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Police Officers, law enforcement officers, Security Officers, Police Chiefs, homeland security agents, border patrol agents, federal air marshalls, FBI agents, and other law enforcement professionals are always in demand. Having started your career in the law enforcement industry, you can enjoy a good wage, the potential for advancement, and a vast variety of job options to choose from. Jobs for police officers are expected to grow 7% through 2026. To get the desired police- or security-related position, though, you will need a resume that gives you a competitive advantage.

Do you seek a promotion to Police Chief, your first job as a Loss Prevention Officer, or are looking to make a career transition? In today's article, you'll find actionable tips from resume services for drafting a persuasive resume. Our professional police officer resume writer and law enforcement resume writers will recommend what to include, how to organize the document, as well as mistakes to avoid.

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11 Tips for law enforcement resume writing

Include the must-have police officer resume skills

Most law enforcement positions require good education, relevant training, computer literacy and knowledge of certain software. Moreover, you might need good physical fitness, a clean driving license and the ability to pass drug screening. Make sure these must-haves shine through your resume. Look through the online job posting to identify skills that have to be mentioned. If you don't meet the basic requirements, your application might be rejected.

Use a summary instead of objective

A decade ago, using an objective was a good tone. Now it is considered obsolete, as it gives no useful information to recruiters. Resume writing services recommend that you write a career summary instead. In 3-4 short sentences, summarize what makes you a good candidate and what your biggest achievements are. Mention figures, awards, areas of specialization or other details that could set you apart from other professionals.

Describe education and training

Some jobs list a high school diploma and a police academy as basic educational requirements. Other positions might require a college degree. In either case, listing training is an essential step in resume preparation. List your education starting with the most advanced degree. In the same section, you can add training and courses, for example, a certification in crisis management, criminal investigation or even relevant online courses can increase your chances for an interview.

Submit a resume and cover letter

Sending a resume is essential, but a cover letter shouldn't be overlooked. General statistics say that 45% of hiring managers will reject a resume for not including a cover letter. Do not repeat what's already on a resume. Instead, describe your motivation, soft skills and explain what helped you achieve success in the previous roles. If you're an entry-level candidate or simply not sure what to write about, we recommend that you contact our law enforcement resume writing services for help.

Choose the most appropriate format

At ResumePerk, we recommend that our clients use a combination resume format. This format presents the experience and education chronologically. In addition, it summarizes one's skills and competencies at the top. Combination resume also works for any law enforcement resume examples, so feel free to use it. However, if you are in the middle of career transition and have no experience in police yet, it's better to stick to functional resume format.

2 pages are a limit

There's an unwritten rule for any law enforcement resume: one page for 10 years of experience. If the resume exceeds 2 pages, consider removing jobs you had over 15 years ago or making job descriptions more concise. Employers are not interested in the entire course of your career. Instead, they expect career highlights and experience proving that you're a good candidate for a police department or a private business. So, focus on the most relevant details and feel free to omit the rest.

Tailor the content for the job description

Since many companies use applicant tracking systems, you need to include keywords. The easiest way is to read the job description thoroughly and list the same skills and experience as requested. Resume writers recommend that you mirror the language of the job posting to come across as the most qualified candidate. Resume targeting is time-consuming, but it's the only way to get shortlisted, as generic resumes get rejected most of the cases.

Proofread it several times

If you are seeking security, police department or federal position, make sure the resume is error-free. Hiring managers reject resumes with typos, poor grammar and other issues. Use an online spell checker to catch minor errors, typos, and missed commas. Read the document aloud to spot incomplete sentences or vague writing. For the best result, use law enforcement resume editing service and have a resume pro improve the resume content and readability.

Be selective about work experience

As mentioned above, you needn't list all job duties you had throughout your career. Focus on those your target employer is interested most. If you're a career switcher, you might remove irrelevant jobs and focus on police training and education instead. Say, if you're applying for a job of Police Patrol Officer, an entry-level Security Officer role you had 10 years ago might be skipped. Make sure the job descriptions prove your ability to deliver results and exceed expectations!

Avoid jargon and slang

For the purpose of ATS compliance, it is recommended to skip jargon, slang and abbreviations whatsoever. Even if the slang is common in your field, chances are that the resume will be scanned by hiring managers with little industry experience. So, it's important to make sure the resume is understandable for everyone, including professionals outside your industry. Use simple words, short sentences and aim for better readability.

Are law enforcement resume writing services expensive?

If you consider resume writing services, price is an important concern. Whereas many companies will charge you hundreds of dollars per resume, it's possible to get a high-quality resume written for much cheaper. For example, on our site you can hire a resume writer for $87 only. Moreover, all police and security officers who are new clients receive an additional 20% discount.

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