questionnaire and respond to the writer’s questions.

We offer ongoing contact with your writer so that they could understand your background and goals better and come up with the product that serves your needs better. Moreover, we are dedicated to customer satisfaction – if you’re not happy with the resume, we will revise it absolutely free of charge. We will also gladly accompany your resume with a matching covering letter and a compelling LinkedIn profile. Our resume fees are affordable for everyone – check our packages and pricing for more information.

Have you ever dreamt of becoming a digital nomad?

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