How to Get Away from Work Routine


Get away from work routine

For many of us, office work is the synonym of routine. Monotonous circle of responsibilities, the same colleagues around and routine course of actions throughout the day are the real challenge for your creativity. The routine is safe and predictable as you are not stressed; you know for sure which steps to take to achieve certain results. Nevertheless, routine is your enemy in the long run. Since you have developed the approach to resolve problems, you are not motivated to come up with the new solution, improve things and grow professionally. And one day you might feel stuck in one spot and totally unhappy with your routine job. There’s a solution to this problem, though. Here you can discover some new ways to inspire yourself for work: Moreover, our best professional resume writers have a numbers of methods to overcome work routine at hand.

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  1. Work from a different place
    To break your everyday routine, try working from any other place than your cozy office or the open space. It’s well-known that our environment shapes the way we think. If you work from the corporate office, try sitting in a lobby, a kitchen, or even an open conference room. If you’re a freelancer, head to a new coffee shop or a library you’ve never been to.
  2. Spend a weekend traveling
    If you complain about routine, probably, your weekends are as boring as your weekdays are. A weekend travel is the excellent way to organize your leisure. Some would say that two days are too little; nevertheless, this is enough to change the routine and get a bunch of new impressions. So, book the flight and a hotel, and the next is up to you – tourism, sports, sightseeing and everything you feel like doing will be a great option.
  3. Use a different route to get to work
    We often commute using the same type of transportation on the same route in months. But why not try a different way to get to work? Open a Google map and pick up the new route, preferably by the streets you’ve never been before. If you are of those lucky ones who walk to work, a new route can give you a sense you’re in a new city.
    The means of transportation can be changed, too. If you go by a car, try public transport. Anyway, building new routes is exciting and pulls you out of the comfort zone. It might happen that one of the new routes will appeal to you even more than the old one you’ve used in months!
  4. Ask the friend recommend their favorite book
    If you enjoy reading, you probably are focused on reading the same book type. One day you have discovered that you enjoy reading detective stories or fantasy novels and you stayed on this kind of reading. In this case, it’s time to change the books you typically go for. Ask your friends or acquaintances to recommend you their favorite book – great if it’s something that changed the way they think. By reading something you wouldn’t typically get your eyes on, you can change your way of thinking and a view on things.
  5. Meet and hang out with new people
    As adults, we typically have the same social circle in years. Although it’s good to have someone who knows you well, it can lead to social stagnation. So, if you feel that the routine is overcoming you, it’s time to go out and meet some new people. By talking to new acquaintances from different background, you improve your social skills and learn new things and ideas. Moreover, some of those new people can become your new best friends.
  6. Change your daily schedule
    If you’re on the go all day, you probably have a daily routine that you stick to. For instance, you meditate in the mornings, go to the gym after work and meet with friends on Fridays. Why not put this routine upside down? Do the things you typically do in the mornings at the end of the day, and change the order of working tasks you typically stick to. You don’t have to totally break the routines as this will negatively impact the productivity, but doing so one day a week can shake your monotonous life.
  7. Overlook your eating habits
    Just like in any other aspect of life, our preferences in food are usually stable – and quite bounded. Nevertheless, this aspect of life can be changed, too. If you preferred Chinese cuisine, try some new Mediterranean dishes. Or, you can try cooking at home instead of ordering pizza all the time – a few simple dishes will be a good start. You can also take on a new, healthier diet with more fruit and vegetables, and this will positively affect your mood and well-being.
  8. Move to a new place
    If you have lived in the same place for years, you might feel very comfortable in your neighborhood. However, sometimes it’s useful to invite a radical change in your life and move out. For example, if you’ve been offered a great job opportunity in the other state, it can be a good motivation for changing home. Moving to a new place – even it’s just a different district of the city – can turn your everyday routine upside down.
  9. Go for an interview
    You needn’t intend to change a job to attend interviews. If the current one satisfies you so far, you still can benefit from passing the interviewing stage. Why? Firstly, it’s a good opportunity to familiarize with what the employers are looking for in candidates now. Secondly, you can hear an unbiased opinion on your skills and their market value. Thirdly, it’s a good step out of the comfort zone to considering working for another company. And finally, maybe you’ll get a great offer that will motivate you leave your current job? In any case, don't neglect the rules of online interview preparation. You will also benefit from the list of smart interview questions you can ask at the end of the interview to get remembered:
  10. Spend the evening in a different way
    How do you typically spend the evening after a busy day? Most likely, you are not getting quality rest and simply spend the time in front of the TV or in social media. So, why not recharge the batteries and stay on something you’ve never done before? If you mostly spend the spare time by yourself or with friends, consider spending more quality time with your family. If family is the part of your daily routine, plan attending a live show, museum or even opera.

When the monotonous work turns our life into a never-ending routine, there are a plenty of ways to change things. Basically, all you need to do is to understand which actions in your life can be changed and have a go. This will definitely have numerous results, such as rediscovering the lost motivation for work and higher level of energy. Nevertheless, you can achieve even more – minor changes of routine often lead to major changes in life, such as change of work, a place to live or even your field. So, if you got bored where you are now – choose which hints appeal to you most and take it from there.

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Have you ever felt stuck because of work routine? What did you do to get away from it?

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