Make The Most of Your Commute: 9 Tips from a Resume Writer


Resume writer’s tips for a productive commute Unless you’re a freelancer or a remote employee, the commute is inevitable. According to the statistics, an average American spends 26 minutes to travel to work. If you sum up this time, you’ll be curious to learn that you spend over a week each year simply getting to the office and back home. Commute time is a great untapped reserve of time. And you don’t have to waste this time browsing Instagram feed or listening to a Continue reading

7 Types of Companies You Should Never Work For


Check out the types of organizations to stay away from Writing a resume is only half of the success of your job search. If you want a stable and fulfilling career, you’ll also face the challenge of finding a reputable and trustworthy employer. And during the interview stage you should be evaluating the companies either to avoid ending up in a toxic environment or a dead-end job.   Some companies will fit you better than others. Yet, there are a few company types that you should Continue reading

10 Professional Resume Skills for All Types of Jobs


Writing a resume but can’t decide on which skills you should include? Are you supposed to write those skills as a list or give the examples of how and when you used them? Resume skills are meant to show the employer that you can succeed in a role if hired because you possess all necessary knowledge and competencies. At the same time, simply putting everything you can do on a resume isn’t the best idea because it will blur the focus of your resume. To help you put the right skills in Continue reading

7 Morning Routines for Better Productivity


Starting your morning productively sets the right tone for the rest of the day. However, many of us snooze an alarm clock for a few times, drink hot coffee for breakfast, get ready in a rush and often run late to an office. And the rest of the day goes just as messed up and your energy levels are down. Meanwhile, it’s easy to change everything for better simply by introducing a few morning routines. Our resume writer online is going to share the most effective yet simple morning routines Continue reading

Secrets for getting a job at Apple, Google or Microsoft


Thousands of aspiring software engineers, designers and IT managers dream of getting hired by Google, Microsoft or another tech giant. Young professionals are attracted by the opportunity to contribute to challenging projects that change the world as well as lucrative salary and impressive perks. However, since the major tech companies are huge attractions, the competition is also fierce – some job postings receive thousands of resumes. If you have always dreamed of becoming a part of Continue reading

10 Things You Need to Know About Working Remotely


The number of people working remotely reaches new record every year. For example, in 2016, 25% of the workforce in the US worked remotely. And the whole idea of working from home office or the cozy café at the corner sipping a latte looks enticing for many. The trend of hiring remote employees isn’t going to slow down anytime soon, so if you’ve always wanted to try telecommuting, it’s about time. At the same time, if you’ve never worked from home before, you Continue reading

How to Build a Lasting Career in Finance: 10 Expert Tips


Careers in finance continue to be attractive thanks to their prestige, lucrative salaries and opportunities for vertical growth. However, it takes years and decades of hard work before you take that spacious office with a big leather chair. Building a career in finance takes effective career planning, making strategic career moves and knowing the right people in the industry. For those working on the entry-level jobs in the finance industry and those only considering this career direction, we Continue reading

Working Abroad: What You Need to Know


Working abroad is one of the most exciting experiences you may encounter in the course of your career. It is a great opportunity to live in a beautiful place and enjoy your evening Tequila Sunrise at the coast of Mediterranean Sea. In addition to brightening up your life and expanding your comfort zone, the abroad experience is beneficial for your career as well. Many companies seek employees with cross-cultural experience and advanced language skills. To take the most out of working abroad, Continue reading

Resume for Teaching and Education Jobs: 7 Tips


Just like in any other industry, your chances for a job interview in education sector depend on a quality resume. If you apply for the job of a school teacher, teacher assistant or online English teacher, your resume needs to highlight industry-specific traits and qualities. Remember that a school administration or principal will spend less than a minute reviewing your application to determine if you’re a good fit. Today, our writers of professional resume paper have collected the resume Continue reading

Job Interview Questions & Tips for Interview Preparation


Little things are as effective for a successful interview as thorough preparation. Researching the company and its values, choosing an appropriate outfit and even Googling ‘job interview questions and answers’ all increase your chances of getting liked by the interviewer. Previously, we’ve written about the steps you should take to ace a job interview: Now our online resume services would like to focus Continue reading

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