10 Signs That Your Job Isn’t Right for You


Everyone feels stressed, discouraged or not completely satisfied with their jobs at times. Whereas these emotions might be a result of overwork or a heated argument with your colleague, they can also indicate that the job isn’t right for you. Staying in the wrong job not only makes you hate Mondays but also slows down your professional growth and impacts other areas of your life.

Our online resume writers have collected a number of subtle, not-so-obvious signs that your current employment isn’t a good fit. These signs will help you tell between the temporary stress and the wrong choice of employer. Quite often, if we think that we’ve chosen a career by mistake, the problem is actually in the employer. If you change the company, chances are you’ll realize that you love the nature of work.

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10 subtle signs that your job doesn’t suit you

1. The values of the company don’t align with yours

The broad term ‘company values’ stands for simple yet important things: the dress code, work-life balance, and attitude to work. If the company facilitates weekly team buildings and encourages working late hours while you feel like getting work done early and leaving on time, the misunderstandings are inevitable. Moreover, the discomfort because the company doesn’t suit your personality and working style will keep you stressed.

2. A regular paycheck is the only thing that keeps you there

Competitive pay is important for overall job satisfaction. Yet, if you continue showing up in the office only because this job is your only source of income, it means that your job doesn’t satisfy you in all other aspects. You don’t feel accomplished and don’t grow professionally which isn’t good for your career in the long run. Start saving money and sending your resume to other companies at the same time.

3. The leadership (or their expectations) have changed

Were things going comparatively well at work until the new department manager or CEO was hired? Do you struggle to find the common ground with your new boss or are you being told that they are dissatisfied with your performance? Try to figure out what exactly they are dissatisfied with. If the feedback lacks in substance or you don’t see eye to eye with new management, it’s better not to wait for dismissal and start to look for a new job. If you feel insecure, incorporate some positive thinking techniques:

4. The company doesn’t offer room for growth

When we don’t grow professionally, we stagnate. Your current job should offer vertical progression or at least advancement in your professional skill set. Needless to say that you should expect a promotion or pay raise based on performance reviews. If the company offers you none of the above, it might feel not so bad at first especially if the pay is good. However, it isn’t good for your career in the long run as you don’t learn new things.

5. An overwhelming workload doesn’t leave you time for anything else

Would you like to go to New York, meet with college friends and finally learn how to start a blog but the job takes all your evenings and most of the weekends? Most Americans work more than 40 hours a week, but if your working week exceeds 60 hours and you have no time for anything else in life because you are exhausted, it’s a surefire sign that it’s time to quit.

6. You don’t use all your knowledge and skills

If the current job doesn’t require all of your skills and professional abilities, you don’t develop them any further and they become dormant. Moreover, the fact that you don’t perform to your potential is frustrating. Maybe, you’ve taken the job you’re overqualified for – in this case, it’s time to continue looking for an opportunity allowing you to put all your hard and soft skills into practice.

7. Your performance isn’t measured

In addition to a competitive salary, another factor that determines our job satisfaction is being valued. If the management and colleagues ignore your ideas, suggestions and sabotage your initiatives, that’s a clear sign that you are not valued. Another sign is that the company doesn’t create metrics for you and doesn’t measure your performance. Not only it disconnects you from business goals, but also you don’t feel you’re not making a contribution. And, since the goals are not set for you, it makes you feel redundant.

8. The job is different from what was promised to you

Yes, it’s probably naïve to expect that a job will be 100% as advertised on the job board. Yet, if the interviewer promised you a marketing position and the opportunity to work at challenging social media and advertisement projects and you ended up doing simple clerical work, it’s a huge disappointment. Another sign that you’re wasting your time is when instead of your direct responsibilities you perform the assignments of boss and coworkers.
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9. You dread Mondays and feel exhausted before lunchtime

Do you feel depressed every Sunday evening and methods to find desire and inspiration don’t inspire you any longer? Or maybe, you wake up inspired but feel overtired after a couple of hours in the office? It means that something about your job stresses you so much that you lack the energy to perform well. If you’ve had this feeling for weeks, it’s time to have a talk with management about what bothers you or to consider making a big move in your career.

10. The stress affects other areas of your life

Workplace stress is inevitable, but if the constant stress and pressure you experience in the office stays strong even after relaxation and sleep, don’t ignore this sign. An excess of stress at work can impact your emotional and mental well-being. Try to identify what bothers you and take actions – resolve the conflict in the office, talk to your boss about your duties or ask about promotion opportunities. And if the source of stress doesn’t go, take care of your health and start considering other jobs out there.

If several points from this list describe your situation, it means that the current job isn’t good both for your career and your mental health. Deciding to quit isn’t easy, but there are a plenty of jobs that will be a better fit for you.

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