5 Things To Know Before You Hire Resume Writer


Whether you're straight from college or are an accomplished CFO with decades of experience under your belt, a resume writing service can be beneficial for getting you hired. The final result depends a lot on the writer as well as on having the right expectations. In today's article, we are going to reveal how hiring a resume expert can help, how do distinguish a qualified service and what to beware.

What is the primary reason to cooperate with a professional resume writer?

Resume is a stepping-stone to interviews. Recruiters review it for mere seconds, and 40% of them spend under a minute on each application. Hence, the better it works as a snapshot of your strengths, skills and accomplishments as a candidate, the more interview calls you can receive. Resume writing services ensure that your all-important document presents your best side to employers and emphasizes facts valuable to them.

For that purpose, the writer collects data pertinent to your experience, skillsets, accomplishments, and goals. The writer ensures that the resume contains all necessary information and is geared towards your target jobs. If everything is done right, you reap the fruit in the form of more interviews and more attention from companies. If you do not have experience, however, if you are willing to write your first resume, then check this article.

Basically, what resume writers do is eliminate writing mistakes to create a quality resume and use the best modern practices in resume composition to get you noticed. Don't underestimate the importance of clear, persuasive writing in resumes. Sometimes replacing statements like "Answered phones and emails from clients" with "Handled 60+ customer calls daily, providing friendly and personalized service with 90% satisfaction rate" can give a head start to your job search - and boost paycheck.

On the flip side, resume writing services are not a magic pill that will get you hired by a dream company. If some company gives an interview guarantee or promises a job, you'd better run, as they are probably scam. No resume writer has control over the hiring process, hence, such guarantees are just marketing promises. Hiring a professional resume maker with the right expectations can provide you with tangible results in the speed and efficiency in job search.

What types of resume services exist on the market?

●       Resume writing service implies resume composition from the ground up, or a rewrite of your old one. Writer develops the content and looks of the document based on information you provide and your career goals. You can resend the completed document to hiring managers at once or post it on your LinkedIn profile.

●       Editing means the correction of mistakes, typos, resume structure and design by a professional writer. 59% of recruiters reject resumes with typos or poor grammar. So, this services is ideal if you only want minor corrections. Editing is typically cheaper and faster than writing from scratch.

●       Resume review includes the in-depth analysis of the document. At the end of review process resume writer will send you hands-on suggestions to improve the content, style, and looks. By incorporating these suggestions not only you'll create a stronger resume but also learn to author better resumes for the future. Note that the writer doesn't make changes, they only recommend you what should be done.

Is it legit to pay for a resume writing service?

If working with a resume writing service raises ethical concerns with you, or if you think it’s dishonest, think twice. Resume isn’t meant to serve as a sample of your writing abilities, therefore, you’re not cheating an employer by hiring a consultant. If your strengths and competencies suit job requirements, most recruiters don't care much who actually wrote your application.

The only type of cheating that can come back to haunt you is resume lies. Including non-existent degrees or listing companies you never worked for can jeopardize your job odds if the lies uncover. As long as the resume reflects true information, you have nothing to worry about.

Applicant tracking system: how to beat resume robots?

98% of Fortune 500 companies - and thousands of smaller ones – rely on software to select applicants. Such software sorts out inbound resumes and deletes irrelevant applications. If the resume doesn't mention some skills, degrees, or licenses, it goes to trash and no hiring manager will see it.

As part of resume writing process the writer adds high-value keywords to help your resume get a higher ranking from the ATS. This helps your application get read by a human hiring manager and be shortlisted for an in-person talk. Note that not all resume writing services offer such an option, so it's best to clarify before you order.

Find professional resume writing that won’t hurt your wallet

If you browse some resume companies, you will find out that it costs from $50 to $1,000+ to hire a resume expert. The price depends on the writer's location, experience, and skills. You don't want your all-important career document to be composed by a third-world freelancer. And, on the flip side, not every job-seeker is ready to pay hundreds of dollars to have their work history rewritten and rearranged.

It's best to choose a moderately priced resume package which is between $100 and $300. Professionals within this money range are qualified enough to position you well for the dream job. They can structure your career history appropriately, brag about accomplishments, and polish work experience turning it into a consistent career story.

Will the design be included with a resume writing service?

In addition to improving the content resume writers work on design as the document needs to make a strong holistic impression. Experts design resumes and cover letters professionally, which means that they use color and visuals to emphasize the important details and guide the reader's eye. At the same time, they make sure design is ATS-friendly and the document will open correctly.

If you are looking for a visually appealing resume, then you are welcome to order an infographic resume from our website. In this way, our designer will develop a resume that tells your career story through pictures, graphs, charts and other visuals.

