The Best Video Resume Examples & Tips How to Create One


Examine pros and cons of video resumes and learn to create yours

So, you’ve created a fine, well-organized text resume. Why not supplement it with a creative video resume where you share your most notable career milestones and skills? Unlike the paper resume, a video can convey your body language and throw light on your personality even before the employer invites you for an interview. It’s also a great chance to be noticed – little job-seekers are motivated enough to shoot a video.

At the same time, video resumes are more than just reading your resume in front of the camera. They have the rules and areas of application. To find out whether you need a video resume and how to create one, read our guide from professional executive resume writers. Below in this post, we’ll also share the successful examples of video resumes you can learn from.

Beat the competition with a professionally made resume

Whether you use a video resume or not, submitting a traditional resume is a must. And if you’re not sure that yours is good enough to land you an interview, reach out to professional resume makers of A resume paper and cover letter done by experts will bring you more attention and calls thanks to the high quality of writing and design. Moreover, the writer will focus on your accomplishments and results to describe you as a top-performing employee.

The non-obvious pros and cons of video resumes

Sending a video is a quick and effective way to engage the hiring managers and potential employers. Yet, before you put your best foot forward in making a video resume, be sure to evaluate the pros and cons of submitting one.


• It showcases your creativity. Such personality trait as developing creative solutions to problems is sought after by many employers. A video resume will show your creative attitude, as well as the ability to film videos, write scripts and edit the final result.

• It sets you apart. If the job listing didn’t specifically request to apply with video resumes, you are likely to be one of the few (or the only) applicant who sends it. And this will undoubtedly pique the hiring manager’s interest – most likely, they’ll watch your video out of curiosity.

• It unveils your personality. It’s not only your credentials that matter for getting you hired. Your personality type and attitude are important too. Unlike the text resume, a video reveals your personality – the hiring person can see your body language and tone of voice.

• It ensures better delivery of information. People are visual creatures, so the audience of your video resume is likely to remember more facts when you show them in video rather than list in a text resume. This makes video a perfect medium for illustrating crucial career points.


• It can sabotage your success if done poorly. Just like with any creative resume type, it’s better to send none than to submit a low-quality video that is shot unprofessionally. You need to be confident in your filming and presentation skills – or hire a professional.

• It can come across as inappropriate. Submitting a non-conventional resume type is always a risk. The company might find it unprofessional and decline your application whatsoever. So, you want to learn more about the target employer to understand if they’ll be receptive to this type of content.

• It’s not for everyone. Obviously, if you want to get hired for a federal job, you shouldn’t use this type of resume. Yet, other conservative industries such as construction or law might not welcome video resumes either.

Who will benefit from this resume type? Creative and digital industries are usually most receptive to non-conventional job search applications. If you’re a designer, advertising professional, full-stack developer, copywriter, or PR manager, you should definitely give it a try. But pay attention to the corporate culture as well. Companies with casual culture that value innovation and dislike bureaucracy will most likely welcome a video resume either. By the way, you might also want to create a personal website for resume and present your credentials there.

Are you ambitious and eager to accomplish career success? Then, grab these 7 tips for setting professional development goals:

How to create a video resume from the ground up?

Write a script

Reading your resume aloud on video makes no sense. Write a script, pointing out the main career highlights – your current job, employers worked for, accomplishments, skills, a degree and maybe hobbies. It’s best to memorize the script so that you speak confidently looking in front of the camera, not read from paper. If the script looks too long, cut it down and focus on the most important things.

Keep it short

The best video resume length is up to 2 minutes. More will irritate the busy hiring managers who need to go through lots of other resumes. This length also ensures the maximum viewer engagement, meaning that the hiring person will watch it without getting distracted.

Customize and personalize

If you have time and inspiration, it’s best to film customized videos for each employer. A personalized video will look like a specific offer to help the company succeed, not like another generic job application. For instance, if the company looks for a marketing manager to build the department from the ground up, you might speak about your experience onboarding and coaching new marketing employees.

Show, don’t tell when it’s possible

A video resume where you tell about yourself on a blank background will look dull. Get creative and incorporate the visual elements when the context allows for it. Add the brand logos, figures, graphs, and pictures where appropriate. Keeping it visually engaging will inspire the reader to pay attention.

Give it a professional look

You should dress as if you were invited for an interview. Yet, it’s not only your attire that should look professional. Make sure to record your video in a professional quality (it’s easy to achieve with a good smartphone), take care of the background, lighting, and editing. If filming is completely new to you, ask a friend for help or hire a professional.

Share it online

Video resumes work perfectly for sharing on social media. You may add them to your LinkedIn profile, or share on personal Facebook page if you are comfortable with everyone knowing you’re job-hunting at the moment. Sharing your resume online is helpful for networking purposes, and building a strong network is one of the top pieces of advice for women business owners.

Examples of video resumes

But enough with theory – let’s take a look at a few amazing video resume examples for your inspiration:

Video resume of a filmmaker

Video source:

As you see, this resume uses a creative approach. It tells a life story of a filmmaker in form of a movie, sharing the main milestones of their professional life. Instead of telling about employers and skills, this job-seeker shows their skills in practice. Such an approach to the development of video resume is perfect for professionals in creative industries.

Sales & Marketing video resume

Video source:

This job-seeker uses a more conservative approach. She tells her career story in front of the camera, mentioning her academic credentials, past work experience and projects. More importantly, she throws light on her work ethics and values and explains what kind of position she’s after. This type of resume will be most effective for business and customer-facing positions.

Whiteboard video resume

Video source:

If you don’t feel comfortable in front of the camera, an animated resume is the perfect solution for you. In this example, a job-seeker presents the key milestones of his professional life in the form of drawn pictures and graphs. They also share their professional mission, which is something that little job-seekers do and therefore attracts attention.

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