Resume for Teaching and Education Jobs: 7 Tips


Just like in any other industry, your chances for a job interview in education sector depend on a quality resume. If you apply for the job of a school teacher, teacher assistant or online English teacher, your resume needs to highlight industry-specific traits and qualities. Remember that a school administration or principal will spend less than a minute reviewing your application to determine if you’re a good fit.Today, our writers of professional resume paper have collected the resume ...Continue reading

10 Ways to Improve Your Resume in 30 Minutes


When it comes to the success of your resume, it’s the tiny details that make all the difference. A couple of grammar mistakes can disqualify you from the competition whereas a few minor improvements can get your resume liked by recruiters. In today’s entry, top resume writers of our team are sharing the ten small improvements you can make to your resume tonight to boost your interview chances.If your resume needs in-depth changes or you don’t have a resume at all, rely on our ...Continue reading

Achieve Better Work-Life Balance in 12 Steps


A healthy work-life balance sounds fantastic in the modern world. According to Harvard Business School, 94% of employees work more than 50 hours a week. Due to technology, people consider it normal to be always available for late night calls and emails. The lines between work and time off blur, leading to cumulative stress, lack of quality rest and damaged relationships.In fact, due to constant stress and burnout, you might even feel that you hate your job, even though you’ve always ...Continue reading

15 Highest Paying Majors for College Students


If you aren’t one of those lucky ones who know what they want to be since middle school, the process of picking the future occupation can be pretty intimidating. Many students rely on their parents’ advice, the experience of older friends and their own interests. Another important aspect to consider is how much your future profession will be paying.A lucrative job will help you pay off the student loan faster, let alone the fact that good pay contributes to our sense of well-being. ...Continue reading

International Resume CV for Students: 18 Tips


How to write a perfect international student resume?Every year, America’s leading universities attract thousands of international students. They come to receive a world-class education, and some of them stay to make it in the United States. If you’re one of those students, note that in addition to excellent high school grades and your ambitions you’ll need to make some preparations as well. In particular, you’ll need an up-to-date American resume that is required both ...Continue reading

Resume VS Curriculum Vitae (CV) Difference & Writing Tips


The Difference Between Resume and a CVGoing to apply for a job? Start by figuring out what document the prospective employer expects you to apply with. The two most popular types are CV and resume, and these two terms often confuse job-seekers. Although these documents look similar at the first sight, there is a difference in writing them and each document type has its purpose. Today, our online resume writers are going to explain the difference between the CV and resume and share a few ...Continue reading

Your Pathway to A Creative Career from Scratch


Have you ever woken up with the idea that your life wasn’t supposed to be like this? Have you ever come to a corporate office only to count hours until the working day ends? As teenagers, we often make wrong career choices influenced by our parents’ opinion, prestige or high salary – but it doesn’t mean that we have to stay with that career path for a lifetime.If you feel captivated at the job that doesn’t bring your neither happiness nor professional ...Continue reading

Top 15 Weirdest Things People Put On Their Resumes


Job-seekers often go to great lengths to impress the hiring managers with their creativity. It often works – people doing the hiring are tired of resume clichés and are receptive to fresh approaches to resume writing. However, if you overdo with creativity, it may have an opposite effect. Read more about handwritten resumes hereHiring managers receive dozens, if not hundreds, of resumes in response for each job posting. Some are simply dull, some are irrelevant, yet some of the ...Continue reading

10 Things to Add to Your Resume to Make It Outstanding


Let’s face it – most resumes look pretty much the same. They use similar corporate language like “work effectively under pressure” or “possess a strong business acumen”. The structure doesn’t allow much space for creativity either: a career summary, work experience, education and skills. Let alone the fact that the bureaucratic format of a traditional resume doesn’t allow you to show your human side to the hiring person. So, how on earth under ...Continue reading

Top 7 Company Offices in America


The world’s largest and most profitable companies do their best to attract and retain the top talent. They offer lucrative compensations, provide extravagant benefits and supply the employees with delicious snacks. One of the top ways to stimulate staff productivity and creativity is creating fascinating office spaces. No more open spaces with eggshell paint and standard dull desks – game rooms, large kitchens, fresh designs and sports areas are quite common for the modern offices of ...Continue reading

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