Questions to ask yourself before you hire a resume writing service

The key to successful cooperation with resume writers is having the right expectations. Before you choose a resume, LinkedIn or other package, ask yourself these questions:

●       Are your career goals clearly defined? Do you have a clear understanding of the industry, job type and company type you'd like to work in? Writing a resume 'just in case' isn't the best strategy as the writer has to keep their client goal in mind to craft a truly effective document.

●       Are you happy with the course of your career? Resume professionals can draft a winning resume for you, but they cannot regain you motivation if you are dissatisfied or frustrated with current occupation. In this case, it's best to seek career advice first and get clear on your priorities.

●       Are you qualified enough for that dream position? You may be dreaming of that Senior Digital Marketer position, but if your years of experience and hard skills lag behind, no resume will secure you an interview. Choose your type of interview here.

5 things to do before you hire a resume writing service

Ask for social proof

You want to hear what other people say about the company. Browse clients reviews both on the company website and on independent review websites, such as Trustpilot. Reach out to your friends and colleagues to wonder if they can recommend a good writer. Check out the websites you've heard positive things about and evaluate what they offer.

The company that has lots of positive feedback is more likely to provide you with the satisfactory results than the one you've just found through a search engine. By asking what people around you have to say you'll save a lot of time and nerves on choosing a good service provider.

Check if the process is right for you

Each resume writing service has a specific approach to writing. Some serve clients by phone exclusively, scheduling consultations in advance and collecting information in verbal. Some work through emails and messengers and prepare a new resume based on facts you provide in written. This is faster and more convenient for busy professionals, that's why Resumeperk.com works using this method.

There are other details to keep in mind, for example, does the company provide revisions and whether you have to pay extra for them? Do they send you an editable document? Clarify each stage of the writing process and choose the company that you'll be comfortable working with.

Keep the turnaround time in mind

Urgency is important, especially if you want to apply for a hot job. It's best to work with the writer whose deadlines are clearly advertised. Otherwise, you're at risk of waiting for weeks until the resume is done. Reputable companies often deliver within a few days, and have 24 hours or 48 hours rush delivery. Rush service is typically more expensive, but you'll be able to start applying for desired jobs in a day or two, and eventually find a job faster.

Pay attention to writers' qualifications

The person who drafts your resume should be experienced and qualified, otherwise, a resume and cover letter will not be of much service for your job search. Ask the company about their writers' qualifications. Ideally, you want someone with a college degree, at least one year of resume experience, and specialization in some industry - FCMG, government, finance, IT, retail, etc. You might want to find a CPRW certified writer, but, in fact, many successful resume writer prefer not to obtain a certification.

For example, the founder of our company only hires writers with a BA or MA degree who have passed an English proficiency test and provided sample resumes. in this way, we sort out newbies and low-end writers and handpick established professionals who provide excellent service to our clients.

Communication is a must for a quality outcome

The best resumes are created in cooperation between you and the writer. In fact, the writer drafts the document based on the information you provide. So, more details and more feedback from your side ensures the creation of a document that perfectly matches your needs and improves your user experience.

The takeaway? Ask if the company offers direct cooperation with the writer. Communication might take place through phone, email, or messenger, but you need to be able to discuss the project with them and request amendments if necessary.

Why choose Resumeperk.com to draft your resume?

●       Guarantee of satisfaction. We offer free revisions and are committed to improving your document until you are satisfied with content and looks.

●       Competent writers. All our specialsts have university degrees and background in resume writing or human resources.

●       24/7 support. No matter your location, we are online 24/7, even on national holidays, to consult you for free or resolve technical issues. 

●       Result-oriented writing. Our experts focus on describing your accomplishments, not job duties, to make the right impression with the employer.

●       Premium add-ons. Choose double-check by a PhD editor, unlimited revisions and free update within 1 year at a small extra charge.

●       Money back guarantee. In case of non-delivery or substandard quality of writing you can claim a refund.

●       Confidentiality is guaranteed. Your private data is kept in secret and never published online. All rights reserved and transfered to you in full.

●       98% customer satisfaction. The majority of clients are satisfied with our services and recommend us to friends.

Our experienced writers can create a powerful resume suitable for each position. However, you may also request a specific resume depending on the job you are applying for, thus it will be tailored individually for your profession:

Sales, Accounting, Fashion, Marketing, Nursing, Pharmacist, Physician, Finance, Medical, Product Management, Military, Teacher, Healthcare, Executive, Technical, Engineer, Scientific, Military To Civilian, Pilot, Hospitality, Attorney, Banking, Project Manager, Lawyer, Career Management, Software Engineer, HR, Aviation, Construction, Legal, Science, IT, SES and ECO, Biotech