How To Submit Your Resume Online


The bulk of applicants hunt for jobs on the Internet these days. How to make sure your resume and cover letter will be noticed? What should your online application look like? You'll find all your questions answered below.

The internet brings an enormous number of applicants to every job posting. Your resume submission can be easily lost and remain unnoticed by hiring managers. Still, many applicants limit themselves to quickly creating a resume and sending it wherever possible. This isn't the way to success – the resume for online submission should be edited or even written professionally. What is more, you should know the effective ways to apply to avoid your resume being lost or missed out. Job search sites, resume posting sites, resume database, and many other online avenues give you a chance to upload resume using a free account. Reputable sites are accessed by many employers. When you have your resume posted on job sites, be sure your resume file is downloadable and can be opened by the most common software. Now let's take a look at several tops you should keep in mind when you post your resume, how HR managers find qualified candidates, and how the application process works in an online environment.

Step 1. Resume submission: making it flawless

The first step of a job search process is to make sure that your resume presents you as the best possible candidate for a job opening.

Is your resume ATS-friendly?

It's not a secret that the majority of resumes pass through ATS selection before a real person actually sees them.  Embed the keywords from the job posting in your resume (of course, if you have those skills) to write a resume that will pass the ATS selection. Make sure your job positions and headings are capitalized and dates are written using numbers only. Such resumes give the applicants more chances to get noticed. Your resume should align well with the job description! Do not post your resume if it is too general or lacks vital information.

Revise your resume according to professional resume tips

Another check of your resume won't do you any harm. Take a closer look at it to find out if it was written in accordance with resume writing rules and standards. Edit it if necessary – you won't have a second chance to make a first impression. The resume section should be properly organized to keep the attention of the readers!

Step 2. Apply for jobs posted online: job search sites

Found a number of jobs that evoked your interest? Make sure your application looks exactly like your potential employer demands.

Make sure you're sending your resume in the format the employer asks for (.doc, .pdf, .txt)

The job listing usually states how and in which format the employer expects to receive a resume from you. The most popular ones are MS Word, PDF, and plain text. If your resume is in a different format, convert it before sending it in. Make your resume employer-friendly to get noticed.

Choose the right way of communication with hiring managers

Some employers expect to receive a resume on the job site in response to a job posting. Others request to copy and paste your resume and send it to an e-mail address. Always pay attention to how and in which format they want to receive your resume. if you neglect these rules, your resume can end up missed, received by the wrong person who has nothing to do with the company's hiring process, or even trashed. Keep in mind that work related emails and personal emails require a totally different approach! You need to keep email communication as official as possible.

Attach the required additional materials

Some job postings request to follow up your application with a cover letter, or, for some jobs, a portfolio or a video presentation. This rule often assumes that the resumes only will not be considered. If you are struggling to write a compelling cover letter, you can order one here at a very affordable price. Do not use google drive for this purpose! Recruiters will not spend extra time on you and instead will find candidates who provide everything they require at once.

Follow up on your job application

If it's been a few days since you've applied for a job and still no response, it's okay to follow up on your application. The recommended time frame for a follow-up is around 7 days. You can send an e-mail to the HR department or phone them to find out about the status of your application. It can happen that your application got lost or wasn't reviewed for some reason, so you will be reminded about your candidacy and maybe an HR manager will give your application a second read. Be sure your contact info is clearly visible not only on your resume but also in your emails and other forms of correspondence.

Step 3. Smart ways to distribute your resume online

Above we described a scenario when you send a resume in response to a job listing. Nevertheless, this is not the only option of searching for a job. You can distribute your resume online and save yourself weeks of job search.

Start with publishing your resume on career websites and are the most popular resources for job-seekers. Fill out all the necessary information the site asks for and make your resume visible to employers. If they are looking for someone with your skills and experience, they'll get in touch with you. Best sites are not necessarily the most popular!

Submit a resume to the desired company

Don't hesitate to send your resume to a company you've always dreamt of working for. Even if they're not currently hiring, it'll be helpful for you if they have your resume in their database. When it comes to hiring new staff, most of the big prosperous companies search for candidates in their database first, and only then post the job on the job boards. So, there are odds that in need of a new employee, they'll get in touch with you. Direct application allows you to have a connection in a more meaningful way. However, before uploading your resume, be sure to align it to the desired job postings.

Try contacting the hiring manager directly

Most applicants just send their resumes to the e-mail address given. It's correct, but totally not enough to stand out. So, it's a good idea to research the e-mail address of the HR manager of the company and send your application to him/her, too. Thus, you'll get more attention from a person directly responsible for hiring.

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Have you ever posted your resume online on job boards? How did it help you find employment? We'll be glad if you share your opinion below.

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