7 Signs You’re Selling Yourself Short On a Resume


Sell yourself for that dream job in 7 stepsHave you ever heard that a resume is a marketing document? For you as a job-seeker, it means that accurately and honestly listing your work history and skills is not sufficient to spark the recruiter’s interest. Corporate job openings attract around 250 resumes, and only 4 to 6 candidates will be invited for an interview. With such a competition, your resume doesn’t need to be good – it has to be a lot better than those of others. ...Continue reading

How to Start a Career in Tech? 10 Expert Tips


Careers in technology attract more and more professionals because of competitive pay, tremendous growth opportunities and the possibility to work remotely. 86% of companies report having trouble filling tech positions, which means that demand for tech professionals is high. Moreover, since the tech industry is booming, it offers the fastest career path comparing to older, traditional industries.Starting a career in tech after completing a degree in computer science or engineering seems quite ...Continue reading

Writing A Resume and Cover Letter for Remote Work


The number of teleworkers has increased by 140% since 2005, and these figures will continue to grow. Companies use telecommuting as a benefit to retain and attract the highly-qualified top talent. Remote employees are happy in their jobs 29% more than onsite workers, and maintain a healthier balance between work and life.Here are just a few statistics that describe the benefits of remote work and its popularity across many industries. Remote work itself assumes that you have a number of ...Continue reading

Create A Personal Website for Resume: 7 Expert Tips


Your resume and a cover letter aren’t the only mediums for conveying your professional value to prospective employers. The proactive job-seekers set up professional resume websites and use them to attract the recruiters and get found online with ease. An attractive personal website allows you to share more information from your professional history and add social proof, giving the employers a breadth of reason to invite you for an interview.To get noticed in the competitive world of ...Continue reading

Administrative Assistant Resume Example + Writing Tips


The smooth functioning of any office is impossible without a proactive administrative or clerical assistant. These professionals take on file management, internal/external correspondence, scheduling of appointments, and staff support, helping other team members to perform better in their own jobs. Not only do most administrative professionals find their jobs satisfying, but also there is a steady demand for them across all industries. According to, the average ...Continue reading

Passing A Work Personality Test: Top 3 Tests & Pro Tips


How To Pass Personality Test For Employment: Top 3 Tests & Foolproof Tips The growing number of companies evaluate not only the skills of the candidate, but also their personality and aptitude. Employers rely on such tests to reveal the true personality of the applicant and predict their performance in the workplace. Moreover, they want to make sure in advance that the potential hire will fit in well into the team and share the company's values. Today, our ...Continue reading

Good Skills for CV That Will Get You Hired in 2020


So, you have written a detailed employment history, crafted a quite catchy summary and recollected a few accomplishments that sound pretty impressive. Thinking that the hardest part of your resume writing is done? Not exactly: now, you have to list the job-related skills that employers are looking for.Basically, when hiring managers evaluate your experience and achievements, they try to identify the skills and competencies that you’ve put into use to achieve those results. They look ...Continue reading

Functional Resume Sample + Writing Tips


In its core, a functional resume deemphasizes your career progression. It focuses on your skills and core competencies, putting them above the fold. In fact, this is why career changers and candidates with employment gaps can benefit from this resume type – when you don’t have a stellar career record to show off, the skills become your primary asset.Meanwhile, a functional resume is the least used resume type, and it’s not for everyone. Today, our resume experts will throw ...Continue reading

Writing A Career Change Resume: 7 Professional Tips


Write a career change resume for your dream jobCareer change is nothing new for today’s world of work. The statistics suggest that working professionals will have up to 7 careers in their lifetime. Some professionals are unfulfilled with their current careers or have chosen the wrong profession when going to college. Others have faced the industry downturn or found their genuine professional passion elsewhere. Whatever your reason for career transition is, note that it’s an ...Continue reading

“Why Should We Hire You?” Sample Answers & Tips


Some job interview questions are tough.Imagine that you are sitting in front of the interviewer in a cozy office. You’ve already told them what sort of projects you worked on as well as thrown light on your accomplishments. The conversation is going smooth, until all of the sudden:“Why are you qualified for the position?” Sounds a bit overwhelming, right?The thing is, this is one of the interview questions which are hard to brilliantly respond to without preparation. ...Continue reading

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