Why hire a professional writer to do resume online?

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Professional resume writing services grow more and more popular among the specialists across all industries. Students, professionals, and top managers realize that a good resume gives them more chances to get hired fast. What professional writers know about resumes that you probably don’t, and when hiring an expert is really helpful – read below. Why hiring a writer to do resume online is good for your career? At, we’ve seen hundreds of good, average and Continue reading

Creating A Resume with No Experience: Step-By-Step Guide

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If you’re a graduate seeking your first ‘serious’ job or a student who wants a part-time role or an internship, writing a resume is the first thing to do. However, here comes a challenge: how to put a resume together if you don’t have any experience at all? Employers always prefer experienced candidates, so simply omitting your employment section proves to be inefficient. We’ve previously written the principles of resume writing for beginners, and today we will Continue reading

Write Your CV Online: 8 Undisputable Benefits

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The number of applications hiring managers receive these days is just inconceivable. Corporate job openings attract up to 400 resumes in response to a job posting. Given this, a question arises: how to make your resume genuinely stand out from your competitor’s applications? Today, more and more professionals find the solution in hiring a professional CV writer. Through the combination of strong writing, design and marketing skills, resume writers create effective applications that Continue reading

The Best Time for Resume Preparation and Job-Hunting

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If you’ve planned to find a new job when creating the New Year’s resolution for 2019, you have a plenty of time to think this decision over. However, be sure to take the timing into account. As you have probably heard, there are high and low seasons in hiring too, and knowing when it’s the best time to apply will help you land a new employment shortly. Curious when it’s the best time of the year to apply for a job and to schedule an interview? Read below. Resume Continue reading

Make Your Resume Shine: 10 Perfect Resume Tips

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You’re only as good in the recruiter’s eyes as your resume is. That’s why the tiny flaws such as insufficient or irrelevant information, errors, poor formatting and weak self-presentation often lead great candidates to being rejected. Want to break this vicious circle and finally make the resume work for you? Use the below tips prepared for you by the experienced resume writers of 10 perfect resume tips Different employers have varying expectations from Continue reading

Resume Critique: Signs That Your Resume Is Not Working

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Landing an employment in a today’s tough market is a challenge; and the resume’s job is to ease this thorny path for you. Not every resume does its job well, though. Sometimes, it’s your resume that prevents you from getting interviewed for the desired positions and holds back the entire job-hunting process. Below, you’ll see the clear signs that your resume doesn’t work. Hire a professional to critique resume for you Applying for jobs for weeks or even months Continue reading

Why You Need a Custom Resume (And How to Create It)

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So, here’s the situation: you’ve invested a decent amount of time into a resume, sent it to every employer you seemed to be a good match for, but still no responses. Sounds familiar? If it does, then you probably neglected a very important step in the resume writing process – the customization. Why your resume should never look the same as you apply for a different position and how to customize it? Read below to find out. Get your resume customized by a professional resume Continue reading

Say No to Long Hours and Order Resume

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Does your boss constantly ask you to work late hours? Many companies experience tight deadlines and high seasons, but if you are forced to work more than 50 hours a week, it hurts you in the long run. Not only your productivity drops and work-life balance suffers, but also your well-being and physical health are affected. So, how do you break the circle and stop working late hours every day? Order resume and move forward in your career Working late nights every day has little to do with Continue reading

Top Ridiculous Resume Mistakes My Resume Editor Can Fix

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If you aren’t new to resume writing, you already know what kinds of resume mistakes are better to avoid. Experienced job-seekers know that making a resume longer than 3 pages, not fixing grammar and punctuation errors or including personal information can minimize their chance for an interview. However, some resume mistakes make a particularly negative impression on hiring managers and literally drive them crazy! Today, we are going to consider the oddest and most ridiculous resume Continue reading

Find a New Job ASAP: Tips From Resume Company

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Landing a new employment is always time-consuming. As the practice shows, it may take 1-3 months to land a new job if you’re a professional and up to 6 months if you’re a C-level manager. But what if you don’t have this time? Career experts highlight that it’s possible to land a new employment in a matter of weeks or even days – but for that, you’ll need to put a lot of effort into your job-hunting. Hire a resume company to find a job faster What are the Continue reading

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