Unemployed for Months? 7 Strategies You Need to Use


Long unemployment is not only challenging for your financial stability and peace of mind, but also it reduces your chances of getting hired again. The research shows that after 6 months of unemployment your odds for getting a job decrease significantly.Sure, it doesn’t sound fair for great professionals who had lost their jobs due to recession or company closeout. But why does it happen? In most cases, the employers vary that you’ve managed to keep your skills fresh and your mind ...Continue reading

How to Use Social Proof in Your Job Search


Job-hunting is an exhausting process with so many things to take care of. Writing a resume, applying to new job postings every day and preparing to answer popular interview questions are its essential elements. However, what candidates often overlook is using social proof to highlight their professional value.What does the term ‘social proof’ stand for?Social proof in general means getting your knowledge and qualifications endorsed by other professionals and supervisors. ...Continue reading

10 Tips to Make Your Social Media Look Professional


Learn how to polish your online profiles before a job searchSocial media profiles reflect our personality much better than a formal resume. Probably, this is the major reason why 70% of employers screen candidates’ social media during the hiring process. And what you’ve posted just for fun back in 2015 can work against you when you decide to apply for a corporate job. That’s why it’s so important to look through all social media profiles even before you start sending ...Continue reading

Teamwork Tips for Introverts: Advice from A Resume Writer


How to function effectively in a team if you’re an introvert?Most of today’s workplaces are perfectly designed for extraverts. Most of the career advice is about speaking up, showing off and taking initiative. The lion’s share of office work is done in teams, which means ongoing discussions, meetings, brainstorming, and cooperation. And even the cubicle office spaces are perfectly designed for extraverts.However, this regimen of work is just not suited for everyone. The ...Continue reading

7 Signs It's Time to Quit Your Job


People are often dissatisfied with their jobs. Annoying colleagues, lack of resources for completing the project, demanding clients and arrogant boss don’t make our lives easier. However, there is a huge difference between having a bad day at work and actually considering making the move.Quite often, people stay on the old job even if they feel uncomfortable or unhappy there. Some are driven by financial reasons, some simply love stability and fear any changes. Nevertheless, staying in ...Continue reading

7 Resume Skills That Will Increase Your Earnings


Your potential for career advancement depends a lot on the skills you have under your belt. Skills and competencies influence your earning potential, too. So, if you feel stuck in your career or would like to earn more, start with developing in-demand skills that will help you excel in the role and negotiate a better salary.Some companies offer in-house training in accordance with your career plan. However, if your employer doesn’t, you can take responsibility for your own career and ...Continue reading

10 Signs That the Job Interview Went Well


For most job-seekers, interviews are associated with a great deal of stress and uncertainty. We go on great lengths to impress the hiring managers and would like to know whether they consider our candidacy. And what stresses even more is the potential employers can keep us waiting for weeks until they make a final decision. Things would have been a lot easier if you could know in advance if the interviewer seriously considers you for a role, wouldn’t they?Although it’s hardly ...Continue reading

7 Reasons You Should Seek Professional Resume Help


Why it’s important to create professional resume onlineWriting an effective resume is not an easy task. Whereas everyone can list their job duties and degrees, simply describing what you did in the past isn’t going to win the attention of a busy hiring manager. The competition is fierce, so the job-seekers go to great lengths to stand out. And one of the popular ways to significantly improve your resume is to work with a resume writing pro.A resume is the most important ...Continue reading

How to Set Achievable Career Goals for 2020


A New Year’s Eve is the perfect timing to reconsider your career history, decide what you want to accomplish, and set goals. It’s hardly possible to accomplish something outstanding in your career without a clear direction. So, whether you want to change a job, a career field or get more responsibility, start your journey with setting the right goals.The process of setting professional goals is probably nothing new to you. However, it’s important to set the goals that can ...Continue reading

5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Resume Service Near Me


The best resume writing services: are they worth ordering?It is awesome that today you can receive quick and effective assistance with your resume. Globalization and technologies made it possible to unite competent specialists in one online space and deliver professional resume writing service across the planet. Thus, your benefits from hiring our specialists boil down to the following moments:✓ we save your precious time (just send us your information, and we will do everything for ...Continue reading

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