9 Things to Do in Your First Month On a New Job


first month on a new job

The first month on a new job sets the tone for the rest of your tenure with the company. The impression you make from day one will determine how others perceive you. It can also lay the foundation for your future success if you are planning to build a career here. So, it’s better to put your best foot forward from the very beginning.

Whether it’s your first job or the fifth, the first month is always overwhelming. New people, new corporate culture, new processes and a lot of people’s names to remember. Today’s guide from the top resume writers will recommend how to cope with anxiety and which steps to take to set yourself up for success.

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Top things to do in your first month in a new role

The first month is about absorbing new things, showing dedication, and willingness to go the extra mile. Here’s exactly what to do to get accustomed and make a stellar impression:

  1. Don’t be shy and ask questions
    Your first weeks with a new company are reserved for learning, and asking the right questions will help you do it faster. Do ask questions when you don’t know something, not sure how the process works in the company or feel stuck. It’s better to ask for guidance rather than to waste hours trying to figure it out on your own. At the same time, try not to bore the colleagues by asking obvious questions the answers to which can be found in a corporate manual. Asking questions and learning on the go will foster your personal growth in workplace.
  2. Meet as many people as you can
    Good workplace relationships make you happier at work and improve the quality of cooperation. That’s why you want to meet many people early on. Take the initiative to approach them and tell a few words about you. Memorize the organization chart – it will help you get to know everyone in the company faster. Also, don’t skip on corporate events and join your colleagues for lunch if offered.
    Even the top performers cannot avoid constructive criticism of their work. Learn how to accept criticism professionally.
  3. Polish your elevator speech
    To avoid mumbling and feeling lost for words as you meet a new colleague, prepare an elevator pitch in advance. You are going to meet a lot of people, and making new connections early on will make it easier to collaborate with those people later. Prepare a 20-second narrative outlining who you are, what you do and which project you currently work on. The experts also recommend that you talk about your “why” – the reasons you’ve chosen the company and why you love what you do. This will help you to get noticed and remembered.
  4. Clarify the expectations
    You cannot exceed expectations and appear as a top performer without a clear picture of what is expected from you in the role. So, schedule a meeting with your supervisor to make those expectations clear. Ask how the success looks like in this role and about which aspects of your work the boss will care most. Also, clarify the KPIs for measuring your performance. Don’t be afraid of overcommunication when it comes to discussing the expectations of your work. Knowing the expectations in the tiniest detail will help you prioritize tasks and projects, achieve more and eventually make a more valuable contribution to the company’s success.
  5. Show up on time
    A professional image consists of tiniest details, and being on time for work is one of them. Being late either for an interview or a new job can easily spoil this impression. The experts recommend setting your schedule depending on when people in your office arrive and leave. In other words, if it’s part of the corporate culture to stay late until the project is completed, you’ll look as a blonde sheep if you leave at 5 pm.
    Do you lack the energy to wake up on time every morning? Try out these inspiring morning rituals:
  6. Track your progress
    One of the traits that distinguish top-performers and efficient employees is setting goals and tracking progress. So, in your first days on a new job, set the goals for the next few weeks. Plan what you’d like to achieve – maybe, to brainstorm five new ideas for a new marketing campaign or to meet everyone in your department. Track your progress at the end of each week to make sure everything goes as planned.
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  7. Make a friend who will show you around
    When you know nobody in a new office, it can get lonely. So, why not make a friend in your new office? Your new buddy can help you to accustom to the new environment faster and give plenty of tips that will save you time and energy. Needless to say that it’s more enjoyable to work with a friend. Another option that can help you move forward is to find a mentor in your new company. Having a mentor will help you avoid the pitfalls and grow faster as a professional.
  8. Learn more about your customers
    Whether your company offers goods or services, its ultimate goal is to attract more clients and serve their needs better. Even if you don’t work in client service and don’t directly interact with customers, learning more about those buying your product will help you look at your work from the client’s perspective and generate helpful ideas. You might want to talk to someone from the sales department or staff marketers to get a grasp of who your customers are.
  9. Avoid comparison with your previous job
    A common pitfall for newly hired employees is comparing the current job with an old one. Avoid doing so, especially in public. Talking too much about how things were done in your previous company makes you look like a total know-all. Your current company has its cultural norms, rules and practices, and you have to take them into account to succeed. If you’ve learned a plenty of helpful tools and processes which might help you deliver better results for a new employer, show, don’t tell.

The first day on the job is about making a good impression. The first month is about cementing this impression, learning the things about the company and a position that will help you succeed, and establishing connections with people. Following the above principle will make your tenure in the role more productive for both the organization and your career.

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